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Evangelizing Yourself

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Evangelizing Yourself

  1. Evangelizing Yourself You Can’t Change the World If No One Knows Your Name Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  2. All of us Evangelizing Yourself You Can’t Change the World If No One Knows Your Name Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  3. Who the hell am I and why should you listen to me? Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  4. For the next 45 minutes, I am your motivational speaker Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  5. Whitney Hess User Experience Designer based in NYC Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  6. Cynic Scaredy-cat Wannabe rockstar Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  7. Probably a lot like you Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  8. I was ready for the next big challenge and I realized the challenge was me Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  9. What is your life’s purpose? Is what you’re doing now going to help you get there? Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  10. ﬔ Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  11. 3 Parts to Getting ﬔere Share your message Build a network Exude confidence Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  12. You can’t change the world if no one knows your name Bullshit? Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  13. Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  14. ﬔ Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  15. Common sense is NOT common practice Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  16. Part 1: Share Your Message Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  17. Explain why you’re important in one sentence without any hesitation Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  18. You are an expert. Show it. Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  19. Play up your strengths Accept your weaknesses Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  20. Blog Share your expertise Stay focused Be honest Write oen Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  21. Write, Speak, Teach Be a voracious reader Share what you learn Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  22. USE TWITTER Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  23. Share your ideas Involve yourself and opinions in conversations USE Follow people Find your voice who inspire you TWITTER Don’t be a lurker! Reply to everyone who replies to you Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  24. Avoid negativity! It will bite you in the ass Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  25. “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law, newspapers, periodicals, radio, television, all electronic media, and technologies yet to be invented.” Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  26. For goodness sake, DON’T DRUNK TWEET Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  27. Google is your résumé Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  28. You are a representative of your community of practice (us) Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  29. Part 2: Build a Network Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  30. “ﬔe opposite of networking is NOT working” – Someone smart Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  31. You don’t have to be an extrovert I’m not Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  32. Start online I did Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  33. LinkedIn Connect with everyone you know Write recommendations proactively Change your profile settings to fully public Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  34. Twitter Use your real name, one-liner, blog URL Follow and engage with influencers Don’t use protection ;) Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  35. Facebook Proceed with caution Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  36. Other social networks Always link back to your blog Use the same email address Try to use the same username ﬔe point: be findable Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  37. Now get out of the house Congrats on being here! Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  38. Accept invitations Seek out events Organize your own Ask someone to coffee Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  39. ﬔ Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  40. Tips for overcoming shyness Devise a goal before going out Pick one person in the room to talk to Have a recent blog post/article/book in mind to discuss Ask people to introduce you to others Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  41. Maximize your profits Always carry your card Find out what people are working on Follow up with everyone you meet Remember everything Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  42. We are all each other’s resources Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  43. Part 3: Exude Confidence Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  44. “If you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right” – Henry Ford Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  45. Negative thinking holds you back Stop now! Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  46. 3 Types of Confidence: Feeling confident in yourself Making others feel confident in you Building confidence in others Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  47. Focus on past successes Recognize your strengths Take risks Act “as if” Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  48. Be decisive Nothing is permanent Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  49. Be opinionated And support it when challenged Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  50. Be willing to walk away from negative situations Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  51. Be open to feedback Even ask for it Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  52. Don’t react emotionally (and don’t drunk tweet) Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  53. Admit your mistakes Everyone makes them Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  54. SHUT UP and listen “God gave us two ears and one mouth to use in proportion.” – Unknown Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  55. Be a leader Organize events Mentor others Give feedback and recognition Connect the dots Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  56. Communicate hope, optimism, enthusiasm Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  57. Do not feed the trolls Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  58. ﬔ Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  59. Most importantly, Be reliable. Be grateful. Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  60. ﬔere are no rules I’m making this up as I go along Follow your gut Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  61. Go forth unafraid – ﬔe Dalton School motto (my alma mater) Whitney Hess @whitneyhess
  62. ﬔank you. Whitney Hess @whitneyhess