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Introducing the most popular luxury Hermes Belts. Methods on How to Determine Real vs. Fake Hermes Belts. We review the best men's and womens belts, belt buckles etc...

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Hermes belts

  1. 1. HERMES BELTS FASHION BELTS Hermes® Belts™ for men and women. How to Determine Real vs. Fake? Many of us covet designer items. Designer items are known to possess superior quality that other brands cannot offer. Furthermore, designer items are considered as investment pieces as they do not depreciate fast and can be sold at a good price still after a few years. One of the most popular and most coveted designer brands is Hermes. If you want to save yourself from ordering the wrong Hermes item and want only authentic belts, here is how you determine the real from the fake: – Packaging – one of the most apparent ways to tell if a Hermes belt is real or fake is through its packaging. The packaging of a real Hermes is orange and is tied by a black ribbon with the H logo embedded on it. Fake belts are in a different packaging and usually come without a box. – Buckle – another obvious way to check for authenticity is the buckle of the belt. Examine it closely and you will see the huge difference. It is actually advised to bring a magnifying glass to help you further inspect the buckle. The metal of a real Hermes does not have any tarnishing or chipping. It shines brilliantly; as if blinding you. The edges should also be smooth and no casting marks are visible. Hermes buckles are also made of genuine of 24k gold plated over either gold or palladium (the latter is a kind of platinum). Therefore, if the signs of wear on the buckle do not resemble the color of the metals used, it is a sign that the belt is inauthentic or fake.
  2. 2. – Hermes stamp – the Hermes stamp or logo is another way to determine if a belt is real or fake. There should be a stamp you will find at the bottom of the buckle and it should be on the front (not at the back). The stamp should be very visible and clear even if inspection is not thorough. Also, check if the stamp correctly spells Hermes. Of course, misspelled label is a clear sign it is fake. – Verification – if you still find it difficult to determine if the Hermes belts you purchased is real or fake, contact a Hermes store. You can bring the buckle of the belt plus your receipt for thorough inspection. You can also take clear pictures if you don’t want to bring it with you. © 2013 Hermes® Belts™ for men and women