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I am a wheat farmer 2014


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I am a wheat farmer 2014

  1. 1. I am a Wheat Farmer I am a Wheat Farmer By Bailey King
  2. 2. Pre-season Plans The year will be starting soon and I am mentally preparing myself for the joy and challenges it will bring. It will be a busy year and soon the seeds will be here and my job of planting, fertilizing, watering and harvesting will begin. I am very excited about this upcoming year as I believe it will be full of new learning experiences, challenges and growth.
  3. 3. Equipment Preparation Before the season begins and the seeds arrive, I must make sure that my equipment is in order. The equipment needs to be laid out and organized so that I do not waste time when the seeds get here. I will be prepared for the arrival of seeds by planning what equipment to use and ensure it is ready to go. Preparing to use a variety of equipment is a good way to reach all seeds. Knowing how I want the season to end will be a great way to plan.
  4. 4. In order for our season to stay on time, we need to have a routine in place so that everything will run smoothly and efficiently. Putting in place a routine is a great way to make sure that I remember to do everything and all expectations are clearly laid out. It is also important that I spend time looking at the seeds. I need to know what I am planting to give the seeds the best path for success. Cultivation and Soil Preparation
  5. 5. Planting The Seeds The seeds have arrived and in order for the seeds to grow and fulfill their full potential, they need to have nutrients. The first couple of weeks are crucial for the development and growth of the crop.
  6. 6. Irrigation and Fertilization After I have planted the seeds it is time that I give them the materials they will need to grow. The seeds need many different materials to enable them to reach their potential and some seeds need different materials than others. It is important that I deliver the materials in a way that provides optimal growth and absorption from the seeds. If they do not respond well, I need to reflect upon what I am doing.
  7. 7. Growth You have given the seeds raw materials like soil, sunlight and water and they are starting to grow. I will watch them as they impressively begin growing. I can see how they are progressing, I will let them take time to excel on their own and as a crop. If any problems arise, I will be able to step in and give the wheat assistance so they will grow successfully.
  8. 8. The crop can change very quickly. One day it is beautiful and the next hail hits. I need to be prepared and alert, always trying to anticipate and adapt. Even if the day is difficult, I have to remember that I started farming to make a different and help a crop succeed. Sunny Days and Rainy Days
  9. 9. Late Night Harvest This time of the year is a little overwhelming and sometimes I am going to have to burn through the night to get all of the wheat in on time. Especially when I am starting out as a farmer, there will be a lot of late nights and early mornings. I have to develop my techniques of farming and find out what works the best for the wheat and me. I need to keep my mind focused on how much I enjoy farming and how proud I will be with the wheat in the end.
  10. 10. As things progress throughout the season sometimes it is good to have an outside opinion. having other farmers offer advice and assistance will make my season more successful. My neighbors provide me with support, someone to bounce ideas off of, gather ideas from and improve my farm techniques. Neighbors Helping Out
  11. 11. It is crunch time now. Things are starting to come to a close. The wheat has grown into a great crop. It is ready to move on to fulfill its potential. The wheat has changed a lot over the season and it has been a true privilege to help the wheat on its journey. Harvest Time
  12. 12. I will really miss the wheat when the season has come to an end. It is time for me to reflect on my farming practices and seek out new information on ways to improve and do an even better job for the wheat. Production
  13. 13. And the Season Comes to an end . . . for now. But there is always growth and improvement for everyone.