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Presented by Ms. Nazia Abdullah
Grade 7
Lesson 1
Learning Objectives
• Open scratch
• Change backdrop
• Add a sprite
• Hello program
• Add sound
• Sensing block,ask your name, taking
input and producing output
• Add an event
• How to save a file
How to change backdrop and sprite
How to save files
Space ship program
1. Add backdrop to galaxy
2. Add three sprites,rocketship,star and planet
For spaceship
1. When the user click the flag the spaceship will
move to a random place
2. The forever loop make sure’s that the spaceship
moves in the direction of the mouse pointer
every time its clicked.
Spaceship program
• For the star
• It will also move to a random position
when flag is clicked
• If it touches the edges it will bounce
• Do the same for the planet
Spaceship program
If the spaceship hits an
obstacle then do the following
Spaceship program
Any questions?

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