Prevention and natural antidote for colon polyps


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Prevention and natural antidote for colon polyps

  1. 1. Natural Remedies for Colon PolypsColon polyps are fleshy growths that occur on the inside (the lining) of the large intestine, also knownas the colon. An estimated 50% of people over the age of 60 will harbor at least one polyp. When certaintypes of polyps grow large enough, they can become cancerous, leading to a type of cancer called coloncancer. Once a polyp reaches two centimeters or approximately one inch in size, the cancer risk is inexcess of 20%. Out of the number of cancer deaths in the US alone, colon cancer comes in second place.The types of polyps that become cancerous are called adenomatous polyps or adenomas which accountsfor approximately 75% of all colon polyps. Therefore, it’s important that during a cancer screening,when presence of colon polyps are found, it be removed before they actually become a full bloom coloncancer disease. The American Cancer Society has set cancer screening guidelines to minimize the risk ofcolon cancer by detecting and removing polyps.Starting at the age of 40, everyone should have a stool specimen tested for occult blood (blood thatcannot be seen with the naked eye) every year. This is recommended because it is known that whenpolyps become large they can bleed into the intestine where the blood mixes with the stool. Thus, anearly warning sign for colon polyps could be the presence of occult blood in the stool.Starting at the age of 50, everyone should have a flexible sigmoidoscopy every 3-5 years. A flexiblesigmoidoscope is a two and one-half foot tube half an inch in diameter with a light on the end that canbe inserted through the anus for inspecting the inside of approximately one-third of the colon’s totallength.If adenomatous polyps are detected with sigmoidoscopy, then a full colonoscopy with a longer tube(four to five feet) would be used to inspect the entire length of the colon. During a colonoscopy, anypolyp can be removed and sent for an evaluation under the microscope to determine if it too is anadenomatous polyp, a cancerous type of polyp.
  2. 2. Many doctors in the US are recommending screening colonoscopies rather than flexiblesigmoidoscopies for healthy subjects with an average risk for developing colon cancer. Colonoscopiesare recommended beginning at the age of 50 and thereafter every 7-10 years if no colon polyps orcancers are found. The rationale for this recommendation is: 1) Colonoscopy examines the entire colonwhile flexible sigmoidoscopy only examines the rectum and the colon adjacent to the rectum, 2)approximately 50% of colon polyps (and colon cancers) are found in the upper colon and, therefore, arebeyond the reach of sigmoidoscopes and would be missed by flexible sigmoidoscopy, and 3) theNational Polyp Study, a large, scientific study, has shown that colonoscopy with removal of all colonpolyps reduces cancer deaths from colon cancer. Prevention and Natural Cures for Colon PolypsFor cancer prevention and natural cure ofcolon polyps, there are dietaryrecommendations that can be made.Certain cruciferous health foods i.e.vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflowerprotect against colon cancer. Also there arecertain health vitamins that protectsagainst colon cancer, namely healthvitamins C and E. D health vitamins is alsoa natural remedy for continued colonhealth which can be found in many naturalfoods. The sun is the most natural form ofD health vitamins though this can also betaken in the form of daily capsule healthsupplements.Calcium can also be taken in as a health supplement form in an effort to improve colon health ingeneral. Many people find it difficult to drink milk products because of lactose intolerance. In additionto being a natural remedy for colon problems, calcium is also essential for strong bones, which helps toprevent osteoporosis later in life.
  3. 3. Another way to prevent colon polyps is by doing colon cleansing once a year. This natural remedy canbe done with an easy three day liquid fast. Use natural foods and turn them into fresh juice drinks toinstigate the decomposition of damaged tissue and deposits in the colon.There are also some effective herbal remedies for the natural treatment of polyps and basically theoverall colon health including:Garlic as a health food has become something of a wonder herbal remedy in recent years as more andmore people are recognizing the positive benefits of adding this natural food to their diet. Garlic as ahealth food helps reduce the chances of developing pre-cancerous polyps in the colon. It is also believedthat people who eat garlic on a regular basis or those who take garlic health supplements are less likelyto develop colon cancer.Another herbal remedy that has become a focal point for those looking for an alternative medicine isgreen tea. In terms of colon health, green tea drink health supplement is believed to help reduce aperson’s cancer risk for developing colon cancer.Recent studies have shown that consuming grape seed extract can actually slow the progression ofcolon cancer cells. Adding this natural food to the daily diet can be worthwhile especially for someonewith a family history of colon cancer.Another herbal remedy providing to be an ally in the fight against colon cancer is turmeric herb. Takinghealth supplements that contains turmeric can help reduce the risk of polyps adhering to the wall of thecolon.Ginger as a health food is another spice proven to be effective in continued health in the colon. Addingthis health food to the diet as a spice can help in the colon cancer prevention. Although it can be takenas capsule health supplements, this health food is much better tasting and easier to absorb when addedas an ingredient during cooking.