Gender Inequality in the Gay CommunityThe answer to ...
Another theory that some sociologists think is that gay women are less offensive to the Chinesesociety because the public ...
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Gender inequality happens in the gay community


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Gender inequality happens in the gay community

  1. 1. Gender Inequality in the Gay CommunityThe answer to the question: “Are gay men treated differently than gay women in different cultures?”is a resounding yes. It is already a fact that not everyone is accepting of the gay community. Butsince there are still two sexes which are male and female, the heterosexual perspective still focuseson those two identifying factors. For most people, gay men and gay women are still to be vieweddifferently and that they should be treated differently as well.One culture or race that is more at ease with gay men is the Filipino people. In the Philippinesetting, gay men are more accepted because they are associated with being funny. They arecommonly seen in comedy films, TV shows, and other forms of entertainment.In movies, gay men are always portrayed as the supporting character that makes everybody laugh. Inreal life, they are also not taken seriously due to the fact that most Filipinos think that gay men areonly the drag queen type of homosexuals.Gay women, on the other hand, are more often in the closet because the Filipino culture oftenexpects its women to be more of the traditional type— someone who would get married to theperfect guy, have kids, and take care of the home. If someone tends to challenge that norm, itcreates an ill atmosphere.In mainland China, it is entirely different. Since the Chinese view lesbian relationships as morespiritual, they are more tolerant of gay women than gay men. The Mr. Gay China pageant did notpush through because minutes before it started, it was ordered to be put down.
  2. 2. Another theory that some sociologists think is that gay women are less offensive to the Chinesesociety because the public tends to think of sex when they see gay men, but lesbian sex is still amystery to them. So in simpler terms, gay women are seen as being in love rather thanbeing promiscuous.On the other side of the globe, in another continent, it is safer for gay men to be themselves, but farmore dangerous for gay women. In Uganda, homophobia was so severe that gay women are rapedto be “cured of their disease”. If that’s not cruel, then nothing is. Africans have been homophobicfrom the roots of their generation—and activists even say that they are “born with it”.While an anti-gay bill was always pushed for approval, a lot of brave gays and lesbians still pray andhope that this may not come to pass. What’s worse is that even American evangelical leader LouEngle supports the bill. What’s worse is that he even goes to drastic measures in promoting to “killthe gays”.Engle is the leader of TheCall, who was in full support of Proposition 8 in the U.S. He oftenpreached that homosexuality is a sin that provides a “spirit of lawlessness” and that people shouldavenge in the name of God and stop homosexuality no matter what it takes.While an evangelist like Engle lives in the U.S., for the most part, America is still the land of the free.They have made a lot of progress in accepting and respecting the gay lifestyle and have improved inbecoming more tolerant of the gay community. But people say that their treatment of gay women isbetter than how they treat gay men.Coming out early in the American society may be a factor. Usually gay men are seen to exhibit the“qualities” of being gay since middle school, especially in high school. Because of the adolescentenvironment, gay men are teased and bullied, to the point of being bashed all the time. Since gaywomen normally come out when they are already in college, the bullying is less and somehow gaywomen fit in.This stigma is taken into the adult stage, when everyone else has their jobs and should be taking careof their careers. In fact, gay men who get into scandals are much publicized in the media. Celebritieswho commit offensive acts towards other people are gravely assigned to showbiz headlines and thiscreates a negative impact on the gay society as a whole, especially with gay men.Gender inequality between gay men and gay women is just the new “men are more superior towomen” idea of the 50s. While we are still in a time when the ignorant still persecute their fellowhumans, then information about the homosexual lifestyle is still not fully reinforced. There is still alot of work to be done.