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Bob harper's how to get fit formula

  1. 1. Bob Harper’s “Biggest Loser” Weight Loss Meal Plan and Fitness Exercise TipsCelebrity fitness trainer Bob Harper takes people from morbidly obese to fit and trim onNBC’s ”The Biggest Loser,” and has helped countless others in their weight loss battle. Thefitness trainer has established himself to be a real expert when it comes to weight loss andfitness training and he’s shared his knowledge to the masses as an author of “Are YouReady!: Take Charge, Lose Weight, Get in Shape, and Change Your Life Forever” and byhosting numerous fitness exercise program DVDs. Harper, who is a personal fitnesstrainer from the famed reality TV show, Biggest Loser, gave fitness exercise advice while atthe Verizon headquarters in Sterling for the Employee Health and Fitness Day. Healthy Meal Plans from the Biggest Loser Fitness Trainer Bob Harper His weight loss advice is to drink an entire glass of water, eat complex carbohydrates during the day and when you get home, eat only proteins and vegetables as part of your weight loss diet plan. “Try a weight loss diet plan recipe that uses leafy vegetables like kale, or switch to filling, high fiber grains like whole-wheat pasta.” Fitness trainer Bob also talked about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle and diet soda drinks. According to him, diet soda increases the body’s desire for more sugar. He recommends drinking water instead of soda.
  2. 2. He further stated that the diet plan is 80 percent of every weight loss regimen. Achievingyour dream body starts with a healthy weight loss diet plan. It all starts with what you eatsince no one controls what you consume except you, so if you want to lose weight, start byavoiding fried foods and mindless eating while watching TV.Fitness trainer Bob says you can either do your fitness exercise program in the morning orin the evening. It doesn’t make a difference in the result. What’s important is aboutmaintaining metabolism. And Bob’s advice on how to lose weight?“Weight loss is about a lifestyle change. But you have to believe in yourself and trust theprocess. You’re gonna mess up. We all do. But you get to start over.”Bob Harper’s Fitness Training Exercise Program AdvicesThe Biggest Loser fitness trainer had this to say about fitness training, “Exercise is hard. It’ssweaty. But it’s also a chance to get out of your comfort zone and see what you’re made of.”Being in the fitness training industry for as long he has, fitness trainer Harper understandsthat so many people are frustrated because they can’t seem to start a fitness exercise programalthough it seems simple enough to start walking or join a gym.“When it comes to getting started with your weight loss program, I highly recommend thatyou start off small and build from there. If you start by changing your diet plan and thengradually incorporate a fitness exercise program, it’s the best way. Don’t change everythingall at once.”Fitness trainer Harper also said that aside from sticking to a healthy weight loss diet planand being religious with your fitness training exercise program, you also need a goodsupport system when you’re trying to make positive lifestyle changes. After all, if everyone iseating burgers and fries while you’re having fish and salad as your diet plan, it’s easy to loseyour willpower to stick to your weight loss program.”Take these healthy weight loss advices from a man who put into shape and made a lot ofoverweight and obese contestants on Biggest Loser lose weight.