The other world of it


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[Note to the reader: This presentation was given in front of a large technology firm, very active in the defence and security industries]

IT has always been on the side of order AND disorder. These 2 approaches conflict with one another.

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The other world of it

  1. 1. The Other World of IT Daniel Kaplan Another take on how digital innovation interacts with societal change, and what opportunities it spells for all of us.
  2. 2. I come from a world where… Information flows freely… … Or leaks … Social networks feed revolutions
  3. 3. I come from a world of… DIY tasers… … Or $500 drones … Desktop DNA sequencing … Open Source Cars
  4. 4. A world that's always been there in IT Rationalize Optimize Fluidify Simplify Secure Connect Liberate Invent Transform Redistribute Open up
  5. 5. This can be a scary world… … But yours is scary too… … However what's even scarier… … Is that the 2 hardly talk to one another… [Note to the reader: This presentation was given in front of a large technology firm, very active in the defence and security industries]
  6. 6. Take Security, Trust and Privacy Security Privacy Trust
  7. 7. Take Security, Trust and Privacy Security Privacy Trust "In the next 10 years, the traditional definition of IT security will undergo a radical shift. Instead of protecting you from the bad guys, it will increasingly protect businesses and their business models from you." - Bruce Schneier, CTO, BT
  8. 8. "Me" Reaching out , connecting, showing off, marketing myself Control over my visibility, presence, reputation… Convenience , simplicity, savings, personalization… Self-identity building * individuals, vendors, institutions, communities… Analysis, evaluation Others * Solving the privacy paradox
  9. 9. Privacy as seclusion isn't that valuable…
  10. 10. … But privacy as autonomy is
  11. 11. Because protection and projection are inseparable, we need a new set of tools Empower Protect Educate information tools skills Vendor Relationship Management ePortfolios Personal Datastores Heteronyms Privacy by Design PETs Anonymous Personalization Identity Federation Obfuscation Memory Leaks Digital Identity Know-How … Self-Analytics Self-Marketing Collaboration
  12. 12. Revisiting Digital trust Where is the value? Value to whom? What unexplored territories? What unsatisfied needs? Suppose individuals had the same level of information and processing capabilities as organizations? How and to what level can P2P trust extend to other areas, scale, endure…? How to recreate mutual trust? How could organizations learn to trust again? Individuals Organi- zations Trusted (?) 3rd Parties Peer to Peer Trust Spaces
  13. 13. Another kind of R&D agenda for trust Empowerment P2P Trust Relationship Trusted 3rd Parties 3rd Parties for a really mutual trust Build up personal capacities to store and use personal data The market's "conversation" as an asset for trust Trust transitivity Attach "human" back to "relationship" Default to Transparency as a means to differenciate Build up information as you build uo the relationship Learn to trust again and gain from it Extend and strengthen P2P Trust
  14. 14. I.T. can do one or the other But these 2 ways are in conflict Efficiency Process-Oriented Safety Authority Information sharing Codesign & coproduction Empowerment Blurring of boundaries
  15. 15. Like a nagging doubt "For the younger generations, IT symbolizes what is most outdated in corporate organizations!" Philippe Lemoine, LaSer "For the last 15 years, IT Has been the main obstacle to corporate innovation!" Jean-Pierre Corniou, former Renault CIO "Studies of corporate IT spending consistently show that greater expenditures rarely translate into superior financial results. In fact, the opposite is usually true." Nicholas Carr, IT Doesn't Matter
  16. 16. The "Empower, Connect & Share" R&D Agenda 1- Emergence
  17. 17. 1- Emergence Connect everything Facilitate interactions See what happens Exploit insights
  18. 18. 2- From "Open" to "Broadly open" innovation Henry Chesbrough, UC Berkeley: Open Innovation: Renewing Growth from Industrial R&D, 2004
  19. 19. 2- Broadly open innovation, beyond digital
  20. 20. 3- Things people do together Coproduction Innovation Mass relationships Participation
  21. 21. 4- "Good enough and tinkerable" vs. "Perfectly Engineered" Folksonomies All-End to End-IP Messy machines
  22. 22. This is not a better agenda. It's an alternative one. It starts from what drives people. It responds to challenges you face. It creates challenges you will help face. These worlds need to talk.
  23. 23. Daniel Kaplan The Other World of IT
  24. 24. The "Empower, Connect & Share" R&D Agenda 1- Emergence