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  1. 1. Marseille Open Data Garage By Giorgio Prister President Major Cities of Europe July 6, 2011
  2. 2. Major Cities of Europe: who we are• The European network of Local Government CIOs• Members are innovative cities leveraging ICT as driver of innovation• Our mission: Knowledge and experience sharing – Workshops – Annual conference – Knowledge base – …
  3. 3. Examples of Open Data across Europe Hamburg, Trier… Transparency and participation – Public discussion of the annual budget expenses, investments, incomes – Publication, discussion, decisions Boston … Collaboration of citizens and enterprises – “New urban mechanics” • Co-creation / crowdsourcing – “Citizen Connect” • “citizens as sensors” • “citizens as communicators”. • “citizens as solvers”
  4. 4. Berlin: Citizens participation – On line survey in 2010 • Priorities? • Key themes? • Innovative ideas on open data utilization • Ideas generation • > than 1000 citizens participation – Main themes selected • Urban Planning • Public Administration services • Environmental control • Cty Infrastructures – Published significant amount of Publics data on line – Apps City contest: APPS4BELIN • students, companies, researchers, associations • 40% of APPS developed by companies • 72 APPS admitted - 15 awarded.• City community involved• marketing and communication• importance of crowdsourcing
  5. 5. Helsinki: Economic development –World City of Design 2012 Helsinki Region Infoshare – pilot 2011 – operational 2012 – Public data from all players in the region – Cooperation Region ,Citizens, enterprises – New services, New business ICT infrastructure as base of the project: From data generation To the data clearing house To the data distribution to users Some applications: City services based on geo- representation Public transport services, Public library services Services for cyclists … Helsinki World Design Capital 2012. Improve public and social services in the region Helsinki international city in which to establish for new business Focus on sustainability
  6. 6. Barcelona: a wide scope initiative: > 200 open data sets on line – Transparency and citizens participation • Decisions about initiatives and problems of the city – Economic development: new services & new business ICT Infrastructure dedicated to Open Data Tools for participation, Tools for transparency Tools for collaboration Tools for geo localization Internet of Things platform Traffic Environment Security… Standards definition data, quality Updating frequency maintenance Business plan, Costs, return of the investment
  7. 7. …what is there in common among these cases? A clear strategy• Focus on priority areas• Start simple in few areas with high impact• Involvement and push vs. public and private players Collaboration Communication, Marketing, Surveys , Contests, Pilot projects Focus on interoperability and application cooperation public public-private private Ecosystem in particular with SMEs Need of a business plan Return of the investment Costs,
  8. 8. … and what about ICT technologies? Need of an Open Data platform, Data Standards Format Data quality Updating frequency …. Data easy to read and easy to understand Data in electronic processing format ready Geo localization Business intelligence tools, Tools for cooperation and participation (web 2.0) etc…
  9. 9. …what are the main barriers?Mainly human: – teamwork – different public and private organizations – resistance to change, – risk averse – privacy – Laws, regulations and habits, – Who owns the data?, – Free vs. fee – etc..
  10. 10. ConclusionOpen Data is the key ingredientof a Smart City