Digital Privacy Revisited


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By Daniel Kaplan

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Digital Privacy Revisited

  1. 2. Who's talking? 25 years creating and studying online services ISOC / ICANN European Commission FING 20+ books and reports Founded 2000 Detect, produce, share novel and actionable ideas to anticipate digital transformations A Think tank: Cities 2.0, Ageing, Identity, Trust, Habitat, "Digital Foresight…" A Do tank: Open data, Fab Labs… A project accelerator
  2. 3. In a Nutshell… Personal Data are the lifeblood of today's economy The potential for abuse by firms and governments is huge Regulation is necessary, but insufficient… … especially since consumers seem univolved [But are they, really?] One direction is for orgs. to learn "data frugality"… And another is to share the value of personal data… with consumers [However…]
  3. 4. Our operational concepts for data privacy date from another age Structured data Scattered grains of information Collected by visible, identified sources Ubiquitous sources (incl. things; others; ourselves…) Produced in an organized and conscious manner Byproducts of almost all human activities Stored in well-known locations Distributed and replicated Yesterday Today
  4. 5. We should probably be worried stiff…
  5. 6. … But we don't really seem to be
  6. 7. It's called the "Privacy Paradox" Google Trends: "Privacy" … But a paradox in whose eyes?
  7. 8. In fact, people seem to know what they're doing… Differentiation Shared "decency"
  8. 9. … It's just that they're motivated by several things "Me" Reaching out , connecting, showing off, marketing myself Control over my visibility, presence, reputation… Convenience , simplicity, savings, personalization… Self-identity building * individuals, vendors, institutions, communities… Analysis, evaluation Others *
  9. 10. Privacy as seclusion isn't that valuable…
  10. 11. … But privacy as autonomy is
  11. 12. Because protection and projection are inseparable, we need a new set of tools Empower Protect Educate information system tools skills Vendor Relationship Management ePortfolios Personal datastores Heteronyms… Regulation Privacy by design PETs Anonymous personalization Identity federation Obfuscation Memory leaks… Digital identity know-how … Self-analytics Self-marketing Collaboration…
  12. 13. Let's explore "data frugality"
  13. 14. Let's think of how the Net could forget…
  14. 15. … (Forgetting is what memory does all the time)… Transience: the fading or loss of details over time Absent-mindedness: distractedness built into the sensing technologies Blocking: the random impossibility to answer specific queries Misattribution: the specific misrecording of part of an event, but not the whole event Suggestibility: the plausible rescripting certain events after a particular time Bias: re-writing all events based on pattern recognition to create a record that is consistent and plausible but subtly different "Outlines of a world coming into existence: Pervasive computing and the ethics of forgetting" Martin Dodge, Rob Kitchin "Rather than focus on the prescriptive needs for privacy protections, we envisage necessary processes of forgetting (…) that should be in-built into the system ensuring a sufficient degree of imperfection, loss and error" Loss-Based Error-Based
  15. 16. … Turn uncertainty into a feature, not a bug?
  16. 17. Let's take heteronyms for serious
  17. 18. Let's share personal data and their benefits… with the consumers…
  18. 19. … And create a market for personal use of personal data
  19. 20. Finally, let's turn digital identity into a skill
  20. 21. Download or read as e-book: