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Supplier information management v1


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Supplier information management v1

  1. 1. BEYOND - Supplier Information Management SUPPLIER PORTAL PRESENTATION Prepared by: Sanjeev Verma, SPMBEYOND™
  2. 2. Business Intelligenze CompanyExecutive Summary BusinessIntelligenze Company can provide BEYOND™ - Supplier management solution to empower our Customers achieve operational excellence to manage suppliers effectively. BEYOND™ provides data essential to run effective operations for your outsourcing needs to manage centralized point of information and continuously improve ways of working with your Suppliers. This following deck positions BEYOND™ in the context of the likely needs of our Customers and describes system in terms of operation, implementation and pricingimplementation and pricing
  3. 3. Business Intelligenze CompanySupplier Portal Features Proposed Supplier Portal will improve supplier management processes, lowering costs and mitigating risk by delivering  supplier master data across the entire company from a central location. Features and Benefits • Easy reach for new prospective suppliers • Supplier Self Service Portal • Supplier qualification and on‐boarding • Centralized  repository for all suppliers • Supplier Profile Management • Increased supplier visibility • Preferred Supplier Tracking• Preferred Supplier Tracking • Workflow to automate manual processes • Increased compliance to established process and procedures • Improved supplier diversity programs compliance through a closed‐loop tracking and a reporting system. • Remove duplicate and repetitive processes through the use of a centralized vendor repository to save both time and associated costsRemove duplicate and repetitive processes through the use of a centralized vendor repository to save both time and associated costs • Reduce cycle times by lowering costs to manually route forms for approval • Increase use of preferred supplier
  4. 4. Business Intelligenze CompanyFuture State – Functional View BEYOND USERS (2) SUPPLIERS (unlimited) BEYOND ADMIN (1) Supplier Profile Management Portal ‐ Functionalities Reports Component Data CaptureReports Component • Supplier Diversity Report • Vendor ‐ Pending approval report • Vendor ‐ Rejected approval report • Vendor ‐ Approved report • Export to Excel • Additional Customized Reports as per need Data Capture • Creating and managing Master Data • Supplier self‐service Registration Portal • Manage Supplier Profile classified Information  • Manage Documents  as per Classification • Online Survey & RFIs • Update Supplier Profile as per Survey Information• Additional  Customized Reports as per need Update Supplier Profile as per Survey Information Security Component • Authentication and Authorization • Encrypted Passwords • Supplier Information Change Log Processes • Search, Access, Qualify, and Track Supplier  Information • Profile Completion Tracking• Supplier Information Change Log • Secured Published reports / data • Profile Completion Tracking • Schedulers and reminders for data capture • Supplier Approval • Manage  Announcements
  5. 5. Business Intelligenze CompanyUnderstanding on Existing vs. Future State Presently Supplier Information is received on Supplier Portal Presently Supplier Information is received on  e‐mails and managed on  Excels and file storage Suppliers Online  Portal  Procurement Team  Or Centralized  Data Storage Supplier Profile Automation to  Manage Supplier Self Registration Or  Project Team Supplier Portal  Vs. Export Report to Excel Supplier Documents Reports Search Supplier Info. l f Decentralized  Data Storage Managing  Supplier Information Managers Supplier Portal  Email Notifications Change Log Schedule Reminders Online Survey Announcements Admin Info. from supplier
  6. 6. Business Intelligenze CompanyUI Framework Detailed View B i P Business Layer Application ServerSupports a rich routing infrastructure UI Layer ss Layer ervices Business Processes File Upload Update Survey Data Search Results Request Response Suppliers Data Acces Business S Get Reports Role Based Security Event Log Supplier DatabaseSupplier Portal  Managers Utilities Master Data Entity Announcements Supplier Portal  Admin Exception Handling Authorization Notification  Services Logging Authentication Web Server
  7. 7. Business Intelligenze CompanySolution Architecture Data Management Data Privacy Data Visualization ses Export to Excel Documents Reports Search for Info. Job Scheduling Session  rkflow Process Authorization Information Dissemination Online Survey Announcements Authorization Management Web Forms Manual Entry & Upload Wor Supplier Data Event / Change Log Email  Notification Web  Access Data Encryption
  8. 8. Business Intelligenze CompanySupplier Portal - Workflow User Roles Self Registration Confirmation Email Login Reg.  S li No Complete Profile Client Communication Verify Profile Completion Profile  Suppliers LoginSupplier Complete Profile (RFI from Client) Verify Profile Completion Completion No Email Notification Supplier Diversity info. Downloads FAQs Participate in  online Survey Participated No Yes Auto‐Update  Profile (common info.) Change Pwd Yes Login Manage Master Data Entities Manage Supplier Status (Pending /Rejected /Approved) / Manage Responsible Buyers /  Manage GPS Category/Vendor Families / Manage GPS Sub‐Category / Manage Document  Classifications / Manage SBA Status / Manage Company Classification Profile (common info.) Change Pwd Yes Supplier Portal  Admin Manage Users Reset Pwd SPMs / Suppliers Manage  Announcements SMTP / Email Recipients  Configurations Login Supplier  Search Conduct  Survey Supplier  Approval / Rejection Manage  Suppliers RFI to Supplier  (Communication with Supplier) Survey Result Supplier Portal  Managers SurveyApproval / RejectionSuppliers (Communication with Supplier)Result Reports (HTML / Export to Excel) Supplier Diversity Report / Vendor ‐ pending approval report  / Vendor ‐ rejected approval report  / Vendor ‐ approved report Change Pwd
  9. 9. Business Intelligenze CompanyImplementation Methodology - Iterative RAD RAD Feedback &  Learning Checkpoint &  Quality Gate Joint Requirement  Planning • BusinessIntelligenze’s Best Practices, Prior Project Learning & Value Creators • Architectural & Design Guidelines • Coding Standards & Compliance • Metadata definition Joint Application  Development RAD UAT Post  Implementation  Support Production  ReadinessInitial  Understanding &  Planning Requirement  Gathering &  Analysis High Level Design Low Level  Design Development  & Unit Testing System &  Integration Testing Implementation Go Live Prototype Development Highlights Deployment of BEYONDTM Knowledge Assets Requirements Management and Change Control • Reduce  engagement risk – Incremental delivery • Requirements gathering using JRP (Joint Requirement Planning) sessions – Provides template‐driven structured  approach that helps maximize inputs received during interview/discussions with users while ensuring active &  close interaction with business. • Evaluate the fit for purpose tools around UI, Scheduling, and Notification • Prototyping to ensure early business ‘Buy‐in’ • Collaborative design between BusinessIntelligenze and Client using JAD (Joint Application Development)  Ongoing Update to Knowledge Base (BEYONDTM) sessions • Business readiness – User training prior to UAT to help ensure that users focus only on effective functional  testing during UAT • Building Sustainment Capabilities – Continuous knowledge transfer to client followed by handover during post‐ implementation support.
  10. 10. Business Intelligenze CompanyKey Activities & Deliverables – Solution Implementation (1/2) Phase Activities Deliverables Initial Study and  Planning Meeting with Business & IT Stakeholders for: Business Process Understanding High level requirements document Scope Scope Determination Tool evaluation & recommendation around UI, Scheduling, and  Email Notifications Finalize high –level Architecture Estimation Determine phase milestone High Level Architecture Document Estimate & Schedule Program Governance Model Formation of Program Governance Council Requirements  Gathering and Analysis Interact with Business Users and SMEs to gather the detailed functional and  non functional requirements Validate and approve the Requirement Understanding Documents Source System Understanding Prototype / POC development and demonstration, if necessary Detailed Requirements Understanding Document, FRD  (Functional Requirement Document), NFR (Non‐functional  Requirement) Business Rules document Integration Design specificationsPrototype / POC development and demonstration, if necessary Detailed project planning for implementation Integration Design specifications Detailed Project Plan High Level Design Create High Level document and Technical Architecture Design Specification  based on approved requirements and scope Source System Analysis Prototype / POC development and demonstration, if necessary S t T ti St t Technical Architecture Design Specification Source system impact analysis and (if necessary) gap analysis  document High Level Design Document S t T t St t d S t T t C d tSystem Testing Strategy System Test Strategy and System Test Case documents
  11. 11. Business Intelligenze CompanyKey Activities & Deliverables – Solution Implementation (2/2) Implementation Phase Activities Deliverables Low Level Design Data Modeling as per business process needs Logical & Physical Data Model Create Technical Implementation Specifications and Unit Test Cases for: UI components Reports Audit & Error handling Scheduling Low Level Technical Specification Documents Unit Test Cases Integration Test Cases Development and Unit Build and Unit Testing: Code ComponentsDevelopment and Unit  Testing Build and Unit Testing:  Database scripts UI components Reports Audit & Error handling Scheduling Code Components Unit Test Logs S d I i I i i f h l d C S & I i LSystem and Integration  Testing Integration Testing of the Developed Components System Testing of the Developed Components System & Integration Test Logs UAT Provide Support for UAT User Accepted System, ready for Production Rollout Implementation Preparation & Finalization of system deployment instructions Production Deployment System Deployment Instruction document Automated system in Productionp y y Post Implementation  Support Batch and schedule monitoring Bug Fixes, if any System handover to Production Support Team Application Support Manuals System Handover Documents
  12. 12. Business Intelligenze CompanyGovernance For Development Client BusinessIntelligenze Onsite BusinessIntelligenze Offsite Steering  Committee Steering Committee • Escalation Point Executive Management Client Partner(s) Delivery Director Committee • Responsible for Overall  Success • Alignment with Program  Goals PMO Committee Program Manager / Director Account Manager Delivery Manager PMO • Overall Delivery of projects • Project  Prioritization • Project Progress Tracking Project Development Team Project Leads / SMEs /  Business Users Project  Project Manager Project Lead Project  Development  Team • Delivery of Project • Daily Communication • Status Reporting • Scope Changes Lead/Coordinator Application  Team System Support  Team
  13. 13. Business Intelligenze CompanyService Delivery Model Severity & Ticket assignments tion • Intake 24 x 6 • Monitoring & Reporting User Call Intake & Triage Tool Set • Client Intake Production Management – Steady and Optimized State Framework Severity & Ticket assignments mplementat • Monitoring & Reporting • Escalation Tree Availability Management Service Management Client Intake • Activity Tracking • Work Allocation • SLA Adherence M t i R ti nance & Im Problem Management Incident Management • 24x6 Outage – Service restoration • Trail Maintenance – Batch Trail handling • Root Cause Analysis • Production Data Corrections • Performance Tuning Line of Business • Metrics Reporting • Ticket / SLA Tracking • Resource Tracking • Communication  Tracking cess Govern Event Management Service Requests g • Long Term Fix • Client Specific requests • Hardware / Software upgrades • Capacity Management • Proactive analysis g Proc Knowledge Management Operational Performance Management Risk, Complain & Communication Management
  14. 14. Business Intelligenze CompanyTypical Production Support Workflow User Role Level 1 – Help Desk Create Problem Log Is it Application  Problem? Assign it to  Infrastructure Team Verify & Close Problem  Log/Notify Business Users Client Infrastructure /  Operational Support team (OS, DB / Transaction  Server / Network) l g g/ y Handle the problem as per  Process Paged Yes Notify Notify Level 2 – Production Support BusinessIntelligenze Onsite / Offshore Receive Problem  Details Acknowledge  Problem Request Analyze and fix  problem Test  Production Update Problem Log  and Notify Helpdesk Is SLA Met? Is Permanent Fix  R i d? Create Work Item for  Maintenance Team Is SLA Met? Yes Offshore Onsite Production Support Level 3 – Maintenance Support Client Project Required? Maintenance Team Handle the Work Item  as per the Process Follow the Escalation  Follow the Escalation  No No j Management BusinessIntelligenze Onsite Lead Process Follow the Escalation  Process Take Corrective  Steps Take Corrective  Steps
  15. 15. Business Intelligenze Company DBS India, 1st Floor, World Trade Towers, Barakhamba Lane, New Delhi T: 011 40540703THANK YOU!!!