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  1. 1. Cirrato 2.0 A new generationPrint management solution
  2. 2. HowCirrato works C i r r at o p r i n t- o u t i n 4 s t e p s Cirrato 2.0 is a patented technology which creates an Workstation with extremely safe printing environment. The client computer Printer sends a print request (“ticket”) to the Cirrato server, gets a Cirrato client go-ahead if everything is OK, and subsequently the print- job is sent directly from the client to the printer. This cuts load in the network and releases substantial resources for 1 the remaining computer traffic.When a user chooses to print, arequest is sent to the Cirrato server. Perhaps the obvious question though is, ‘What happens e server checks if the user has theauthority to print and then createsa “ticket” for the print out, which is if, for some reason, the client loses contact with the server,placed in a queue. Cirrato server or if the server goes down?’ Well, if it were a traditional Workstation with Cirrato client Printer print environment, it would mean total failure! But with Cirrato, the print-job is sent anyway, directly from the client to the printer. The client obtains the print-jobs as usual, and the log file holding the required statistics is updated afterwards. In other words – the historical problems of a 2When the ticket has reached the top traditional print environment don’t exist with Cirrato 2.0!of the queue the Cirrato serversends a message to the client sayingthe print-out has started. Cirrato server Workstation with Cirrato client Printer 3 e client sends the print-outdirectly to the printer in question. Cirrato server Workstation with Cirrato client Printer 4When the print-job is nished theclient noti es the Cirrato server anda aches statistics for the job. Cirrato server
  3. 3. Evolution meets Revolution Cirrato 2.0 is a revolutionary new solution for print management. Encompassing a broad range of capabilities, Cirrato can replace up to 100 print spool servers, and at the same time, give you total control over the company’s entire printing environment! Let’s start with a presentation of some of the key benefits: • Reduced costs • More streamlined management • Safeguarding the environment • User friendly Reduced costs are undeniably one of the most important arguments for deploying Cirrato. Through rules set for the user comes an opportunity to rationalise the usage as well as reduce costs for management and the company help- desk! Streamlined management is Cirrato’s trademark. This is thanks to a central and efficient administration system with simple centralised driver management, pro-active surveil- lance, and dependability – even if the server goes down. The environmental aspect has been a part of Cirrato since day one. For each server removed, the energy consumption is reduced by over 3000 kWh/year. Cirrato opens up the doors for green IT within your company’s printing environment. For the user Cirrato spells simplicity and safety. The change-over to Cirrato means no adjustments, no educa- tion is necessary, and the user gets the printouts he or she needs.
  4. 4. Total Control With Cirrato 2.0 your organisation will obtain total control over the company’s entire printing environment, in a way which never would have been possible in a traditional set up. Through sur- veillance of every separate printer, statistics about management status are gained. Solitary usage can be monitored through rules set, and statistics kept all the way down to user level, also with the possibility of keeping correct costs for every separate print- job. Cirrato is entirely brand neutral, and can handle almost any printer on the market. Drivers are normally a problem when it comes to large printing environments with many users, several print servers, and even more printers. With Cirrato 2.0, drivers are managed in the simplest way: all permitted drivers are saved locally on the Cirrato server, and are automatically downloaded to the work stations which need a specific driver to print out. The Cirrato server can at this point be configured in such a way so it doesn’t allow a print job before the user has obtained the right driver. The Interface in Cirrato’s surveillance functionality offers a simple and clear status for print-outs and printers. If something happens to the printer, the user gets an error-message in a pop-up window on the screen. Cirrato Pull is a feature of Cirrato which gives you the oppor- tunity to print on demand in a secure manner. Through strong relationships with the world’s key hardware manufacturers, we can offer built-in software clients for a large number of MFD/MFP’s. This functionality means that the users can identify themselves through a card reader or through a pin number at the printer, and thereafter get to choose which print-job should be printed. Beyond print management we have specialised in payment solutions where as well as just printing, we can charge for copying, scanning and faxing, which is particularly useful in public environ- ments such as universities. Payment can also be made electroni- cally thanks to close ties with the European Banking Community.
  5. 5. Customers who have chosen Cirrato Today we have installed Cirrato in complex public organisations such as county councils, universities and municipalities with up to 5000 printers, as well as in private organisations within the industry and ser- vices sector. The environments where Cirrato is installed vary from local organisations to globally established organisations. • Stena Shipping Company • Swedish Board of Agriculture • Deloitte AB • Sandvik Corporate Group • The Royal Library • The National Property Board • Preem • Nynäs Inc • GE-Healthcare • G4S • National Swedish Pension Fund • Linkoping’s University • Uppsala University • NCC • Volvo AB • KPMG • OKG Oskarshamn’s Nuclear Group • Plus a large numbers of municipalities, county councils and other universities all over Sweden.
  6. 6. Behind the Scenes The technique behind The technique behind Cirrato is patented and the patent is owned by Dipritec Inc. The company was founded by the innovators of the software application Cirrato in 2003. Ever since day one, our activities at Dipritec AB, have been focused on refining the technology behind Cirrato with a view to develop the software to be the most complete overall print management tool on the market. Our ambition is to be cutting edge within the printing technology. To be able to offer our customers the optimum print management tool is and has always been our motto. Focus today is on development and maintenance of the Cirrato software which means that 80% of our organisation consists of technicians with a profound knowledge in print management. Their work takes place not only in Stockholm but also in Ireland and Sri Lanka as well as in England. Furthermore we have people working in our marketing department supporting our resellers as well as persons working in administration. Up to 2008 we have addressed the Scandinavian market through an established network of resellers, but from 2009 we have taken the step to look at international opportuni- ties, initially focusing on the UK, Germany and France. Dipritec AB | St:Eriksgatan 63 | SE-112 34 Stockholm, Sweden | Phone +46 (0) 8 46 22 440 |