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Infographic - Pragmatic Technical Debt Management


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Technical debt in a software system not only impacts the productivity of the team but also compromises the external product quality. Technical debt needs to be managed pragmatically to ensure discipline, value, and quality.

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Infographic - Pragmatic Technical Debt Management

  1. 1. Tushar Sharma Twitter@Sharma__Tushar Pragmatic Technical Debt Management Dimensions • Code debt • Design debt • Test debt • … Definition Technical debt is the debt that accrues when you knowingly or unknowingly make wrong or non-optimal technical decisions. Types • Strategic debt • Tactical debt • Incremental debt • Inadvertent debt Impact High technical debt Low morale Low quality SID s/w Low productivity High riskSID: Sunk In Debt Managing technical debt Prevent Repay Awareness Process Trainings Workshops Reviews Architectural governance Tools StrategiesCode/Design debt identification tools Technical debt quantification and visualization tools Test debt identification tools Refactoring tools Identify, document, and track the debt Prioritize smells Amortize small debt payment into each iteration Motivate and reward people for maintaining quality Follow Boy’s scout rule Periodically, aim for large-scale debt repayment Repay debt horizontally, not vertically Don’t repay debt in certain cases For information about design smells and design debt, follow the link-