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  1. 1. I found YouTube videos were a great source of inspiration for stop motion ideas todevelop on which I did not think to use in AS. YouTube videos for example allowedme to find it was conventional for the beat of the music to match themovement/action in the stop motion.From the practice stop motion, we thought it best to attach a Top Light to thecamera so that the artificial light would stay the same in each shot helping it runmore smoothly, while a natural light would change each shot too drastically and giveit an unprofessional finish which it did in the practice.Would found also to hire an actress would be hugely beneficial and it meant me andDemi could handle one piece of equipment individually and therefore moreefficiently, so Demi was not having to run back and forth from the camera to movingthe props like in the practice stop motion which we found was extremely timeconsuming and stressful.From the practice, which helped us familiarize ourselves with stop motion and FinalCut Pro which much of our photos and videos were edited on, we were then able totake on more and introduce more angle types and shots into the final. Final Cut Prooffered us a vast collection of effects, transitions and music which we played aroundwith until we found ones that we thought went best with the final stop motion as wellas the videos in the planning stage. By familiarizing ourselves with Final Cut Propthrough the practice, completing the final stop motion was a lot less time consumingas we had learnt how to do simple things such as select text, change font andcolour..and then as we developed our skills further, introduce transitions, effects suchas grayscale and rid of unwanted sounds and voices to be replaced with music.Whilst a female actress was more reliable, she didn’t suit the name of the production.There we know to plan more carefully and put methods into place e.g.contracts, agreements with teachers, which will allow us to use male actors andforce them to be reliable!