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Genre research


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Genre research

  1. 1. G ENRE R ESEARCHFrom this Genre Research we can contemplate which ‘documentary mode’ ourdocumentary is most likely to be classified as. From such research, 5 modes werediscovered:• expository• observational• interactive/participatory• reflexive• performativeFrom the research, it wasfound that expository wasmost relevant to our documen-tary, while the others less soand so I will only touch on theother four slightly.
  3. 3. E XPOSITORY M O D E I N M O R E D E TA I LThis research confirmed thatour documentary would bemainly classed as expository:• our audience is invited to shareour anti-anorexic and effects ofnew media thoughts.• rather than a ‘voice of god’however, text will anchor themeaning of images. We mayinclude small amounts ofcommentary to anchor thenarrative and structure, howevernot 1 voiceover to carry thewhole documentary as‘expository’ suggests.• expository documentaries‘centre on a problem that needssolving’ which ours aims to do.• expository documentaries such‘dramatic techniques’, from ourtextual analysis we found these‘shock’ tactics conventional, andso something we could takeforward in our documentary.
  4. 4. O BSERVATIONAL MODEThis mode is notwholly relevant for ourdocumentary, howevercant be ruled out as ofno use.• Our documentary, asobservational modesuggests, will want toappear observational(un-edited and real,raw footage) throughmethods of editing andfilming to develop asense of realism.
  5. 5. This research on participatory mode has confirmed our documentary cannotPARTICIPATORY / INTERACTIVE MODE be classed as participatory.
  6. 6. P ERFORMATIVE MODESimilarly to research onparticipatory mode, thisresearch on performativemode has confirmed ourdocumentary cannot beclassed as performative asthere are not enoughcharacteristics of the modethat match thecharacteristics of ourdocumentary. T HE END