Final pitch


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Final pitch

  2. 2. FINAL PITCH The end of research has come! The decision for my narrative idea has been reached! From combining Idea 1 and 3 to create the perfect narrative as both proved popular through the opinions from the focus group, as well as incorporating some of the ideas the audience members came up with, I am able to create the main narrative idea to be used.
  3. 3. FRONT PAGE… On the front page there will be an image of the exclusive bands that will take up the majority of the page and be the main thing that draws the reader’s attention. The members will be cut out along there outline using Photoshop, (Like Rolling Stones magazine features Robert Downey Jr, insert right), and placed onto a clear white background to give the image dominance over the page. The Masthead will be a full title rather than a single initial, and will be of this font (insert below).
  4. 4. FRONT PAGE As for the exclusive band image, it will slightly superimpose over the masthead. Around the exclusive bands there will be cover lines of well- established bands that proved popular in questions 6 and 9, such as The Rolling Stones, Muse and alternative bands of rock’s subgenre. The colour scheme will be conventionally (Q magazine) white, red and black. Similar to the narrative visual idea that the focus group audience members, other bands such as ‘Paramore’ will be featured at the bottom next to a teaser with the initial ‘N’ of the chosen font, known as ‘N Review’ as it will be treated as the magazine first launch. The top of the page will also feature a banner of ‘The essential music guide’. Other teasers will be features around the page, such as a cover line on a music genre the target audience (English etc.) will appeal to, such as ’50 Greatest Brit Tracks’. The band’s name will be located beneath ‘The Novembers’, with text of ‘Novembers in November’ beneath smaller than ‘The Novembers’. The barcode will be conventionally placed at the bottom with the price above the ‘N Review’ banner as not to distract from the over features on the front page that have more importance.
  5. 5. CONTENTS PAGEInfluenced by Q’s contents page that I analysed, the contents page will be keptpictorial with pictures of the exclusive band and other images, such as otherbands album covers. The page will be clearly named ‘Contents’ in the same fontas the Masthead and text will be in columns and conventionally each articlenumbered. Text though will be kept to a minimum with large images, as to makethe contents page interesting.The contents will feature 4 photos, one of an the exclusive band ‘TheNovembers’ album cover, one of a the Metallica Concert which will have to befaked by using certain props/mise-en-scene. One image will be of a locationshot of the exclusive band and the other of just two of the band members.
  6. 6. The double page spread will be an exclusive article onthe page, with one page of a dominating full shot of allband members which will be for mise-en-scene, similarto the ‘Rolling Stones’ double page spread that wasanalysed. The other page will be information anddetails on the exclusive band, with the title of the band‘The Novembers’, clear at the top, with a Question andAnswer interview as the text. The page willconventionally have a similar colour scheme to the frontpage and contents page with some possiblydifferences.