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Conventions of a documentary poster


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Conventions of a documentary poster

  1. 1. Conventions of a documentary poster. I have come across several websites and slide shares that tell you the conventions of posters in general, however not specifically the conventions of a documentary poster and so Ithought to create a slide-share outlining what conventions I have found. By Holly and Demi.
  2. 2. Conventions for a poster in general To be eye-catching and captivating Have a focal picture that will intrigue Display a large, readable title Suggestions/hints of film genre Use of famous actors to further promote it Attract a target audience An evident tagline Age certification Coming soon or release date The film’s websiteNow onto conventions specific to adocumentary poster…
  3. 3. Poster’s GenreAn indication into the poster’s genre, either throughthe image used (not wholly giving it away), text suchas in ‘Ever since the world ended’ writing ‘A post-apocalyptic documentary’.
  4. 4. Quotes from review’s/documentary Most of what is on a documentaries poster is to entice/promote the film and make the viewer want to see the it. Quotes/Ratings from review’s and quotes from the documentary itself are no exception. The Last Cigarette (1999) 
  5. 5. Director’s nameThe director’s name is often on the poster somewhere in anoticeable size and font connoting their importance andestablishment. Michael Moore very conventionally features hisname on his posters which acts as his Brand Name and drawsmore attention from the other names/producers on the page. Itis also so fans of Michael Moore’s others recognize his brandand so go and see the documentary.
  6. 6. The documentaries awardsTheir awards given by well-establishedorganisations/film festivals (i.e Sundance) andinstitutes adds an impressiveness to the poster,encouraging a viewer to go and see it (as it was goodenough for a prestigious award!).
  7. 7. TaglineA tagline that creates enigma, sparks an interest orentices the viewer into wanted to see thedocumentary within revealing too much, sparkingtheir curiosity (human nature to be curious) thusfurther peeking interest.