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Matt Baumgarten Slideshare

  1. 1. MattBaumgarten Resume 2.0
  2. 2. University of Nevada, Reno
  3. 3. Why Hire Me? Self Motivated Team Player Positive Attitude Determined Accountability Passion for High Achievement
  4. 4. Photo by Danilo Rizzuti /
  5. 5.
  6. 6. 1. Pin Board2. Leveraging Social Media Presence3. Daily Pin Marketing to Engage with Customers
  7. 7. Pinterest profiles provide a “board” where users can pin images that are all thesame size. Each image has a link back to the origin site. For example, if you’rea brand and you post images of products on Pinterest, you can have theimage link back to your brand website. It provides a useful too for increasingtraffic to your website. Some sites have seen as much as a 75% increase inweb traffic due to Pinterest so it is definitely working.
  8. 8. You’ll also want to use your other social networks to feed into Pinterest to help growits presence online. Facebook and Twitter have the advantage of having hundredsof millions of users. You can leverage their popularity and expand your webpresence by pointing people to Pinterest from your website, Facebook, Tumblr, andTwitter accounts.
  9. 9. A good marketing practice is to promote a daily pin theme that engages users andkeeps them coming back to see what the next days theme will be. One popularone is to use product discounts or promotions that support a charity event orcause. These types of promotions encourage customers to re-pin the promotionand generate increased traffic to your Pinterest profile and company website.
  10. 10. Facebook’s New Timeline
  11. 11. 3 Features key new features that benefit brands: 1. Facebook Actions 2. Facebook App 1. Facebook Timeline
  12. 12. 3 Features key new features that benefit brands:1. When it comes to engaging with customers, Facebook actions stands out as amajor improvement on the old layout. Users now have more options to interact withthe brands by expressing that they “love,” “want,” or “own” a product. Previouslyusers were only able to “like” a particular brand. This new feature is great formarketers who want to categorize their fans as current or potential customers anddevelop individualized promotions to attract new customers and maintain currentcustomers.
  13. 13. 2. Facebook apps are now much more visible in the new Timeline layout. If you’re abusiness that creates apps for Facebook then you are really going to like this newfeature. The new layout prominently features apps at the top of the users page. Allof the interactions with the app are published to the users timeline giving brandsmore visibility. This new feature can help brands attract new fans and further engagecurrent customers. When using apps to promote your brand remember not tooverwhelm you customers with too much content that will crowd their timeline.
  14. 14. 3. The new Facebook Timeline is about telling your individual or brand story. Manybrands have a rich history that customers appreciate and follow. You can use thenew Timeline feature to communicate that rich brand history to your customersusing images and rich media content that play a more prominent role in the newlayout. An effective marketing strategy involves communicating and engaging withcustomers and this new Timeline layout provides lots of new opportunities for doingjust that.
  15. 15. 3 Twitter Tools for Brand Success 1. TweetBeep 2. Twibs 3. TwtQpon
  16. 16. TweetBeep allows you to “keep track of conversations that mention you, yourproducts, your company and anything, with hourly updates! You can even keeptrack of who’s tweeting your website or blog, even if they use a shortened URL(like or” Consumers today are in control of the conversation.This tool allows you to learn about conversations quickly and enables you torespond and get ahead of a story if necessary to limit any harm to your brand.Keeping up to date on conversations about your brand and products is anecessary component for a strong CRM strategy.
  17. 17. Twibs is a business directory that allows users to find business on Twitter. Thedirectory breaks down the business by largest brands, categories, promotions, andby location. If you’re a brand then this director should be a necessary component ofyour Twitter strategy for promoting your brand online. If you’re a consumer, it a greatplace to search for a particular brand or browse for interesting companies that mightappeal to you. The directly currently has 35,583 businesses that are on Twitter.
  18. 18. TwtQpon is a service that allows you to create coupons for your business on Twitter.Four types of coupons are available. Online coupons, in-store coupons, percentagediscount, and amount discount. You can limit the number of coupons available. There isa unique code associated with each coupon and there is a list of the names of thepeople who claimed your coupons. The ability to provide coupons for your twitterfollowers enhances your social media marketing strategy by further engaging yourcurrent customers and attracting new customers.
  19. 19. Instagram Brand Tips:1. @tags and #hash tags2. Networking3. Consistent Sharing
  20. 20. For brands looking to get the most out of their use of instagram, the app allowsinstagrammers to @tag their friends and companies in their photos or #makecomments that will link back to certain brands. Create a handle that is obviousand easy to search and use it constantly.
  21. 21. Get involved with your followers and comment on their photos. You don’t haveto comment on every follower, just be engaged. Create photo contests with#hash tags and your brand will be instantly linked to the uploaded photos. Justthe possibility of getting a response from a brand will increase your followersand your brand awareness.
  22. 22. Don’t overwhelm your followers with photos. The key is to upload diversecreative photos at a steady pace. In the same vein, accounts that only postphotos once in a while quickly loses momentum and fan interest. You will haveto find that happy medium.