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Colorstech Enterprises | Company Profile


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Colorstech Enterprises is a leading Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, Batteries and Electronics Equipment Manufacturing company in India.

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Colorstech Enterprises | Company Profile

  1. 1. www.ColorsTech.n
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Colorstech Enterprises is a leading company in the field of Electrical Energy / Power solutions. Our team deals in Complete Solar Power Systems and Electronics Devices . Our Solar Panel System are available for Residential as well as Industrial usage and we can serve loads of 3 Watt to 5 Kilo Watts and more. We have a team of experts in the field of Electrical Power and if you need consultation you can contact us any time. Our Solar Products & Services are mentioned below : Solar Panels Solar Inverters Solar Pumps Solar Batteries Solar Water Heaters MPPT Charge Controllers LED & CFL Lights Solar Lanterns Solar Street Lights Home Inverters Batteries Automation Installation Commissioning Consultation We are also authorized dealers of Security Solutions for Home & Enterprises
  3. 3. ABOUT US Colorstech Enterprises is founded and directed under the supervision of experienced professionals having over 5 years of experience in the respective fields of manufacturing, installation, commissioning, maintenance, quality control and trading. Our Vision Our vision is to electrify the urban as well as rural areas, support industrial developments and promote Green and clean sources of Electrical Energy. Industrial development is one of the key features in growth of any area and for that electricity is a key necessity . Colorstech Enterprises, with the help of local welfare societies has the aim of providing 24 x 7 electricity to every one. Marketing & Promotion Our marketing team is headed by professionals from Print Media & Information Technology industry with over decades of experience in Digital and Outdoor Marketing. Our sales and accounting team is managed by specialists from marketing and accounting backgrounds. We always believe in bringing new and innovative ideas in field of production and sales and that has been the backbone of our success.
  5. 5. PRODUCTS >> SOLAR PANELS Mon-Crystalline & Poly-Crystalline From - 3Wp to 300Wp
  6. 6. PRODUCTS>>LED BULBS Aluminium Housing
  7. 7. PRODUCT>>LED BULBS Plastic Housing
  8. 8. PRODUCTS>>LED STREET LIGHTS For Government Projects & Industrial Applications 9Watts, 12 Watts, 15Watts, 24Watts, 30Watts, 36Watts. 60Watts, 100Watts
  9. 9. PRODUCTS>>SOLAR INVERTER & BATTERIES We authorized dealers of : • Branded Solar Inverters • Branded Solar Batteries We can supply inverters and batteries for any custom Requirement and specifications as well.
  10. 10. PRODUCTS>>RAW MATERIAL FOR LED BULBS For Entrepreneurs / Companies with a Start-up Company of LED Bulbs business. #MakeInIndia
  11. 11. SERVICES >> INSTALLATION • Installation • Mounting • Commissioning • Testing • Maintenance of Solar Power Plants We have a team of Skilled Technicians
  12. 12. SERVICES >> CONSULTING We provide professional consulting for : • Green Energy Resources • Start–up Business (Electrical & Electronics) • Electrification ( Urban, Rural & Industrial )