Software Factory - Overview


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Software Factory - Overview

  1. 1. Software Factory Overview, Processes & Tools
  2. 2. Agenda ☑Methodology ☑Factory Environments ☑Java ☑PHP ☑Mobile
  3. 3. Methodology
  4. 4. The Basics ☑Implement the basic from market best-practices ☑PMBOK/Agile PMBOK – Project Management ☑RUP/SCRUM – Development Management ☑Kanban – Operation Management ☑ITIL – IT Service Management ☑COBIT – IT Governance ☑Simple processes that enable Teltools to continually provide IT Services with quality.
  5. 5. Methodology Overview Requirements Management Test Cases Specification Development Configuration Management System Tests Continuous Integration Static Code Quality Analysis System Test Validation Architecture Management Integration Tests Quality Control Release Management Delivery Customer Technical Team Incident Report New Features Management Incident Fix Bug Management Incident Analysis BusinessApprovalPrioritydefinedbyCriticalityToStakeholder Feedback Feedback Feedback Feedback Feedback Feedback Code Quality Management
  6. 6. Factory Environments
  7. 7. Environments ☑Java/Java EE ☑PHP ☑Mobile ☑Android ☑iOS ☑PhoneGap
  8. 8. Java/Java EE
  9. 9. PHP/PHP Cake
  10. 10. Mobile/Android
  11. 11. Mobile/iOS
  12. 12. Mobile/PhoneGap
  13. 13. Development Tools
  14. 14. Eclipse ☑ Standard IDE (Interface Development Enviroment) for developers; ☑ Support Maven to Application Lifecycle Management (ALM); ☑ Support Git to Source Code Management (SCM); ☑ Support default source-code formatting tool;
  15. 15. Maven ☑ Application Lifecycle (ALM) Framework; ☑ Provide a standard way to manage project dependencies; ☑ Customizable to fit specific project necessities (OLM has many); ☑ Execute Unit Tests automatically; ☑ Execute Standard Code Format automatically; ☑ Execute Code Format Checker automatically; ☑ Provide a standard way to keep version control; ☑ Major Version; ☑ Minor Version; ☑ Build Number. ☑ Generate package delivery to repositories (Artifactory) automatically.
  16. 16. Artifactory ☑ Maven Artifacts Repository; ☑ Stores private Maven artifacts; ☑ Stores private Maven artifacts dependencies; ☑ Provide a Proxy service to other Maven repositories; ☑ Customizable Access Control (ACL) to users and repositories.
  17. 17. Git ☑ Powerful Source Code Management (SCM) Tools; ☑ Provide automatic merge/rebase between different branches; ☑ Provide easy parallel branch work management; ☑ Enable developers to work even offline from central repository; ☑ Compatible with all modern IDEs.
  18. 18. Github ☑ Powerful Source Code Management (SCM) Hosting for Git; ☑ Provide a Social interface for development team members; ☑ Provide a strong diff tool and merge tool based on requests/workflow/roles; ☑ Used by Google, Apple, VM Ware and others big customers.
  19. 19. Gitorious ☑ Powerful Source Code Management (SCM) Hosting for Git; ☑ Provide a Social interface for development team members; ☑ Opensource and available on local network.
  20. 20. Jenkins ☑ Continuous Integration (CI) Server; ☑ Keep source code updated by Git/Github; ☑ Build periodically and report for every instability on code; ☑ Run unit/system/integrated tests automatically by test suites; ☑ Run functional tests with Selenium Webdrive; ☑ Run Static Source Code Analysis for each build; ☑ Keep build history; ☑ Update Testlink Testcases; ☑ Update Jira Issues;
  21. 21. Sonar ☑ Perform Static Source Code Quality Analysis; ☑ Extract Size, Complex, Test Cover, Comments, Repeated Code, Accomplishments and too many others KPIs to measure source code quality; ☑ Analyze source code based on rules to find best practices violations; ☑ Keep analysis history and show delta variations .
  22. 22. Selenium Webdrive ☑ Perform functional tests on web applications; ☑ Based on test cases to describe success and error behaviors; ☑ Can simulate Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer; ☑ Can test Java Script based applications.
  23. 23. Testlink ☑ Powerful tool to keep Requirements, Documentation, Test Cases, Test Suites and Test Scenarios; ☑ Provides an interface to guide Test Case execution; ☑ Provides integration with Jira and automatically opens bug reports on Project Bug Tracker without tester interaction.
  24. 24. Jira ☑ Top 5 Issue/Bug Tracking tool; ☑ Provide integrations with Git/GitHub to keep each issue tracked with impacted Artifacts; ☑ Provides Scrum/Kanban methodology tools to project; ☑ Provides a powerful workflow engine; ☑ Provides a powerful form template engine;
  25. 25. PHP Cake ☑Framework MVC ; ☑Based on conventions (like Ruby on Rails); ☑Easy database support model; ☑Low learn curve; ☑Fast deliveries.
  26. 26. PHP Unit ☑Unit Test Framework; ☑Similar to Java’s jUnit; ☑Bring a TDD approach to PHP Development.
  27. 27. Apache Ant ☑First build tool to Java developers; ☑Powerful script tool guided by XML; ☑Compile all PHP Code, runs all PHP Unit Tests and collect all quality assurance metrics.
  28. 28. XCode ☑Default development environment for Mac OSX and iOS applications
  29. 29. PhoneGap ☑Framework to develop Smartphones applications based on HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript; ☑It generates native wrapper applications for several smartphone platforms (Android, iOS, Blackberry, We bOS, Bada, etc). Modelo Web Radio
  30. 30. Organization Coaching/Mentoring Archirecture Development Support ReqM & QA Project Management Risks Management
  31. 31. Team Knowledge Practices ☑ Monthly presents knowledge key-notes; ☑ Directed study for each team member; ☑ Drives project activities accordingly to team members skills; ☑ Coaching/Mentoring accordingly to team members skills; ☑ Visit our SlideShare Channel to check all Workshops.
  32. 32. Av. Cesário Alvim, 3521 Bairro Brasil – CEP38400-696 Uberlândia – MG (34) 3222-9571
  33. 33. Contact us Teltools Tecnologia Av. Cesário Alvim, 3521 Bairro Brasil – CEP38400-696 Uberlândia – MG (34) 3232-3366 Luis Machado Reis Development Manager