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Global mba

  1. 1. Escuela de organización MINISTERIO DE INDUSTRIA, TURISMO Y COMERCIO industrial global BORRADOR mba full time madrid buenos aires shanghai
  2. 2. Escuela de organización MINISTERIO DE INDUSTRIA, TURISMO Y COMERCIO industrial global BORRADOR mba full time
  3. 3. global mba the advantage of being global open, creative, innovative, The Global MBA (GMBA) develops enterprising, dynamic, well international leaders in the fields of grounded, enthusiastic, entrepreneurship and business management. It allows our students to control their own passionate, imaginative, caring, destiny enhancing their values-based smart. leadership, their ethics and technical skills. The GMBA combines a diverse group of students with a world class faculty and a invest in your future demanding content suited to our changing world. challenging times present Carlos Lozano extraordinary opportunities Global MBA Director and incentives to change. New BORRADOR Managing Director BICG markets and new business models are taking shape. We provide you with the latest insights, strategies and tools to launch unconventional ideas. INDEX 1. spain’s school for industrial organisation eoi . . . . . . . . . 3 2. eoi in figures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 3. master’s programmes eoi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 4. why a master's eoi?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 5. global mba . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 6. academic programme . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 7. faculty. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 8. assessment and evaluation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 9. admissions process for new students . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 10. eoi madrid . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 11. eoi alumni club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 12. welcomeoi programme . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 2 GLOBAL MBA FULL TIME
  4. 4. SPAIN'S SCHOOL FOR INDUSTRIAL ORGANISATION EOI 3 1 spain's school for industrial organisation eoi Spain's School for industrial organisation is the oldest more creative and more critical leaders for over fifty business school in Spain, which began its venture at a years. very important historic and social time: the ’50s in Spain. We are an institution that has always been conscious of its responsibility as a training institution and has always Throughout our history we have maintained our been committed to sustainable innovation as a pioneering role in what is already a long track record, cornerstone on which to build a better future. combining the importance of tradition with adapting to a context of rapid social change. To do so, we have The 2020 Strategic Plan, adopted in 2009, contains the always paid attention to social needs and in particular substance of the ambitious strategy that we have set as the needs of the business fabric, entrepreneurs and an organisation for a particular timeframe. The current managers. We have been training more reflective, definition of EOI as an area for generating and distributing knowledge and services stemmed from this plan, designed to be collaborative and open to the conciliation of ideas and different sensitivities around four themes: SUSTAINABILITY, TECHNOLOGY, ENTREPRENEURSHIP and INTERNATIONALISATION. This Plan is divided into three main strategies: BORRADOR > To develop and promote a differentiated training and services offering, specialising in the areas of sustainability, technology, entrepreneurship and business internationalisation. > To promote the Digital School through a highly- specialised academic area, cutting-edge technical support and the acquisition of suitable infrastructure to allow an intensive use of ICT. > To build a Sustainable Business Model, proactive with the strategic priorities of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Industry, supported by stable alliances and a clear international vocation. Sustainable innovation and creativity are already recognised as the key motors of economic and social development in our societies. Addressing the economic paradigm shift that we are experiencing means incorporating radical transformations both in enterprises and organisations as well as in individuals: changes ranging from attitudes and culture to organisational and strategic transformations. Over the next 10 years, EOI as an open and global school, will continue to be a source of contribution to society as a whole. A good example of this is the master’s programme included below, which is a master’s degree orientated towards training the managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.
  5. 5. 2 eoi in figures 1st business school founded in Spain: 1955 1st Spanish institution focusing in environmental education courses: 1976 1st Spanish business school in Latin America: 1992 1st Spanish business school with online education: 1997 The school is a European benchmark for entrepreneurial training The school is a European benchmark for entrepreneurial training: > Over 55,000 former students. > You will have professors who will know your name and will devote themselves to make your experience at EOI highly successful and help you improve your employability. > Over 1,200 associate teachers and national and international visiting professors, all experts in their field of activity. BORRADOR > Over 80,000 hours annually taught in our Madrid and Seville campuses. > Over 3.000 students in 2009 in the masters programmes, executive education programmes, management courses and in-company programmes. > Over 1,500 active professionals take part in our Imagen de swisscan en company internship programmes sponsored by Spain's most notorious businesses and organisations. > Over 1,800 businesses have placed their trust in EOI as an ongoing source of recruitment. > Over 1,200 offers of employment yearly. > Over 26 universities or international schools formally collaborating with the school. > Over 72 local partners throughout Spain involved in the Business Creation and Consolidation programmes. > Over 30 studies and cases of applied research published annually. > Over 100 Fora held annually with top international and national speakers and an extensive programme of conferences and lectures given by experts in their field. 4 GLOBAL MBA FULL TIME
  6. 6. SPAIN'S SCHOOL FOR INDUSTRIAL ORGANISATION EOI 5 3 master’s programmes eoi We provide a wide range of training in the School's two areas of expertise. These master’s programmes are for young university graduates with or without professional experience and are aimed at encouraging personal skills development, fostering teamwork and improving employability. The programmes that comprise this course’s offering are: Innovation and Creativity in Business Management > Full-Time MBA (with the same specialities) > MBA - Corporate Responsibility > MBA - Financial Management > MBA - Sales and Marketing Management > MBA - Environment and Energy BORRADOR > MBA - Social Economy > MBA - Digital and Creative Industries Economy > MBA - Agri-Food Industry Management > MBA - Human Resource Management and Service Management > MBA - Human Resource Management and Service Management > Global MBA > Agribusiness MBA Environment, Energy and Sustainability > International Master In Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility > Master in Engineering and Environmental Management > Master in Renewable Energy and the Energy Market > Master in Engineering and Water Management
  7. 7. 4 BORRADOR why a master’s eoi? Because it provides an opportunity to experience an 100% adapted to the intensive and productive journey of personal and requirements of the most professional growth. A unique lifetime experience based demanding organisations on reflection for action and on the study and analysis of All our programmes have been designed in the light of concepts and dimensions which will contribute to the needs and requirements of the present professional professional success. environment. Business managers, teachers and former In order to achieve it we give you access to the best students enrich our programme year after year. The content, experiences, practical cases and all the activities professionals and means in the discipline, with the are carried out from a perspective which is fully adapted experience and the prestige of a great Business School. to the demands and requirements of today's professional dynamics. over 50 years experience EOI has 55 years of experience in training postgraduates excellent faculty and excellent and managers and has played a leading role in the field students of professional education. Students today have a more international outlook, a changing and dynamic The teaching staff comprises professors with a solid and perspective, and they are more committed to broad professional experience, extensive academic sustainable development while interested in succeeding training and proven educational skills. Collaboration, in their respective organisations. innovation, excellence, reputation... analysis study, 6 GLOBAL MBA FULL TIME
  8. 8. SPAIN'S SCHOOL FOR INDUSTRIAL ORGANISATION EOI 7 debate, presentations, decision making… the EOI student is required to take on all these tasks with some of the most influential business minds in their respective fields of activity. The carefully selected students benefit from an academic environment with a practical focus, highly professional and innovative. Imagen de hanspeta's en Stock.XCHNG stimulating professional growth and development Student's professional growth is a top priority at EOI. Work and training groups are reduced in number and the atmosphere encourages collaboration. As a participant in our masters programmes you will exchange knowledge and experiences with your fellow students and teachers in an in-depth productive way. BORRADOR
  9. 9. 5 global mba The Global MBA (GMBA) programme provides our bring us your talent! students with a solid working knowledge of the latest presentation of the and most innovative management techniques and tools programme demanded to succeed in today´s global economy. and unique features Its truly international nature, not only in terms of If you have an international vocation and wish to students and faculty but also on its content, represents succeed in today's competitive business global a unique opportunity for professional success in community you should be prepared to pack your bags, international business management and jump on a plane and be ready to work in any corner of the world. This is the current and fascinating entrepreneurship. professional scenario for the new millennium professionals. These challenges require that students and professionals must adapt and improve their already powerful management skills to a new context; develop a global strategic vision and enhance intercultural leadership abilities to be able to succeed BORRADOR in a worldwide international environment. 8 GLOBAL MBA FULL TIME
  10. 10. SPAIN'S SCHOOL FOR INDUSTRIAL ORGANISATION EOI 9 The Global MBA provides young professionals a unique Our Global MBA programme includes a variety of opportunity to get an early start into the world of learning methodologies through class lectures and international business. The one year full time-accelerated discussions, case analysis, simulations, role games, real programme will allow students to quickly advance in life cases and a diverse working group. All their professional career by complementing their complemented by several technical visits, that will give education; enhancing their global management skills, the opportunity to our students to meet and interact providing a full immersion experience in three different with outstanding participants and business leaders from countries, building up on intercultural, linguistic and different backgrounds in the national and international communication skills and entering the extensive and community, who will share their particular professional solid global network of EOI alumni. experience with the group. class lectures Full time Global MBA with weekly sessions, led by programme objectives outstanding teaching professionals with a solid professional background, who bring both theory and The Global MBA programme objective is to train practice together into the classroom. Our professors are international leaders in the fields of entrepreneurship expert facilitators that believe in participatory learning, and business management. We are fully aware of the fostering engagement, dialogue and discussion among new opportunities and challenges originated by the the students. information technologies, the unstoppable globalization process and the relevance of Innovation. We facilitate our students with the abilities and tools to master them. case studies and diverse working groups The case method is the main learning tool that allows The programme offers a unique living experience in one theory and practice to come together by placing the of the most prestigious business school in Spain allowing participants in front of challenging real business the students to complete a full Global MBA programme situations. in one academic year in a highly-demanding learning BORRADOR process. The Programme has the following main There are no simple solutions, yet it is an excellent objectives: instrument for promoting the exchange of ideas and debate forum & discussion. Additionally EOI offers a > To provide our students with a set of tools, programme of conferences and sessions with prominent experiences and knowledge to succeed in the current business professionals, institutional leaders and work market. outstanding members of the community to debate and share their experiences in doing business in a global > To think globally. environment. > To improve management and leadership skills. the virtual classroom > To take advantage of the resources of a top national EOI also has an online training platform (virtual and international faculty. To have an inspiring classroom) which enables students to access additional interchange with classmates. knowledge and facilitate alternative channels of > To experience the life and context of three major communication with fellow students and faculty capitals around the world: Madrid, Buenos Aires and leveraging the web 2.0 technologies and applications. Shanghai. final project > To develop an international networking platform During the programme the students prepare a final among participants, faculty, business leaders and the project. It enables students to put into practice the EOI alumni network. knowledge they have acquired. The project is guided by a tutor expert in their subject area. The project will then be presented to faculty and peer students in an open presentation. The presentations will be evaluated by a development and learning board of faculty and by the Programme Director. method international interim (study abroad) The curriculum offers an interdisciplinary selection of Students will participate in two two-week international courses taught by an expert group of international staff experience where the group will attend classes at our and professionals offering both an academic prestigious partner institutions in Buenos Aires and perspective as well as a practical approach to the issues Shanghai. explored.
  11. 11. academic collaboration and interchange In recent years EOI has collaborated with the following the student body institutions: profile at glance > University of Portland / Pamplim School of Business (USA) gender > Northern Kentucky University (USA) > E.S.C. Grenoble (France) > Toulouse Business School (France) 47% > Athens University of Economics and Business (Greece) 53% > Istituto Studi Direzionali / ISTUD (Italy) > MIB de Trieste (Italy) > Manchester Business School (United Kingdom) Male (53%) > Shanghai International Studies University (China) Female (47%) > University of Internacional Business & Economics (UIBE) (China) geographic distribution > ITBA / Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (Argentina) 8% student profile 17% The GMBA programme is aimed at graduates or young BORRADOR professionals who wish to pursue a career in a global 50% business context and seek to sharpen their management and entrepreneurship skills. We look for inspiring, well 25% rounded individuals with passion for excellence, hunger for learning, thirst for change and potential for growth. They must be highly collaborative, with a hard working nature and great motivation. Candidates for admission Europe (50%) to the GMBA program are considered on the basis of South America (25%) individual application and academic merit. North America (17%) Asia (8%) Candidates should hold a first academic degree and should have up to 5 years of relevant professional experience. undergraduate degrees Fluency in English is required; basic knowledge of Spanish highly recommended. 9% 16% 31% 13% Imagen de Andrew* en 31% Advertising & media (16%) Arts‘ (13%) Business (31%) Engineers (31%) Science (9%) 10 GLOBAL MBA FULL TIME
  12. 12. SPAIN'S SCHOOL FOR INDUSTRIAL ORGANISATION EOI 11 calendar and structure The GMBA offers an excellent curriculum that The GMBA is a 9 month full time programme starting in includes a selection of inter-disciplinary courses October and finishing in July. The curriculum consists of geared to the development of crossover management three groups of subjects: Common Subjects (100 contact abilities. hours), Core Subjects (620 contact hours) and two Studies Abroad (60 contact hours). The programme is organized around 8 blocks 1. Entrepreneurship 5. Finance > Global Entrepreneurship > Business Planning & Controlling > Final Project > Financial Management > Corporate Finance 2. Strategy > Business Law & Taxation > Competitive & Corporate Strategy 6. People Management > Marketing Management > Strategic Alliances > Management Skills > Business Innovation and Sustainability > Human Resource Management in a Global Context > Advanced Innovation 7. Business Roles & Simulation 3. Global Economy BORRADOR > Business Game > Global Economics Environment > Emerging Markets 8. Study Trips > Study Abroad I Buenos Aires 4. Operations > Study Abroad II Shanghai > Operation Management > Project Management > Quality Management > Corporate Responsibility > Information Technology & Business Organization calendar october march june july common subjects study abroad core subjects elective subjects + core subjects study abroad final project development of final project presentation The timetable of subjects may be modified according to the program scheduling. Some classes may be change from those initially schedule in the Master´s program.
  13. 13. BORRADOR 6 academic programme The curriculum provides students with an ample » final project conceptual base on all functional areas of As part of a team, the student will work collaboratively identifying and developing a business idea, completing management and entrepreneurship in line with EOI different phases required to put together a full business principles and values. plan to present in June to an international panel. Students will be assessed based upon the teams results, his personal involvement and knowledge of the project. entrepeneurship Also presentations skills will be evaluated. » global entrepreneurship This course examines the opportunities and challenges » competitive & corporate strategy for entrepreneurs in a global context, particularly in This course explores the formulation and analysis of emerging markets. Students will learn to analyze business strategy. Business strategy is the set of opportunities, evaluate new ideas, explore the sources of objectives and policies that collectively determine how a finance, produce business plans and how to implement business positions itself to increase its returns and create them. In addition to discussing the range of global economic value for its owners and stakeholders. entrepreneurial situations, student groups pick one particular market opportunity on which to focus, This course will explore analytical techniques for develop and present a business plan. diagnosing the competitive position of a business: evaluating business strategies and identifying and 12 GLOBAL MBA FULL TIME
  14. 14. SPAIN'S SCHOOL FOR INDUSTRIAL ORGANISATION EOI 13 analyzing specific business options. These concepts will sustainability as key elements for improving business help the student to design an effective an competitiveness. comprehensive business strategy, but perhaps more important the course aims to instill a strategic mindset. An innovative outlook is encouraged with a view to educate professionals able to identify and develop new opportunities and to respond in a rapid manner to the » marketing management changing needs of clients. A commitment to The course prepares students to identify, analyze, and sustainability as a key tool for enhancing and improving resolve strategic international marketing problems. the corporate business reputations. Students will have to formulate, implement, and evaluate international marketing strategies at the level of the business unit for international market entry, expansion, » advanced innovation and global rationalization. Specific topics range from the Innovation has been identified as a key component of effect of culture on the decision to standardize or adapt any future organization. marketing programs, to international branding, communication, distribution, and pricing issues, to This module provides the student with tools and analyzing organizational structures for international frameworks to instil structured innovation in a company; marketing effectiveness. focusing on product, services, processes and business models. » strategic alliances This course offers an in-depth journey into the world of strategic relations. Students will be working mostly with global economy strategic alliances, but will also learn more about other » global economic environment forms of business relations, such as partnerships, The purpose of this course is to train students to think networks or mergers and acquisitions. systematically about the current state of the economy and macroeconomic policy. To be able to evaluate the » business innovation and sustainability economic environment within which business and BORRADOR This module prepares students for developing a financial decisions are made. The course emphasizes the managerial mentality familiar with innovation and use of economic theory to understand the workings of
  15. 15. Imagen de mundo resink en planning, materials management, work and resource scheduling, and quality assurance. » project management This course provides the knowledge and tools needed to manage small and large-scale projects in the production and the service sectors of the economy: covering the whole project cycle; project set up, time management, budgeting, scoping, risk assessment, communication, documentation, change control and measuring. » quality management This course defines what is quality management and its advantages. The quality management system is one of the great unknown in the world of management, or is completely misunderstood. In this part we will define concepts and address topical, and the students will discover the best known and implemented tools of quality management in the world. » corporate responsibility The course focuses on strategic and dynamic issues that are essential in the building of high-performing organizations with a sense of ethics, civic engagement BORRADOR and social responsibility. Provides a theoretical and practical understanding of what role organizations should play in society » information technology & business The course covers technology concepts and trends, underlying current and future developments in information technology, fundamental principles for the financial markets and the operation and impact of effective use of computer-based information systems. government policies. Special emphasis will be placed in on networks development including the web. Other topics include: » emerging markets hardware and operating systems, software development This course examines the recent developments in tools and processes, relational databases, security and political, business, and cultural environment in the cryptography, enterprise applications, business process emerging markets. It explores the international trade redesign, and electronic commerce. partners and relations between these countries and the rest of the world, through examining ways of doing Imagen de lastquest en business in the region and the inherent difficulties that it creates for international firms. operations » operations management This course examines the analysis and design of operations for both service and manufacturing processes. Among the topics covered are product and process design engineering, capacity and resource 14 GLOBAL MBA FULL TIME
  16. 16. SPAIN'S SCHOOL FOR INDUSTRIAL ORGANISATION EOI 15 Imagen de timsamoff en BORRADOR valuation of real and financial assets, risk management finance and financial derivatives, the trade-off between risk and » business planning & controlling expected return, and corporate financing and dividend This course provides students with a thorough policy. understanding of the functions of operation planning and control. Major topics include: forecasting; capacity The course offers an in-depth examination of asset, planning; facility location and layout; line balancing; liability and capital structure management, with scheduling; project control; quality control inventory emphasis on valuation capital budgeting techniques; control; material requirements; just-in-time systems; and risk evaluation; working capital management, and flexible manufacturing. methods of short-term, intermediate and long-term financing. » financial management Financial management studies Financial Accounting, » business law and taxation Cost Accounting, Management Control Systems and The course offers a broad introduction to business law the basic concepts for financial decision making. This and taxation, paying special attention to law-sensitive course provides you with the skills to interpret and aspects of corporate finance and financial markets such understand the values of financial statements and as private and public sectors; mergers and acquisitions, economic company information. Also it will offer an regulation of public offerings, securities markets, and ample overview on the ways to account for cost in an publicly-held companies. It will also cover topics on organization. Finally a brief introduction is given to private equity and venture capital; bankruptcy, the Management Control systems, its future and its reorganization, security interests and securitization. use. Finally, a high level introduction in corporate and international taxation will be given. » corporate finance The GMBA covers both corporate finance and capital markets, highlighting the financial aspects of managerial decisions. It touches on all areas of finance, including the
  17. 17. reward systems, performance management, high people management performance human resource systems, training and » management skills development, recruitment, retention, equal employment This module addresses the student's personal and opportunity laws, work-force diversity, and union professional development. The emphasis is 100% management relationships). practical in acquiring the different managerial skills required to address the challenges currently facing executive management. Content includes professional business roles and simulations skills such as personal communications, time management, effective presentations, negotiation, » business game leadership and team motivation. It focuses on the role of marketing planning, the development and implementation of marketing » human resource management in a global strategies, the role of financial analysis, sales forecasting, context and the impacts of competitive dynamics, rivalry and The course is focused on design and execution of human environment forces within the context of the marketing resource management in a global context. It is management decision-making process. Teams develop structured around two central issues: how to think and execute marketing strategies and plans within the systematically and strategically about aspects of marketing game. managing the organization's human assets, and what really needs to be done to implement these policies and to achieve competitive advantage. The student is required to adopt the perspective of a general manager and to provide instruments to manage human resources from a strategic perspective (including BORRADOR 16 GLOBAL MBA FULL TIME
  18. 18. SPAIN'S SCHOOL FOR INDUSTRIAL ORGANISATION EOI 17 7 faculty The Global MBA has a world class faculty made up of more than 30 part time professors among business leaders and experienced practitioners with diverse business backgrounds and experiences. Due to their parallel professional careers the pragmatism and practical experience comes straight to the classroom, enabling the students to familiarize themselves rapidly with our competitive world. Álvarez Hernández, María Concepción Jacopin, Tanguy Prastacos, Gregory MBA (Columbia University) PhD in Applied Economics (Université Paris- PhD of Philosophy in Operations Research Financial Sector Specialist in McKinsey & Sorbonne) (Columbia University) Company Master in International Business (Université Master in Computer Science (Columbia Paris-Sorbonne) University) Bores Lazo, Jesús Associate Research Fellow in IESE Business Rector of Athens University of Economics LLM in European Law (Rijksuniversiteit School and Business Limburg-Maastricht University) Consultant & Legal expert Lane, Richard Rajeev, Gowda Professor BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics PhD in Public Policy and Management (The (Manchester Metropolitan University) Wharton School) Costa, Carlos Victor Certified Business School lecturer by Harvard Master in Economics (Fordham University) PhD in Communication (Universidad Business School Professor in Indian Institute of Management Complutense, Madrid) Associated Professor and lecturer in Master in Social Communications prestigious European Business Schools Roces, José Luis (Universidad Complutense, Madrid) Director of Soluciones de Gestión y Desarrollo Industrial Engineer (Universidad de Buenos Aires) Master in Marketing (IAG MASTER - PUC-RJ) Founder of ITBA's Leadership Development Associate Consultant in Synapis López, Félix Center BA in Economic (University of Bilbao) Vice-rector of Instituto Tecnológico de Djeddour, Mohamed International Trade Agent Buenos Aires BORRADOR PhD in Strategic Planning (University of Founding Member of Observatory of the Manchester) European Central Bank Seco, María Teresa Head of European Centre for Management PhD in Economics (Universidad Development of Manchester Business Lucas, Ricardo Complutense, Madrid) School MBA (Instituto de Empresa) Auditor and Member of the Spanish Official Graduate in Computer Science (Universidad Register of Auditors Feldman, Howard Politécnica, Madrid) Associate Professor and Consultant PhD in Philosophy (Georgia St University) Trainer and Consultant MBA (Georgia St University) Siles, Daniel Associate Dean and Director of Graduate Luzuriaga, Diego Executive MBA (FME - UAH) Program of University of Portland Master in Management of Technology Founding member and Director of Synapis. (Massachussets Institute of Technology) Fernández-Rañada, Miguel Electronics Engineer (Instituto Tecnológico Weigand, Jurgen Master in Financial Control (Instituto de de Buenos Aires) PhD in Economic (University of Erlangen- Empresa) President of Aquariana Nürnberg) Director of Swat Business Consultants Master in Economics (University of Erlangen- Matas, Humberto Nürnberg) Fontanini, Antonio BA in Public Relations and Advertising Professor and Director of the Institute for PhD in Computer Science (Universitá degli (Universidad Complutense, Madrid) Industrial Organization, WHU Graduate studi di Pisa) President of Fundación Innovación y Diseño School of Management Global Senior Master Program (IE & Chicago Strategy and Innovation Director of DNX Group Grad Business School) Weitz, Mario President of Informalia Consulting Maristany, Fernando PhD in Economy (American University) Master in Economics (IESE) Master in Economy (American University) Franco, Santiago Telecommunications Engineer (Universidad Consultant in World Bank and International Operations Strategy Certificate (Harvard Politécnica, Madrid) Monetary Fund Business School) Managing & Marketing Director of Grupo Amper General Manager of Consulta Abierta Directive Development Program (IESE Business School) Martínez Navajas, Joaquín Manager of PricewaterhouseCoopers PhD in Economics (Universidad Consulting Complutense, Madrid) García Steegman, Pablo Special Studies in Administration and GMBA direction Management (Harvard University) Master in Human Resources (ESCP-EAP) MBA (IE) Lozano, Carlos Human Resources Director of Havas Digital Global MBA Director Executive Director of Madrid Business Managing Director of BICG Goy Yamamoto, Ana M. Consultants MBA (Instituto de Empresa) PhD in Economics (Universidad Autónoma, Oliver Philips, Guy Madrid) Master in Marketing Management (Instituto López, María Associate Professor of Centro de Estudios de de Empresa) Global Executive Director Asia Oriental, Universidad Autónoma BA Politics and History (University of Cape MBA (EOI) Town, South Africa) Horita, Jorge Marketing Director of BICG If you wish to contact Carlos or Julio, Eletronics Engineer (Universidad Tecnológica please send an e-mail to the Coordinator: Nacional) Pilotto, Stephano Director of Technological Services and PH.D. in History of International Relations Charlotte Francon Consultancy at Instituto Tecnológico de (University of Rome, Italy) Buenos Aires Director of International Relations of MIB School of Management
  19. 19. 8 assessment and evaluation The master's assessment system has a two-pronged final project approach. As a complement to the assessment of the courses, students shall submit and subsequently present their continuous evaluation final project, completed in the final period of the Master's. Students who have successfully completed all Students are assessed over the course of each term or the subjects as well as the final dissertation, will be teaching period, in a process which, as appropriate, awarded the Diploma of the “Global MBA" by EOI. takes into account class participation, written work, class presentations, practical activities, guided academic activities, as well as objective testing or examinations. international placement Each one of these concepts is allocated a percentage After the completion of the GMBA, EOI will support the mark which, when added up or weighted, contributes to students to find and complete a 6-12 months internship the final grade awarded for the subject assessed. The in an international company. percentages for each of the concepts referred to above will be itemised, along with any others that individual BORRADOR teachers or departments may decide to include. Furthermore, during the assessment period students are monitored individually to assess their level of participation and commitment through personal interviews conducted with the Programme Director.
  20. 20. SPAIN'S SCHOOL FOR INDUSTRIAL ORGANISATION EOI 19 9 admissions process for new students Every year the School faces the challenge of selecting Should you wish to access the schedule for admission capable, enquiring persons, who are motivated and tests, take part in a the admissions process or receive detailed information in this matter, contact the concerned with their personal and professional Information and Admissions Department which will development. The aim is to attract people who, with provide all the information you need and guide you their commitment to academic and professional through every stage of the admission process. development, are able to bring the skills, attitudes and professional goals required to make their time at EOI a grants and funding success. Also people who will contribute to the mutual The EOI Foundation and its associate businesses and benefit of enriching, and being enriched by, their work institutions annually convene various programmes colleagues. The selection process for candidates for the awarding grants, study scholarships and preferential funding programmes, designed to attract the best postgraduate master's program of the EOI is designed candidates to our classrooms, irrespective of their to guarantee that the students will comply with financial circumstances. Details of both the application minimum requirements of training, skills and attitudes forms and the annual grant and study scholarship BORRADOR convocations are available on the EOI website that will guarantee that they benefit to the maximum ( from their course. Some features of our admissions process are as follows: > Eligibility for admission to the postgraduate master's programme is open to students with up to 5 years professional experience, as well as university students currently in their final year who, while they have not yet obtained their university qualification will have done so by the time the course starts. > This is a continuous process which may be carried out throughout the year. Due to the reduced number of places on our programmes every year we recommend that potential students apply several months in advance of the scheduled start date. > It takes place at the Schools premises and in various cities in Spain as well as other countries. In addition, non residential candidates in Spain may complete their admission procedure on line. > Admission to the program is based on a well rounded evaluation of the candidate including academic record, professional development, a written admission test and personal interview. > The successful completion of the admissions procedure, enables the candidates to pre-register on their chosen academic program, immediately following admission.
  21. 21. 10 eoi madrid BORRADOR EOI spreads between two campuses in Madrid and Politécnica, means that students have a magnificent Seville connected via airports and a modern high- study and work environment. speed train with a journey under 3 hours long. They are two important cities in Spain because of their Also, EOI constantly undertakes knowledge history, personality and influence. dissemination and reflection activities to improve the economy and society at local, regional, national and international level. Some of its activities include cycles of madrid lectures, round tables, interviews with prominent figures in the business world, and presentations of books, such The EOI centre in Madrid is right in the heart of the as Colección EOI publications. University Campus, ideally connected via the public transport network. The school's main building extracurricular activities issurrounded by landscaped gardens is 4.000 square metres and has 23 classrooms, 6 meeting rooms, As a complement to the core programme activities, all workrooms with videoconference, cafeteria/restaurant students are highly encouraged to participate in the and car park. extensive extracurricular activities programme that includes lectures, seminars and conferences organized In addition, the school has several services for its by EOI. students: WIFI system to connect to the Internet anywhere in the school, a library highly specialised in Avda. Gregorio del Amo, 6 business, environmental and technological issues, an Metropolitano 28040 Madrid employment and careers guidance office for students. Tels.: +34 913 495 600/902 502 005 Fax: +34 915 542 394 The area where the school is located, surrounded by two university campuses, the Complutense and the 20 GLOBAL MBA FULL TIME
  22. 22. SPAIN'S SCHOOL FOR INDUSTRIAL ORGANISATION EOI 21 Image of Son of Groucho in Flickr living in madrid Madrid, the capital of Spain since 1562, is situated in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula, right in the centre of the Castilian plateau, 646 m above sea level and with a population of over 5 million inhabitants. It is a cosmopolitan, modern, lively, friendly city, a business centre, with numerous universities, the headquarters of the Central Government, the State Government and the Spanish Parliament, the usual residence of the King and Queen. It is one of the leading Spanish and European banking and industrial centres. One of the characteristics that best defines the spirit of the autonomous region of Madrid is its open and hospitable character. The fact that it has people from many different places has created a unique socio- cultural amalgam, which means that nobody feels a stranger here. Madrid is also characterised by its intense cultural and artistic activity. The city has the largest art gallery in the world, theatres, opera,... and lots of nightlife with pubs, café-theatres and discotheques open until well into the early hours. BORRADOR Image of Felipe Gabaldón In Flickr
  23. 23. 11 eoi alumni club More than 4,500 professionals conform the EOI networking ex student community, and they will accompany you Annually we celebrate a multitudinous gathering of ex throughout your entire professional life. students with the aim of encouraging professional and personal relationships among our Alumni group and the Our mission is to satisfy, as best we can, all your professional world. In order to reach all our community training expectations regarding information, know- we develop this type of activity at different strategic how, professional development and the networking of points of the national and international geography. our ex students. The network of associates which you can consult in our To accomplish our mission, we have created through web and the social networks in which we have created Alumni an environment of relevant, high quality groups for the Alumni community, are valuable tools services and a privileged communication channel which allow you to be in contact with other ex pupils among ex students, professors, tutors, collaborating and to promote your professional career. companies and the EOI itself. We organize different sporting and cultural activities so Our activity is based on the following: that you can meet other members of the EOI family in a BORRADOR relaxed atmosphere. employability At your disposal is our platform of job intermediation social advantages which deals with more than 1,000 offers per year and We provide you with an ample range of services, which, which is used by more than 2,000 companies as a amongst others, include: leisure, tourism, books, financial recruitment channel. or health services. Sign on in the Alumni Community: We assess you in the elaboration of your CV and cover / 902 50 19 55. letter, in preparing job interviews and in the use of jobhunting tools. Image of Ay C Tony In Flickr We design workshops and working days in order to contribute to the development of your skills and competences, the enhancement of your employability and the development of your professional career. continuous training and information You will be able to participate in the different events (forums, book presentations, updating working days, workshops), all of which we organize in order to satisfy your needs in the training and information of EOI´s specializations: (Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation). Through our web and weekly bulletin, you will have access to the workshop materials, School publications and all the library services. 22 GLOBAL MBA FULL TIME
  24. 24. SPAIN'S SCHOOL FOR INDUSTRIAL ORGANISATION EOI 23 12 welcomeoi programme Every year EOI welcomes students from different parts of Spain, Europe as well as other countries around the world. Over 50% of our student body comes from other places than Madrid making our campus a vibrant, diverse and dynamic community. Welcomeoi offers a variety of services and resources for international and out-of-town student to provide help prior to the beginning of the year. The goal of the Welcomeoi Programme is to facilitate student´s transition to living and studying in Madrid. Welcomeoi integrates a wide variety of services and resources destined to make student life more comfortable in a new and challenging environment. BORRADOR Welcomeoi will assist out of town students locating housing opportunities, they will also facilitate information on public transportation around Madrid, banking, health insurance and any other particular need or concern that students may have. Welcomeoi will also offer a specific two day orientation session for international students. admissions eoi madrid Avda. Gregorio del Amo, 6 Ciudad Universitaria 28040 Madrid (España) Tel. (+34) 91 349 56 00 / 902 50 2005 eoi sevilla Leonardo da Vinci, 12 Isla de la Cartuja 41092 Sevilla (España) Tels. (+34) 95 446 33 77 / 902 50 1993 The information included in this document can be modified and updated for an adequate development of the programs.
  25. 25. BORRADOR
  26. 26. global mba full time BORRADOR Escuela de organización MINISTERIO DE INDUSTRIA, TURISMO Y COMERCIO industrial SEDE MADRID Avda. Gregorio del Amo, 6 Ciudad Universitaria 28040 Madrid Tel: (+34) 91 349 56 00 SEDE SEVILLA Leonardo da Vinci, 12 Isla de la Cartuja 41092 Sevilla Tel: (+34) 95 446 33 77/ 902 50 19 93 fotografías de cubierta de Brandon Godfrey (In Vancouver) vacuumboy9