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Cloud. Nuevos modelos de servicios


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EOI · 31/01/2012 ·
El impacto de la nube en el modelo de la Gestión de Servicios TI

Pilar Torres · Microsoft Corporation

Published in: Business, Technology
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Cloud. Nuevos modelos de servicios

  1. 1.
  2. 2. “By 2012, 80% of Fortune 1000 enterprises will be using some cloud computing services, 20% of businesses will own no IT assets.”“The bottom line: Early adopters are finding serious benefits, meaning that cloud computing is real and warrants your scrutiny as a new set of platforms for business applications.”
  3. 3. Qué hemosaprendido en estos años?
  4. 4. FINALIZE PREPARE/ ENVISION ALIGN EVALUATE CONFIRM FIT DUE DILIGENCE & SIGN MIGRATE/DEPLOY (0%) (10%) (20%) (40%) (60%) (80%) (100%)Capability & Joint Solution Alignment Cloud Svc/ O365 Solution/TechTechnical Fit Evaluation Workshop Briefing Briefing PlanLegal & Cloud Initial Contract &Compliance Principles Proposal SOW Briefing Negotiations Solution AlignmentSecurity, Privacy, Data Cloud Svc/ O365 Security Briefing WorkshopSovereignty Briefing Business Value Initial Business Final BusinessBusiness Value Development Case Case Session Joint Regular C-LevelGovernance Evaluation Reviews Plan Cloud Initial Contract & Contract & Contract &Transaction/ Principles Proposal Services Services SOW Services SOWProcurement Briefing SOW Negotiations Signed Solution AlignmentSupport Initial Workshop Support Contract Support & Value Proposal Negotiations Support Contract Added Deployment ServicesServices Services Joint Deployment, Deployment Assessments SOW Prepare / Migrate/ Definition Evaluation Custom & Value Planning & (optional) Custom & Value DeployPartners Plan Added Services Design Added Services SOW SOW Negotiation Vision • SAW Report Outcome C-Level Evaluation • Feasibility Report • Signed Contracts • LETTER OF INTENT Definition Review Plan • Validation • Migration Preparation • Migration Scope Go / No Go Vision & Business Valid Business Fit? Gaps? Migration Deployment Decisions: Need & Technical Alignment? Case? Mitigation? Plan Feasible?
  5. 5. Strategy: employ a risk-based, multi-dimensional approach to safeguarding services and data Security Management Threat & Vulnerability Management, Monitoring & Response Data Access Control & Monitoring, File/Data Integrity User Account Mgmt, Training & Awareness, Screening Application Secure Engineering (SDL), Access Control & Monitoring, Anti-Malware Host Access Control & Monitoring, Anti-Malware, Patch & Config Mgmt Internal Network Dual-factor Auth, Intrusion Detection, Vulnerability scanning Network perimeter Edge Routers, Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, Vulnerability scanning Facility Physical controls, video surveillance, Access Control 6
  6. 6. Education Technology and Process Accountability Ongoing Process Improvements Services • ISO 27001 (BPOS and FOPE) • ISO 27001 Data Centers • SAS 70 Type II Microsoft • Safe Harbor
  7. 7. •• • • • • • •• • 10
  8. 8. Strategy: consistently set a “high bar” around privacy practices that support global standards for data handling and transfer• •• ••• •• ••
  9. 9. Business Rules for protecting information and systems which store and process information A process or system to assure the implementation of policy System or procedural specific requirements that must be met Step by step procedures•••• 12
  10. 10. InitialSeverity Level Definition Response Communication Goal Time Microsoft updates customer every hour or via live Catastrophic business impact in which a service, system, conference bridge; customer updates Microsoft1 – Catastrophic network, server, or critical application is down, impacting 15 minutes every hour or via live conference bridge. This level production or profitability. Multiple users or customers of severity agreement is applicable 365 days per lose complete functionality of all services. year, including weekends and holidays. Critical business impact in which service, production, Microsoft updates customer every two hours; operations, or development deadlines are severelyA – Critical customer updates Microsoft every two hours. This impacted, or where there will be a severe impact on 1 hour level of severity agreement is applicable 365 days production or profitability. Multiple customers, users, or per year, including weekends and holidays. services are partially affected. Moderate business impact. Significant problem where use of the service is proceeding, but in an impaired fashion. Microsoft updates customer every day. This levelB – Urgent Single user, customer, or service is partially affected. All 2 hours of severity agreement is applicable 365 days per mail flow issues are considered urgent, regardless of year, including weekends and holidays. number of users affected. Microsoft updates customer every three days. This Minimum business impact. Important issue, but does notC – Important level of severity agreement is applicable on all have significant current service or productivity impact for 4 hours business days. Holy days and weekends are the customer. Single user is experiencing partial impact. excluded.D – Advisory Used for design change requests (DCRs), feature requests, 48 hours Updates customer as necessary or agreed upon. research activities, and similar items.
  11. 11. •••••••• 14
  12. 12. Service based on a published “rate card” model (fixed cost per seat) depending of type and needs of user15
  13. 13. Telco / Hoster
  14. 14. Single Point of Contact Proactive Advantage Priority Access to Seamless Experience Resolution
  15. 15. Plan Evaluate Buy Prepare Deploy Extend ManageOnline Readiness Online Identity Online Services Operations Consulting: Exchange Online WorkshopAssessment Optimization Deployment Service MappingPlanning for Journey Online Content & Collaboration Readiness SharePoint Online Workshopto the Cloud Accelerator Online Readiness Client Accelerator Data Protection ADFS Online Workshop Enterprise Federated Identity using AD RMS Lync Server Online Enterprise Identity Management Workshop Enterprise Content Architecture and Design for Exchange 2010 Management PowerShell Online Workshop Migration Readiness Assessment for Exchange Online BPOS – D Ad Hoc Workshops Migration Readiness Assessment for Lync Server Migration Readiness Assessment for ADFS Migration Readiness Assessment for SharePoint Online *
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Microsoft O365 references• In a five month timeframe, we migrated roughly 30,000 people migrations to 1,000 per night with less than 1 per cent error rate• return on our investment within 18 months• reduce our IT operational costs by roughly 30%•