National gallery London (part 9)


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National gallery London (part 9)

  1. 1. National Gallery - London Part 9
  2. 2. Peter Paul Rubens Oil Sketch for High Altarpiece, St Bavo, Ghent
  3. 3. Botticini Francesco The Crucifixion
  4. 4. Thomas Gainsborough Mr and Mrs Andrews Schiavone, Giorgio The Virgin and Child
  5. 5. Jean Capelle A River Scene with Dutch Vessels Becalmed
  6. 6. Pieter Lastman Juno discovering Jupiter with Io Conegliano, Giovanni David and Jonathan
  7. 7. Johannes Spruyt Geese and Ducks Unknown Artist Still Life with Bottle, Glass and Loaf
  8. 8. Paul Cezanne Пейзаж с тополями Sholderer Otto Lilac
  9. 9. Velde Isaiah A Winter Landscape
  10. 10. Claude Lorrain Landscape with the Marriage of Isaac and Rebecca
  11. 11. Benson, Ambrosius The Magdalen Reading
  12. 12. Cape Albert The Seine seen from La Grande Jatte Cape Albert Ubbergen Castle
  13. 13. Unknown Artist The Dance
  14. 14. Parrosel Joseph The Boar Hunt Peter Bosch A Woman scouring a Pot
  15. 15. Charles Nicolle Children at a Church Door
  16. 16. Vincenzo Foppa The Adoration of the Kings
  17. 17. Joseph Turner Sun Rising through Vapour
  18. 18. Cape Albert Peasants and Cattle by the River Merwede Leighton Lord Frederick The Villa Malta, Rome
  19. 19. Jacopo Bassano The Purification of the Temple
  20. 20. Francia, Francesco The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and Other Saints Unknown Artist Paul Gauguin
  21. 21. Wouters Franchoys Nymphs surprised by Satyrs
  22. 22. Brussels Paulus Flowers in a Vase (1) Karlan Abraham The Interior of a Stable
  23. 23. Unknown Artist Nymphs and Children in a Landscape with Shepherds
  24. 24. Hans Holbein the Younger The Ambassadors Titian and his workshop Venus and Adonis
  25. 25. Lancret Nicola The Four Ages of Man. Childhood
  26. 26. Peyron Jean Francois Pierre Cornelia, Mother of the Gracchi
  27. 27. Velde Willem The Shore at Scheveningen
  28. 28. Unknown Artist The Adoration of the Shepherds
  29. 29. Gallen-Kallela Lake Keitele Duren, Olivier A Young Astronomer
  30. 30. Stan Yan The Effects of Intemperance
  31. 31. Хааген Йорис A River Landscape Francesco Guardi A Gondola on the Lagoon near Mestre
  32. 32. Duguay Gaspar Imaginary Landscape with Buildings in Tivoli Chardin Jean Simeon The House of Cards
  33. 33. Viniks YangAn Italian Courtyard
  34. 34. Roberti Ercole The Adoration of the Shepherds
  35. 35. Titian Noli me Tangere Michelangelo Meris Caravaggio The Supper at Emmaus
  36. 36. Unknown Artist A Company of Amsterdam Militiamen
  37. 37. Os, Jan Fruit, Flowers and a Fish Le Nain Brothers A Woman and Five Children
  38. 38. Thomas Gainsborough Portrait of the Artist with his Wife and Daughter
  39. 39. Velde Willem Small Dutch Vessels Aground at Low Water in a Calm Bakheyzen Lyudolf The Eendracht and a Fleet of Dutch Men-of-war
  40. 40. Karolsfeld Julius Ruth in Boaz's Field
  41. 41. Francesco Guardi Venice. The Giudecca with the Zitelle
  42. 42. Peter Paul Rubens The Miraculous Draught of Fishes
  43. 43. Schalke Godfried A Man Offering Gold and Coins to a Girl
  44. 44. FIN По материалам сайта Магазина репродукций картин ХОЛСТ