National gallery London (part 15)


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National gallery London (part 15)

  1. 1. National Gallery - London Part 15
  2. 2. Carlo Crivelli The Demidoff Altarpiece
  3. 3. Carlo Crivelli Saint Lucyww Peter Paul Rubens Aurora abducting Cephalus
  4. 4. Unknown Artist Portrait of a Man in a Large Black Hat Gustave Courbet Self Portrait (L'Homme à la Ceinture de Cuir)
  5. 5. Giovanni Bellini Saint Dominic Caucus Gonzalez Portrait of a Woman as Saint Agnes
  6. 6. Gerard Dou Portrait of a Man
  7. 7. Lodovico Carracci The Vision of Saint Francis
  8. 8. Unknown Artist Portrait of a Lady Unknown Artist Portrait of a Boy holding a Rose
  9. 9. Lorenzo Costa The Story of Moses (The Israelites gathering Manna)
  10. 10. Adolphe Monticelli Still Life. Oysters, Fish
  11. 11. Karel Dujardin Portrait of a Young Man (Self Portrait) William Hogarth The Shrimp Girl
  12. 12. Edgar Degas Portrait of Elena Carafa
  13. 13. Chardin Jean Simeon The Young Schoolmistress
  14. 14. Dirk Bouts The Virgin and Child
  15. 15. Schiavone, Giorgio Saint Bernardino Brescia Moretto Saint Jerome
  16. 16. Dyck Anthony Portrait of George Gage with Two Attendants
  17. 17. Unknown Artist Saints John the Evangelist, Scholastica and Benedict
  18. 18. Caucus Gonzalez Portrait of a Man Velazquez Diego Rodriguez Philip IV of Spain
  19. 19. Unknown Artis Saint Paul Carlo Crivelli Saint Michael
  20. 20. Lorenzo Costa The Adoration of the Shepherds with Angels
  21. 21. Luca Signorelli The Holy Family
  22. 22. Teniers, David Jr. Autumn
  23. 23. Jacopo Tintoretto Robusta Christ washing the Feet of the Disciples
  24. 24. Peter Paul Rubens The Birth of Venus
  25. 25. Charles Francois Daubigny Honoré Daumier Unknown Artist Portrait of a Bearded Cardina
  26. 26. Verona Liberals The Virgin and Child with Two Angels
  27. 27. Eyck, Jan Margaret, the Artist’s Wife
  28. 28. Unknown Artist Portrait of a Bearded Cardinal
  29. 29. Peter Paul Rubens The Coup de Lance
  30. 30. Gossaert Yang Damião de Goes Unknown Artist Portrait of a Man (2)
  31. 31. Dyck Anthony Portrait of the Abbé Scaglia Carlo Crivelli Saint Andrew
  32. 32. Antonello Messina Christ Blessing Peter Paul Rubens Kings Clothar and Dagobert dispute with a Herald
  33. 33. Paul Cezanne An Old Woman with a Rosary
  34. 34. Luca Signorelli Coriolanus persuaded by his Family to spare Rome
  35. 35. Gossaert Yang An Elderly Couple
  36. 36. Albrecht Durer The Painter's Father
  37. 37. Luca Signorelli The Virgin and Child with Saints
  38. 38. Gerard Dou Portrait of a Young Woman Dirk Bouts Mater Dolorosa
  39. 39. Dyck Anthony Portrait of Giovanni Battista Cattaneo Lucas Cranach the Elder Portrait of Johann Friedrich the Magnanimous
  40. 40. Unknown Artist Portrait of a Boy Velazquez Diego Rodriguez Saint John the Evangelist on the Island of Patmos
  41. 41. Peter Paul Rubens Portrait of Ludovicus Nonnius
  42. 42. Eugène Delacroix Abel Widmer Eyck, Jan Portrait of a Man (Léal Souvenir)
  43. 43. Unknown Artist God the Father
  44. 44. Eugène Delacroix Saint John the Baptist Leandro Bassano Portrait of a Bearded Man
  45. 45. Chavannes Pierre-Cécile The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist
  46. 46. Caucus Gonzalez Touch Hans Holbein the Younger A Lady with a Squirrel and a Starling (Anne Lovell)
  47. 47. Domenico Ghirlandaio Portrait of a Young Man in Red Peter Paul Rubens Portrait of Thomas Howard, 2nd Earl of Arundel
  48. 48. Domenico Beccafumi Marcia Romanin Girolamo Saint Alexander
  49. 49. Caucus Gonzalez Sight (Portrait of Robert van den Hoecke) Domenico Beccafumi Marcia
  50. 50. Unknown Artist Sportsmen Resting
  51. 51. Unknown Artist The Crucifixion. Central Panel
  52. 52. По материалам сайта Магазина репродукций картин ХОЛСТ FIN