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National gallery London (part 13)


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Published in: Design
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National gallery London (part 13)

  1. 1. National Gallery - London Part 13
  2. 2. Schalke Godfried Allegory of Virtue and Riches Drouais Francois-Hubert Madame de Pompadour at her Tambour Frame
  3. 3. Edouard Manet Eva Gonzalès
  4. 4. Brekelenkam Kyurin Hertz Interior of a Tailor's Shop
  5. 5. Schalke Godfried A Woman singing and a Man with a Cittern Edgar Degas Russian Dancers
  6. 6. Vidzhnents Yang Peasants driving Cattle and Sheep
  7. 7. Cosimo Piero A Satyr mourning over a Nymph
  8. 8. Annibale Carracci The Dead Christ Mourned (The Three Maries) Andrea Previtali Scenes from Tebaldeo's Eclogues. The Story of Damon
  9. 9. Carlo Crivelli Saint Mary Magdalene Unknown Artist The Labours of the Months. July Giovanni Battista Tiepolo Two Men in Oriental Costume
  10. 10. Карраччи Аннибале Mr and Mrs Thomas Coltman Teniers, David Jr. Spring
  11. 11. Matstsolino Lodovico The Holy Family with Saint Francis
  12. 12. Garofalo, Benvenuto Tisi Saint Catherine of Alexandria Chavannes Pierre-Cécile Death and the Maidens
  13. 13. Bartolome Esteban Murillo Self Portrait
  14. 14. Jacopo Bassano The Good Samaritan
  15. 15. Pellegrini, Giovanni Antonio Rebecca at the Well
  16. 16. Gossaert Yang The Virgin and Child Antonio Mancini Aurelia
  17. 17. Borja Gerard An Officer dictating a Letter Dyck Anthony Portrait of François Langlois
  18. 18. Domenichino The Vision of Saint Jerome Titian The Virgin suckling the Infant Christ
  19. 19. Unknown Artist The Virgin and Child with Saints
  20. 20. Carlo Crivelli Saint Catherine of Alexandria (1) Peter Paul Rubens Portrait of Susanna Lunden (Le Chapeau de Paille)
  21. 21. Dosso Dossi A Bacchanal
  22. 22. Adolphe Monticelli Still Life. Fruit Fantin-Latour Henri A Basket of Roses
  23. 23. Adolphe Monticelli Subject Composition (1)
  24. 24. Camille Pissarro The Louvre under Snow
  25. 25. Camille Pissarro Alexander and his Doctor
  26. 26. Gainsborough The Painter's Daughters chasing a Butterfly Неизвестный художник The Labours of the Months. September
  27. 27. Маццолино Лодовико The Holy Family with Saint Nicholas of Tolentino
  28. 28. Andrea Mantegna The Holy Family with Saint John Gustave Courbet Still Life with Apples and a Pomegranate
  29. 29. Filippino Lippi Saint Zeno exorcising the Daughter of Gallienus
  30. 30. Thomas Gainsborough Mrs Siddons
  31. 31. Carlo Crivelli Saint Stephen Guido ReniChrist embracing Saint John the Baptist
  32. 32. Peter Paul Rubens The Brazen Serpent
  33. 33. Dyck Anthony William Feilding, 1st Earl of Denbigh
  34. 34. Sanredam Peter The Interior of the Buurkerk at Utrecht
  35. 35. Mosetto Gerolamo The Massacre of the Innocents
  36. 36. Giovanni Battista Tiepolo Saints Maximus and Oswald
  37. 37. Lucas Cranach the Elder Diptych. Two Electors of Saxony
  38. 38. Dirk Bouts Christ Crowned with Thorns
  39. 39. Annibale Carracci Christ appearing to Saint Anthony Abbot
  40. 40. Brescia Moretto An Adoring Angel Romanin Girolamo Saint Gaudioso
  41. 41. Carlo Crivelli Predella of La Madonna della Rondine
  42. 42. По материалам сайта Магазина репродукций картин ХОЛСТ FIN