National gallery London (part 12)


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National gallery London (part 12)

  1. 1. National Gallery - London Part 1 2
  2. 2. Sandro Botticelli The Virgin and Child with Saint John and an Angel
  3. 3. Pietro PeruginoThe Virgin and Child with Saints Jerome and Francis
  4. 4. Fabritius Barent Peters The Naming of Saint John the Baptist
  5. 5. Unknown Artist The Labours of the Months. January Stan Yan A Man Blowing Smoke at Drunken Woman
  6. 6. Edouard Manet Corner of a Café-Concert
  7. 7. Peter Paul Rubens The Judgement of Paris (1)
  8. 8. Borja Gerard Portrait of a Young ManPortrait of a Young Man Pierre Auguste RenoirDancing Girl with Castanets Pinturichio Saint Catherine of Alexandria with a Donor
  9. 9. Duguay Gaspar Landscape with a Storm
  10. 10. Pierre Auguste Renoir A Nymph by a Stream Carlo Crivelli Saint Jerome
  11. 11. Paul Cezanne Self Portrait (2) Sandro Botticelli The Virgin and Child
  12. 12. Dyck Anthony Equestrian Portrait of Charles I Camille Corot, Jean-Baptiste Monsieur Pivot on Horseback
  13. 13. Filippino Lippi The Virgin and Child Cosimo Tura A Muse (Calliope)
  14. 14. Bakkyakka Francesco Marcus Curtius
  15. 15. Nicolas Poussin Nymph with Satyrs
  16. 16. Andrea Previtali Scenes from Tebaldeo's Eclogues. The Story of Damon (1) Pietro Longhi A Nobleman kissing a Lady's Hand
  17. 17. Caucus Gonzalez Hearing
  18. 18. Romanin Girolamo High Altarpiece, S. Alessandro, Brescia
  19. 19. Nicolas Poussin Landscape with a Man killed by a Snake
  20. 20. Thomas Gainsborough The Painter's Daughters with a Cat Catena Vincenzo Portrait of the Doge, Andrea Gritti Giovanni Battista TiepoloRinaldo turning in Shame from the Magic Shield
  21. 21. Camille Corot, Jean-Baptiste Souvenir of Palluel
  22. 22. Carlo Crivelli Saint Dominic Melon Altobello Christ carrying the Cross
  23. 23. Peter Paul Rubens Samson and Delilah
  24. 24. Kleis, Paul Ships lying near Dordrecht
  25. 25. Edgar Degas Combing the Hair (La Coiffure) Edgar Degas Young Spartans Exercising
  26. 26. Annibale Carracci The Holy Family with the Infant Saint John the Baptist Lucas Cranach the Elder Saints Genevieve and Apollonia
  27. 27. Roberti Ercole The Institution of the Eucharist
  28. 28. Schiavone, Giorgio The Pietà Schiavone, Giorgio The Virgin and Child Enthroned
  29. 29. Paolo Veronese Respect
  30. 30. Fantin-Latour Henri Still Life with Glass Jug, Fruit and Flowers Andrea Mantegna A Woman Drinking
  31. 31. Pietro Longhi A Fortune Teller at Venice
  32. 32. Roberti Ercole The Dead Christ Antonello Messina Christ Crucified
  33. 33. Antonello Messina Portrait of Govaert van Surpele and his Wife
  34. 34. Carlo Crivelli The Virgin and Child Paul Gauguin A Vase of Flowers
  35. 35. Neer Aert An Evening Landscape with a Horse and Cart by a Stream
  36. 36. Paolo Veronese Happy Union
  37. 37. Unknown Artist The Holy Family with Saints Elizabeth and John Jacob Jordaens The Holy Family and Saint John the Baptist
  38. 38. Unknown Artist The Holy Family with Angels
  39. 39. Thomas Gainsborough Mr and Mrs William Hallett (The Morning Walk)
  40. 40. Maris, Jacob Hendrik A Girl feeding a Bird in a Cage Guido Reni Saint Jerome
  41. 41. Edgar Degas Ballet Dancers
  42. 42. Dyck Anthony Lord John Stuart and his Brother, Lord Bernard Stuart
  43. 43. FIN По материалам сайта Магазина репродукций картин ХОЛСТ