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National gallery London (part 10)


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National gallery London (part 10)

  1. 1. National Gallery - London Part 10
  2. 2. Giovanni PanniniRome. The Interior of St Peter's
  3. 3. Jacopo Tintoretto Robusta Saint George and the Dragon Metsu Gabriel A Young Woman seated drawing Nicolas Poussin The Annunciation
  4. 4. Patinir Joachim Landscape with the Rest on the Flight into Egypt
  5. 5. John Brown The Performing Dog Danluks Henri-Pierre The Baron de Besenval in his Salon de Compagnie
  6. 6. El Greco The Adoration of the Name of Jesus William HogarthThe Graham Children
  7. 7. Antonio Canale Venice. Piazza San Marco
  8. 8. Jean Capelle A Small Vessel in Light Airs, and Another Ashore
  9. 9. Elshmer Adam The Baptism of Christ Francesco GuardiAn Architectural Caprice (1)
  10. 10. Pietro Perugino Three Panels from an Altarpiece, Certosa
  11. 11. Sandro Botticelli Portrait of a Young Man Bartolome Esteban Murillo Portrait of Don Justino de Neve
  12. 12. Qq ww Claude Monet The Museum at Le Havre Unknown ArtistItinerant Entertainers in a Brothel
  13. 13. Peter Paul Rubens The Rape of the Sabine Women
  14. 14. Bokkachino Boccaccio Christ carrying the Cross and the Virgin Mary Swooning
  15. 15. Peter Quast A Standing Man Jean-Etienne LiotardA Lady pouring Chocolate (La Chocolatière)
  16. 16. Unknown Artist The Presentation in the Temple
  17. 17. Viniks Yang A Huntsman cutting up a Dead Deer, with Two Deerhounds
  18. 18. Salvator Rosa Witches at their Incantations
  19. 19. Parrosel Joseph The Return from the Hun
  20. 20. Asolo Bernardino The Adoration of the Shepherds Raphael The Ansidei Madonna
  21. 21. Eugene Boudin Brussels Harbour
  22. 22. Titian The Death of Actaeon Luca Signorelli The Circumcision
  23. 23. El Greco Christ driving the Traders from the Temple
  24. 24. Unknown Artist A Naval Battle
  25. 25. Paul Cezanne Hillside in Provence
  26. 26. Adolphe Monticelli A Vase of Wild Flowers Weyden Rogier A Man Reading (Saint Ivo)
  27. 27. Uchelo Paolo Saint George and the Dragon Pietro Perugino The Virgin and Child with an Angel
  28. 28. Mariano Fortuny The Bull-Fighter's Salute Velazquez Diego Rodriguez Christ contemplated by the Christian Soul
  29. 29. Witte, Emanuel Adriana van Heusden and Daughter at the Fishmarket Witte, Emanuel Saint Zenobius revives a Dead Boy
  30. 30. Hayden, Jan A Square before a Church Stan Yan The Interior of an Inn (The Broken Eggs)
  31. 31. Lancret Nicola The Four Ages of Man. Maturity
  32. 32. Edouard Manet Music in the Tuileries Garden
  33. 33. Unknown Artist The Baptism of Christ Wels, Jakob A Musical Party
  34. 34. Giovanni Pannini Roman Ruins with Figures
  35. 35. Unknown Artist The Virgin and Child with Saints and Donors
  36. 36. Dirk Bouts The Entombment
  37. 37. Cosimo Tura Saint Jerome Lancret Nicola The Four Times of Day. Midday
  38. 38. Nuts Michelle A Family Group
  39. 39. Snayers Peter A Still Life Strozzi Zanobi The Annunciation
  40. 40. David Gerard Canon Bernardijn Salviati and Three Saints
  41. 41. Giovanni BelliniThe Assassination of Saint Peter Martyr
  42. 42. Ostade, Adrian A Peasant holding a Jug and a Pipe Giovanni Battista Tiepolo Four Saints
  43. 43. Lepine Stanislas Victor Edouard The Pont de la Tournelle, Paris
  44. 44. Theodore Rousseau Sunset in the Auvergne
  45. 45. FIN По материалам сайта Магазина репродукций картин ХОЛСТ