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National emblem


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National emblem

  1. 1. Austria Bundesadler Antigua and Barbuda Armenia Barbados Australia
  2. 2. Benin Bolivia BelgiumBarbados Vatican
  3. 3. Botswana Bhutan VenezuelaHaiti Denmark
  4. 4. Zimbabwe Honduras Israel Iceland Kazakhstan
  5. 5. España Central African Republic Fiji Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia
  6. 6. Liechtenstein Congo EscudoMalawi Côte d'Ivoire Tanzania
  7. 7. Monacoin Mexico New Zealand Namibia Saudi Arabia
  8. 8. Norway Panama Russian FederationSan Marino Swaziland
  9. 9. US-GreatSeal- Garuda Suriname Uruguay Seychelles
  10. 10. Chile Estonia Jamaica Imperial Seal of Japan Czech Republic
  11. 11. FinFin