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eCommerce Solutions on Windows Azure


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This deck was presented at the Windows Azure Spring Summit held at Microsoft Portugal in Lisboa, 2013.04.09. The goal was do describe features of Azure that are especially interesting for eCommerce web sites, based on the presenter's and Create It's real experience.

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  • Virto Commerce - .net enterprise eCommerce platform specially built for Azure
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eCommerce Solutions on Windows Azure

  1. 1. eCommerce Solutions on Windows AzureJoão Pedro Martins Raúl RibeiroCTO Business Advisor
  2. 2. eCommerce Sales Topped $1 Trillion for First Time in 2012
  4. 4. THE CURRENTECOMMERCE LANDSCAPE  Sales projected to hit €191 billion by 2017, up from €128 billion in 2013  40% of Europeans buy online  70% of European online buyers are from the U.K., Germany and France  Fastest growing countries: Poland (33,5%), France (24%), Sweden (22,1%)  Emerging countries: Italy, Spain and Poland Forrester Research Online Retail Forecast, 2012 to 2017 (Western E
  5. 5. THE CURRENT ECOMMERCE LANDSCAPE  78% of Portuguese internet users buy online  On average, every 6 months, each Portuguese makes eight transactions online, spending €427 in total  20.6% growth on online sales in 2012  In 2015 online sales will account for 3% of all sales, in 2012 it was 1.9% Barómetro Trimestral do Comércio Electrónico em Portugal 1º Trimestre de 2012, Netsonda +
  6. 6. THE CURRENT ECOMMERCE LANDSCAPE  New models:  Flash Sales  Subscriptions  Daily deals  Colaborative eCommerce  Social bookmarking  Mobile eCommerce
  7. 7. CLIENTticket sales systemPROJECT DURATION9 months - currently nearing productionDESCRIPTION NOTEThe solution includes both content Architectural and technological choicesmanagement and eCommerce features. It during the the devopment of the systemincludes a searchable catalog of shows, allow for both cloud or on-premisecalendar, detailed information about all the deployments.activities, and integration with existing The existing ticketing system was meantticketing system. to be kept.
  8. 8. TICKET SALES SYSTEM Intranet Internet TECHNOLOGY Ticketing Content Management Solution Management System On- SQL Database location Box INTEGRATION FEATURES Office Data Online Iframe viewport Web Site sales
  9. 9. CLIENTRenovaPROJECT DURATION8 months - releasedDESCRIÇÃOThe solution includes eCommerce, online credit cardpayments, order integration and productcustomization with a fluid user graphical design. It isavailable internationally in 4 languages.
  10. 10. RENOVA Intranet Internet TECHNOLOGY Integration eCommerce Solution Middleware FTP SQL Database Client products+pictures: Initial bulk upload of Excel Data INTEGRATION FEATURES Orders: Mail wih xml attachments http Payment Gateway Mailbox Web Site (PAYPAL)
  11. 11. CLIENTVista Alegre AtlantisPROJECT DURATION<6 months – in developmentSUMMARYThe solution currently under development willreplace the existing eCommerce site with onefeaturing a renewed graphical design, moreservices, SEO optimization and online payments. Itis targetted at both portuguese and internationalcustomers, both end users (B2C) andprofessionals (B2B).
  12. 12. TECNOLOGY Intranet InternetIntegration eCommerce SolutionMiddleware FTP Integration products+pictures: xml Data + errors SQL Database Client Module INTEGRATION FEATURES Data + err ors Web Services orders: web service http Payment Gateway Service Bus Web Site (SOAP/ (SIBS + UNICRE) HTTPS)
  13. 13. CLIENTGrupo PestanaPROJECT DURATION6-8 months – envisioning phaseSUMMARYThe current solution is based on a suite ofMicrosoft products such as SharePoint Server, NOTEBizTalk Server, CRM, and other software such as The solution features a custom-Opera ORS/PMS and SAP. The solution is fully developed, fully automated, order-on-premise and sells stays daily for worldwide payment reconciliation module.customers in 5 languages. Current plan minimizes code changes (ex:Online reservations and payments are done using use CDN).Unicre’s gateway.Yearly online sales 17M€ (40% increase).
  14. 14. PESTANA.COM & POUSADAS.PT Intranet Internet TECNOLOGY Active Directory SharePoint Server SharePoint Server SharePoint Server http Payment Gateway (prod) (auth) (dev) (UNICRE) INTEGRATION FEATURES Opera ORS (OWS) SQL Server
  15. 15. PESTANA.COM & POUSADAS.PT Intranet Internet TECNOLOGY Active Directory Active Directory SharePoint Server Virtual SharePoint Server SharePoint Server (prod) Networking (auth) (dev) INTEGRATION HIGHLIGHTS Opera ORS (OWS) SQL Server SQL Server http Payment Gateway http (UNICRE)
  16. 16. PESTANA.COM & POUSADAS.PT Intranet Internet TECNOLOGY Active Directory Active Directory Virtual Networking SharePoint Server SharePoint Server SharePoint Server http Payment Gateway (prod) (auth) (dev) (UNICRE) INTEGRATION HIGHLIGHTS Opera ORS (OWS) SQL Server
  17. 17. Windows Azure Eval Evaluate Microsoft Learning:Certification Microsoft Virtual Academy: Training Feedback We value your feedback