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G. Tintori, Migrazioni e integrazione in Europa attraverso i dati


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Convegno Scientifico Istat Roma, Aula Magna 10.12.19
L’immigrazione in Italia: i dati e gli attori istituzionali
Via Cesare Balbo 16

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G. Tintori, Migrazioni e integrazione in Europa attraverso i dati

  1. 1. The European Commission’s science and knowledge service Joint Research Centre Migrazioni e integrazione in Europa attraverso i dati Guido Tintori
  2. 2. Defining & Measuring Migrant Integration Tampere 1999 •Development of a common European policy CBP 2004 • Cooperation on integration • Employment, education, access to services • two-way process EU Agenda Integration 2011 •economic, social, cultural and political participation by migrants and emphasising local action EU Action Plan Integration 2016 •framework to support Member States’ efforts in developing and strengthening their integration Stockholm Programme 2009 •Development of core indicators for monitoring the results of integration policies (employment, education and social inclusion) Zaragoza Indicators 2010 •employment; education; social inclusion and active citizenship Pilot studies 2011-2013 •2011 Indicators of immigrant integration and Migrants in Europe — A statistical portrait of the first and second generation •2013 Using EU indicators of immigrant integration EU-LFS EU-SILC •Constant monitoring •Ad Hoc Modules (2008, 2014)
  3. 3. Migration & Integration: The local turn #Region4Integration
  4. 4. Innovative use of available data: Knowledge generation
  5. 5. Innovative use of available data: Knowledge generation N° of applicants N° of reunited members Aug-Dec 2018 503 802 Jan-Sept 2019 700 1131 Total 1203 1933 Monthly average 2018 101 160 Monthly average 2019 78 126 Total monthly average 86 138 Issued «Nulla Osta» Distribution of authorised family members by age groups MILAN Collaboration Agreement between Municipality and Prefecture
  6. 6. Innovative use of available data: Knowledge use
  7. 7. Mix & Match • Poniente Almerienense (e.g. El Ejido), • Huelva • Murcia • Castelló de la Plana
  8. 8. Mix & Match
  9. 9. Mix & Match
  10. 10. Mix & Match
  11. 11. Mix & Match
  12. 12. Road Ahead Inter-institutional collaboration Confidentiality & Privacy Harmonisation of concepts & data Implementation of digitalization Longitudinal data
  13. 13. Road Ahead: Detour? Topic evolution over time Pisarevskaya, Levy, Scholten, Jansen, Migration Studies 2019
  14. 14. Thank you