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O. Villund, - Comparing Subsample Approaches


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9th Workshop on Labour Force Survey Methodology 15-16 maggio

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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O. Villund, - Comparing Subsample Approaches

  1. 1. Deciding Subsample Approach Sampling procedure and rotation pattern? Paper, telephone, web, or mixed mode? How well-organized IT-systems? How well-organized interviewer staff?
  2. 2. Subsample Worries Time period Workload lumping Seasonal effects Wave number Organizational burden Nonresponse effects
  3. 3. Response by QUARTER
  4. 4. Response by WAVE
  5. 5. Comparing subsamples
  6. 6. Comparing weights
  7. 7. Other sources of error ?
  8. 8. Other sources of error ?