Blue Waffle Disease? Causes, Symptoms And Treatment


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Blue Waffle Disease? Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

  1. 1. BlogBlog « Back to Blog « Older Entry | Newer Entry » Blue Waffle Disease? Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Posted by on May 27, 2014 at 12:35 AM What is Blue Waffle Disease? The term “Blue Waffle Disease” is a not a disease in itself, but a term that was made up to describe a very bad vaginal infection. It is also an “urban legend” that has spawned various photographs that are very disgusting to say the least. To save your eyes, (See Figure 1) take a look at this picture for a bit softer description. Figure 1: Blue Waffle Disease It appears that the name of the disease and the graphic pictures are only being used to draw internet users to a website that gives only a brief explanation of the legend, some very unsettling pictures and nothing else of use prove the disease actually exists. The term comes from a few words put together that are actually slang. “Waffle” = slang term for vagina and “Blue” = slang term used for the color of a very infected vagina lacking circulation. There is no medical information on Blue Waffle Disease and no mention of the urban legend in any medical documentation by major research hospitals. So, it is probably safe to say that Blue Waffle Disease does not exist at all. But Sexually Transmitted Diseases are very real! The claims in the urban legend state that the vagina takes on an “intense blue color.” Just take a look at the anatomy of the female external reproductive area and see areas that could be affected by discoloration or disfiguration. (See Figure 2) Figure 2: Anatomy of Female External Reproductive Area This could be the result of anything including; lack of blood flow to the labia, very rough sex or rape. The claims also state that the disease can only be transferred from female to male, which doesn’t make sense since how do women get it in the first place? But to help you understand why this slang may be being used, let’s take a look at some symptoms of a major unexplained vaginal infection. Categories Diet (21) Disease (5) weigh loss (13) health tips (5) age-related diseases (1) skin care (1) Men health (2) women health (3) HACK YOUR HEALTH Home Blog About Photo Gallery Contact Videos Forums Guestbook converted by
  2. 2. Name Already a member? Sign In Email Symptoms of Severe Vaginal Infection The legend may be referring to women with a severe case of a sexually transmitted disease such as; Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, Human Papilloma Virus (Genital Warts) or Herpes. Any of these actual documented diseases can cause: LesionsIntense ItchingFoul Smelling DischargeDiscoloration of the labia (hence the mention of “blue”;)Pelvic PainDeformity of Internal and External Vaginal tissuesPlease note that even if Blue Waffle Disease is said to be an urban legend, any symptoms listed about are to be taken seriously and could mean infection with an STD. If you or anyone you know is experiencing these symptoms it is important to see a physician or health clinic as soon as possible. Complications of an untreated STD are serious and could cause permanent infertility if left untreated. Untreated syphilis can also have serious health implications. What Are The Treatments For Sexually Transmitted Diseases?Whatever you and your friends want to call it, sexually transmitted diseases must be evaluated and treated as early as possible to prevent complications. Treatments for STD’s are usually very high doses of antibiotics. Human Papilloma Virus or genital warts are treated with wart removal procedures including; burning, freezing or chemical applications. When an STD is diagnosed, the physician will advise abstinence for both partners during treatment, any and all associated partners must be contacted and treated and most often a report made to the local health department. It sounds like a tedious process, but must be done to protect the community. All STD’s are treatable and most are curable. (See Figure 3) Figure 3: Statistics About Sexually Transmitted Diseases Prevention includes teaching about safe sex practices and encouraging open communication among people. Understanding Urban Legends and Protecting Your Safety Hearing the term “Blue Waffle Disease” among friends who are joking shouldn’t really be a big concern. They may just be discussing the funny nature of the urban legend. But in more serious conversation, it may pay to investigate further. People discussing this disease and saying someone has it may warrant a deeper look into things if it is someone you or someone you know has intercourse with. It may be that people are using the term to describe their knowledge of a person having an actual STD. In order to protect your safety; first choose abstinence if you can, use a condom if you choose to have intercourse with more than one partner and encourage your friends to talk openly about STD’s using the correct names for the diseases. Not playing into urban legends will help them to “die off” and they usually don’t hang around for very long. Then again, keeping this one around may help to identify when actual Sexually Transmitted Diseases are present and need to be addressed. Conclusion Many urban legends have come and gone, many leaving our memory banks as quickly as they came into our minds. In a way, it might be a good to keep an eye on the legend of “Blue Waffle Disease.” This name may be used as a term for actual sexually transmitted diseases within a group of people. On one hand, the term may be used in a joking manner and have no valid substance. It may just be a topic of conversation. Careful attention should be paid to the fact that the term may be used as slang to describe a valid STD that someone has. Encouraging the use of proper names for sexual disease may help curb the use of slang, even when used in a joking manner. This will help protect people and keep lines of communication open. As always, safe sex practices should be used when there are multiple sexual partners. More topic you may like 1,000 Calorie Diet for Females Diet for Great Skin Heart Health tips Categories: Disease, women health, Men health Post a Comment 0LikeLike converted by
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