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The Football World Cup is almost there! in 2014 it will be an event for TV and more than ever on the 2nd screen. Visiware has prepared a unique application to enrich the soccer tv experience and define the ultimate world cup companion app on mobile, pc & tablets. Discover how your digital marketing can benefit from our experience in sports TV enrichment together with the NFL, ESPN, France TV...

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Visiware world cup2014-offer-v1.0

  1. 1. The Best World Cup Companion App Read this document if you are interested to: • Build on the unique worldwide traction from the fifa world cup event • Create engagement with your brand • Elaborate sports & innovation marketing messages • Develop new revenue sources with interactive advertising
  2. 2. In 2010, 2.2 Billion people watched the world cup on TV (more than 20 minutes in a row)
  3. 3. In 2014… TV is no longer the center of the attention 70 to 90% of TV viewers are regular dual screeners
  4. 4. Visiware is the leader of nd 2 screen experiences for Sports A unique product & expertise to create enriched Sports TV experiences on the 2nd screens 1400 shows, 30 M app downloads, in 20 countries
  5. 5. Rules of Sports Engagement in INFORM nd 2 screen Apps All statistics about teams, players, rankings Test your knowledge PLAY Rate the players & the games Predict what will happen for the championship and in the game Facilitated sharing on social networks, SHARE Top tweets, chat rooms per preferred teams SYNC Everything synced in Real Time with the live event progress All following illustrations are samples from actual 2nd screen experiences empowered by Visiware
  6. 6. INFORM Visiware solution is preintegrated with a number of leading statistics providers, including Embed a profusion of free contents from the web Exclusive “Road to Brazil” contents 100 x 1min clips for top players, teams, locations Bringing all the medias together
  7. 7. PLAY Knowledge competition With trivia about soccer, Brazil, world cups … Predict the play Who will qualify ? Will they score the penalty ? Vote & Rate the players Who’s the best player tonigth? Was the yellow card diserved? Vote and compare with others opinions! Advanced Points scoring - Individual leaderboards Competition between team fans - Win prizes ! Keep the viewers entertained
  8. 8. SHARE Visiware experience is preintegrated with all major social networks Make use of contents shared on social networks and opinion leaders The Application embeds the concept of favorite teams & team chat rooms Leverage & Create Social Buzz
  9. 9. SYNC Best practices & suggestions Pre-match TEST IT FOR REAL ! Yellow card for Thiago Silva France dominates without scoring Free kick for France Goal from Ribery To be continued … and confirmed…
  10. 10. AND DURING THE AD BREAK… UNIQUE AD SYNCHRONIZATION TECHNOLOGY • No need to control TV signal • Seamless for the viewer • Rich ad format • On any device • Call to action • Targetting and scenarios • Deployment in Progress AD SPOT ON ANY CHANNEL SYNCHRONOUS 2ND SCREEN RICH MEDIA AD: ANIMATION, GAME, COUPON…
  11. 11. Proposition Technology and/or Content • Customization of our standard application to your brand (iOS, Android & Web, possible integration into existing apps) • The leading 2nd screen platform, deployed for 3 years by the most innovative and proven TV players Although the platform leverages a profusion of free to air contents from the web, we can provide additionally: • statistics & scores modules • Trivia questions • Dedicated video vignettes about players, teams, Brazil and/or Operations To optimize relevance and stickiness to the application, it needs to be monitored and animated live during the game We can offer to handle it during the World cup and/or Monetization The app comes with a built in advertising synced technology allowing breakthrough interactive adverts on the 2nd screen For your brand or partners willing to use this new ad window
  12. 12. Do not miss this opportunity ! Let’s be in touch -