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Text the romance back – real review

  1. 1. Text The Romance Back – REAL Review
  2. 2. Text The Romance Back – REAL Review
  3. 3. Text The Romance Back – REAL Review Hi there, Susie here, and I want to tell you about this wonderful eBook I bought a few months ago called Text The Romance Back, written by dating expert Michael Fiore. I usually do not buy eBooks at the drop of a hat, but one of my friends told me that Text The Romance Back helped her and her husband to resolve some problems they’d been having. I’d wondered how their relationship had suddenly improved after she had complained about it for so long. She thought that Text the Romance Back might work well for me and my husband Dave, since both of us work long hours and we often don’t see each other as much during the day as we’d like.
  4. 4. Text The Romance Back – REAL Review That always seemed to me like part of why our relationship lost so much intimacy over the years. Suddenly everything was always about our work or financial situations instead of each other. But I thought to myself, “We both have cell phones at work, so why don’t we text each other more? Why don’t we try to bring some of the intimacy and fun back into our relationship when we can’t see each other in person?”
  5. 5. Text The Romance Back – REAL Review What’s Inside Text The Romance Back? Text The Romance is a $47.00 eBook, which is a pretty standard cost for a product like this. The eBook is divided into three different sections. In the first section of the book, you’ll learn whether you’re in the right target audience (which, thankfully, I was), and situations where these texts will or will not work. Fiore also discusses why text messages can be so powerful.
  6. 6. Text The Romance Back – REAL Review In the third section of the eBook, you discover how you can customize the different types of text for different situations. For instance (this did not apply to me), but there was a whole section on how you could alter the messages if you were in a long-distance relationship. Since I think a lot of the people reading this eBook would be in that situation (since that is a good reason to consider using texting), that section seemed like it’d be very useful in certain situations. Another suggested modification was how to change the texts if you are dating someone and want to attract them, as opposed to already being in a relationship and needing to bring back the passion.
  7. 7. Text The Romance Back – REAL Review Who Can Use Text The Romance Back? Because the eBook includes so many different ways you can modify your texts for different situations and events, many people can use this system. Consider buying Text The Romance Back if you are: Already in a relationship, but a lot of the passion has gone out of it, and you’re looking for a way to reconnect with your partner and make sparks fly again. In a long-distance relationship, whether it’s a new one or an old one. Trying to get into a new relationship, and using text messages to flirt with a potential new partner. Trying to strengthen a new relationship, and sending text messages to cement the attraction between you and your partner. Looking for a way to get back with your ex. Since you may not have a lot of direct contact, text messages may be a better choice for communication.
  8. 8. Text The Romance Back – REAL Review