Metabolic cooking – real review


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Metabolic cooking – real review

  1. 1. Metabolic Cooking – REAL Review
  2. 2. Metabolic Cooking – REAL Review
  3. 3. Metabolic Cooking – REAL Review Dear friend, My name is Karine, I'm the co-author of Metabolic Cooking, and also known as the “Lean Kitchen Queen”. If you're reading this right now, that means one thing: you're on a mission to accelerate fat loss and get rid of your boring diet. You've been there and done that. You've tried other diets in the past and have come to see less than stellar results, likely despite some of your best efforts. You're also a busy person and you don't have time to spend hours in the kitchen to prepare your meals everyday. Now you're looking for something else – something new, something fresh, and something that will actually work for a change. The good news is that you found me and I'm now here to help you!
  4. 4. Metabolic Cooking – REAL Review Because the truth is I'm not a chef at all – just a regular woman who decided to learn what it means to cook well in real life while staying lean at the same time! I find it fascinating to challenge the 'professional' methods using my self-taught tricks and produce recipes that taste just as good, if not better than what these chefs can create. You probably already know the person with whom I share my life: Dave Ruel. Dave is one of the most respected and trusted fitness cooks in North America. Dave has a large background in helping others achieve their goals, be it fat loss or muscle building, with his uncomplicated and revolutionary recipes and nutrition approach. Over the past few years, he has helped thousands of people reaching their goals through a successful fat burning diet.
  5. 5. Metabolic Cooking – REAL Review I know what you're going to ask me next: "What’s the story behind Metabolic Cooking?“ Well, the truth is that I also have a Masters degree in psychology. I've had the opportunity to deal with a lot of people with weight problems and who struggle to lose body fat. That makes me fully aware of all the psychological struggles that people face with regards to their eating habits and diets, thus I know the importance of good nutrition that tastes great, uses top fat burning foods, and serves to motivate people to stick with their diet by challenging their commonly held psychological beliefs. That's why I came back home from my office and told Dave I wanted to do something about it. I wanted to create new recipes that would make you torch the fat in record time. Dave is simply unbeatable when it comes to designing creative recipes, and I know what people want, need and expect from nutrition and cooking. We're the perfect team to solve the problem most people have when it comes to losing body fat and feeling good about their body.
  6. 6. Metabolic Cooking – REAL Review Metabolic Cooking recipes have all been designed with high Metabolic Thermo Charge ingredients. Basically, we are using metabolic powers certain foods have to make your body burn more body fat. This is essentially our way to use the thermogenic effect of food. The Metabolic Thermo Charge of food stands for how many calories your body is going to burn just breaking down the nutrients each time you consume a certain food. Most people have absolutely no idea the power that some of these foods have on the fat burning processes that go on in the body, so they never really think twice about them.
  7. 7. Metabolic Cooking – REAL Review Metabolic Cooking uses a really great “profiling system” for its recipes. Our special Metabolic Nutri-Profile is the system that we’re using in all the recipes throughout Metabolic Cooking so you can see precisely what nutrients you're taking in and make sure that each meal is making the most out of your metabolic rate. Most people like to make things a touch complicated when it comes to planning their diet and often resort to accurately weighing their meals and counting every last mili-calorie. While you might feel like this guarantees you will get results, all it really does is drives your stress level through the roof, and make you fall off the fat loss wagon. That’s why we have created the Metabolic Nutri-Profile, a VERY SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE approach that does NOT require complicated scientific calculations.
  8. 8. Metabolic Cooking – REAL Review