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Aalto Entrepreneurship Society was established in 2009 by a group of students in Helsinki. The problem we want to solve is that the best students don't thrive to be entrepreneurs. We are creating an eco-system in the new Aalto University and Finland that will create successful companies.

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  • Kansainvälisyys, ollaan avoina kaikille, käytetään englantia!
  • Technology = All the ideas for startups:
  • Aalto Entrepreneurship Society

    1. 1. Aalto Entrepreneurship Society Creating a student-run growth entrepreneurship catalyst in Aalto University Contacts: Kristo Ovaska: 045-6343283/kristo.ovaska@gmail.com Facebook: Aalto Entrepreneurship Society Blog: www.aaltoes.com
    2. 2. Problem Statement The best students don’t thrive to be growth entrepreneurs
    3. 3. Why? According to 150 Aalto students
    4. 4. Solutions According to 150 Aalto students
    5. 5. AES?  Mission  Vision
    6. 6. AES mission Growth entrepreneurship is seen as the number one target for the best students
    7. 7. AES inspires the best students to become growth entrepreneurs Investors Internationally Experienced recognized status Entrepreneurs 100 students Mentors and networking abroad alumni annually International contacts Success stories are the key to activation Official status at Aalto 2009 2013 10 20 30 40 50 ambitious startups catalyzed
    8. 8. AES catalyzes the Aalto entrepreneurship scene Nr 1 Success Career Stories Choice Best Best Place Ecosystem Best Students
    9. 9. How?  Bringing people together  Activation events  Action events
    10. 10. AES brings people together Aalto students Networks Research AES Ambitious Entrepreneurs and Growth Startups
    11. 11. AES events are the catalyst of entrepreneurship 1. Activation 2. Action
    12. 12. Activation events givet the spark for entrepreneurship, new ideas and creates teams • Entrepreneurs Startup Evenings • AES Alumni • Companies Startup Fairs • Resources • Legal Workshops • Business Plans • Informal • etc Startup Meets • Networking • Bootcamps International • Talkoot Events Linkages to other communities
    13. 13. Action events match teams with problems and solutions Spark Teams Students Problem bootcamps VTT exploration meetings Alumni projects Research group Ideas meetings Pre-Talkoot Pitching Evening Business Plan Talkoot Execution Startup Talkoot Boot Camps Graduation
    14. 14. The organization of AES  Aalto Entrepreneurship Society r.y. 2009  Action plan
    15. 15. AES is the first student society at Aalto university Currently 960 members and growing, 100-200 participants in events AES Team Board Advisory Board
    16. 16. Action Plan 2009/5 2010 Organizing Event Concepts IT, web, register Continuity International Contacts Investigate Social Entrepreneurship Organizing of new board
    17. 17. Problem Statement The best students don’t thrive to be growth entrepreneurs
    18. 18. AES Solution  AES provides the basis of entrepreneurship at Aalto  Teams  Problems and solutions  Resources  AES success stories bring in the best entrepreneurial students Students regard growth entrepreneurship as the nr 1 career choice