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Executive Vision Presentation


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An executive vision presentation created by Slide.Works. Was used as part of sales, investor and employee presentations .

Published in: Marketing
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Executive Vision Presentation

  1. 1. A New Vision for the Front Office
  2. 2. The New Front Office Is… A Team Effort Data-Driven Global Everywhere Cross-Line & Cross-Product
  3. 3. …The Front Office Drives the Global Business
  4. 4. The Front Office Is a Team Effort Marketing Broker Agent Underwriter MGU
  5. 5. The Front Office is Everywhere
  6. 6. Data Drives the Front Office 3rd-Party Data Cat Models Predictive Analytics Geo Data Loss Data
  7. 7. The Front Office Drives Every Line, Every Product… Commercial P&C, Specialty, Personal, L&H and more
  8. 8. The New Front Office A Team Effort Data-Driven Everywhere Cross-Line & Cross-Product Global
  9. 9. Get Started Today Web: Schedule a demonstration
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