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Zombie Defence


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blast zombies to bits using ur shot gun, grenades or even a AA-gun, a hellbros (tm)game by overactive imagination (tm) this is zombie defence (c) (tm)

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
  • no comment for this slide, but its usefull
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  • this is hellbros (ben) the creator of this game, if you want to play it, i think u have to download it...still if its good please tell me, i might make a sequal
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Zombie Defence

  1. 1. in this game you may need:- <ul><li>Quick reflexes </li></ul><ul><li>A sharp eye </li></ul><ul><li>And a little luck </li></ul>Listen to the instructions carefully…
  2. 2. it's simple, click on the target and let the gun do the work I want to practise first Stuff the practice I am ready now!
  3. 3. see it's easy peasy! Start game
  4. 6. next
  5. 7. ha ha u got eated...oops...
  6. 8. next
  7. 9. u WERE eaten oops...
  8. 10. next
  9. 11. u WERE eaten oops...
  10. 13. next
  11. 14. u WERE eaten oops...
  12. 15. next
  13. 16. u WERE eaten oops...
  14. 17. next
  15. 18. next slow motion...
  16. 20. next
  17. 21. what do u want to do? Finish it off Leave it, it’s funny next
  18. 22. A lot of things happen over the next few days, for starters the zombies stopped attacking, very weird, and you happed to find an old AA gun. What were those you ask? Oh well the zombies are attacking you with helicopters now, rather bizarre isn't it?
  19. 23. Let this one be, lets see what happens… I think they are dropping paratroopers! …with no parachutes …they didn't think this one through
  20. 24. i think, like me, you are getting sick of this place! So I collected all of the explosive things I could find and stuck ‘em all over the place, this is gonna be good…
  21. 25. game designer ben overactive imagination Play again? bros hell