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The Deep Web


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Educational powerpoint about the Deep Web

Published in: Education
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The Deep Web

  1. 1. Deep Web By: Stephanie Lichaytoo
  2. 2. What is the Deep Web?  Other names include Undernet, Invisible Web, and Hidden Web  Data in the Deep Web cannot be searched with a Google search engine.  Only 0.03% of the internet can be accessed via search engines and the rest is what makes up the Deep Web.  The data is hidden on purpose due to reasons and it can accessed with a special browser software.  All the sites on the deep web are .onions domain so the provider and user are anonymous and difficult to trace.
  3. 3. What makes up the Deep Web?
  4. 4. What can you order from the Deep Web?  Mail order marijuana - Marijuana is purchased in bulk varying on the quantity ordered. Most things in the Deep Web are paid with bitcoins (virtual currency)  Silk Road (now offline since the operator has been found and arrested) - Similar to Ebay and Amazon. There are buyers and sellers and each of them has their own feedback rating when you’re looking to pick up some any kind of drug you fancy or any illegal materials. You can literally pick up anything from this site. Just pay with bitcoins and it’ll arrive in an untraceable package a few days later.  Hire a hitman - Most popular sites are Whitewolves and C’thuthlu.
  5. 5. References:  deep-web-works.htm  