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SSO Faculty Advisor Guide - Expectations

  1. 1. An online training moduleSponsoredStudent Organizations:Faculty Advisor Guide
  2. 2. Sponsored Student Organizations: Faculty AdvisingInformation Expectations Rules Resources The purpose of this module is to provide you with information that is critical to your success as an advisor and to the success of your student organization.
  3. 3. Expectations Faculty Advisors and Sponsored Student Organizations
  4. 4. Individual Students with Student Organization, Student Organization with Faculty Advisor,Faculty Advisor with the University, Everybody with CommunityRelationshipsMatter
  5. 5. The Role of theFaculty AdvisorFaculty advisors:• Facilitate intelligent, fair, and reasonable decision making• Advise organizations about potential and perceived risks• Assist in the planning and coordination of activities• Attend events and meetings• Be available for advice and consultation when needed• Be aware of and understand rules and policies• Be aware of the organization’s financial status• Review and approve organizational expenditures• Understand departmental expectations• Be familiar with organizational guiding documents and policies• Report and follow up on any issues warranting disciplinary action• Be committed to the educational development of the students• Uphold the mission and values of Oregon State University
  6. 6. Role of the Faculty Advisor Empower students to make Be aware of the expectations that fair, reasonable, and have been established for you by intelligent decisions about both the university and your their events and activities. department. Say no to a decision Seek to balance the rights and or action if it would responsibilities of students and the result in a violation of university. the university rules Be prepared to report and or regulations, or if it follow up on any issues that creates an might warrant action. Student unreasonable level of organizations should risk. understand that as a state employee and faculty advisor, you are required to report certain situations, such as hazing, conduct violations, and/or high risk activity.
  7. 7. • Annually review risk assessment of the student organization and work with the Office of Risk Management to mitigate any issues or concerns • Partner with student leaders in planningOSU Expectations of and executing events & activities, including travel • Maintain awareness of student organization expenditures to ensure thata Faculty Advisor all University funds are expended appropriately • Engage with student organization when soliciting sponsorship or donation to ensure compliance with all University,• Promote co-curricular learning through OSU Foundation, State, Federal and IRS organizational development, events & activities, and regulations interpersonal relationships • Facilitate the advancement of contracts through the appropriate Business Center and University Procurement & Contract• Serve as the primary link between sponsoring unit Services and the student organization • Ensure the appropriate use of the University name, logo, trademarks, and• Act as a facilitator and resource for student leaders in tags in conjunction with the student the interpretation of and compliance with University organization and its activities policies and procedures • Act as a resource to the campus for communication and issues related to the• Be a role model by demonstrating professional, student organization ethical, and positive behavior• Annually review the student organization’s governing documents and/or guiding polices to ensure accountability
  8. 8. Sponsored Student OrganizationsA Sponsored Student Organization (SSO) is a student organization, composed of 100%Oregon State University students, that operates under the direct guidance of asponsoring unit and is in the closest relationship with the University.Sponsored status for a student organization is a statement of recognition by OregonState University that the student organization is a key element in helping the Universityrealize its mission. Sponsorship from a University unit indicates two things:• That the University views the organization, through its efforts, as worthwhile and vital, and therefore, commits itself to providing support for the organization and its endeavors.• While recognizing the importance of student leadership, the organization represents the University, therefore, a high level of accountability from the organization is required.!
  9. 9. Sponsored Student OrganizationsA University unit that sponsors a student organization is committed to supporting thatorganization’s mission and activities. These organizations are inherently linked to theUniversity because of their role in enhancing education, representing OSU, and/orpresenting events that are considered an integral part of the institution. As a result of thisrelationship, these organizations may receive added benefits from the sponsoring unit andare held to the same level of institutional accountability as the sponsoring unit.As a result of this relationship, SSOs must be approved by an executive officer, dean, director,or designee of a University Department. Sponsoring units must provide a professional staffmember to act as the Faculty Advisor to the SSO. In addition to formal advising, departmentsupport may take any of the following forms: financial support, administrative, equipment,and/or University space allocation, etc.The activities, events, and operations of these organizations are classified as officialUniversity business and are considered to involve the same level of responsibility and dutyof care because of their scope and perceived association with, and representation of, theUniversity. SSOs have access to certain University-controlled benefits and resources and areaccountable to the Sponsoring Unit for legal compliance, fiscal responsibility, riskmanagement, and adherence to University policies, procedures, and guidelines.
  10. 10. Recognition Process In order to be recognized as a Sponsored Student Organization, the organization must be in formal relationship with an OSU sponsoring unit and: Complete the registration process on an annual basis. The registration process includes: • Submitting an annual Organization Information Form. • Completing/reviewing a sponsorship agreement detailing the nature of the relationship with the sponsoring unit. • Submitting club constitution/governing documents and any revisions. • Agreeing to comply with Standards of Conduct for Students & Recognized Student Organizations and maintain accountability for University policies and guidelines • Completing a risk assessment of the activities, events, and operations of the organization. • Maintaining 100% OSU student membership and submit roster of currently active OSU student members through the online data system. • Maintaining a minimum of four (4) currently enrolled OSU students. • Having a professional staff member from the sponsoring unit appointed/assigned as the faculty advisor. • Maintaining financial accountability to the University for all University funds received. These funds must be maintained in a sponsoring unit, auxiliary, or Foundation account. • Maintaining good standing with the University, all governing boards within the University to which the organization belongs, and all chartering, sponsoring, or governing organizations with whom the organization affiliates. • Student organization leaders annually completing University baseline training in addition to any other training articulated in the sponsorship agreement. (tbd) • Reporting any travel or events not listed in your sponsorship agreement through the Student Organization Database at minimum ten (10) days in advance of the event or travel.