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its about askari bank..........

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Askari bank

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. REGISTERED OFFICE /HEAD OFFICEAWT PlazaP.O.Box 1084,The Mall, Rawalpindi. 2Tel : (051) 9063000Fax: (051) 9272455Website:
  3. 3. Askari Bank was incorporated in Pakistanon October 9, 1991, as a public limitedcompany. It commenced operation on April1, 1992, and is principally engaged in thebusiness of banking, as defined in theBanking Companies Ordinance, 1962. TheBank is listed on Karachi, Lahore andIslamabad Stock Exchanges.Since inception, the bank has concentratedon growth through improving servicequality, investment in technology andpeople, utilizing its extensive branchnetwork which includes Islamic andAgricultural banking.Corporate Social Responsibility is anintegral part of the way we do business. Inorder to fulfill our CSR objectives, weattempt to promote public interest byencouraging community growth anddevelopment through sponsoring socialservice events, supporting education,sports, and environment and also 3
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. President’s MessageI take this opportunity to welcome all our stakeholders to our newuser friendly website. This website has been designed keeping in viewand recognizing your valuable feed back. Its prime purpose is toprovide all our stakeholders with easy and comfortable access.We have reinforced our products with new deposit schemes bearingcompetitive rates of return and packed with excellent service of firstchoice. Our modern electronic banking services have been developedwith hard work, feedback from stakeholders and research providingbetter banking solutions. Askaribank continuous growth over theyears is based on service to communities and customers byfriendly, professional and experienced bankers trained to deliverexceptional banking services.Askaribank has successfully managed to amalgamate state of the artIT infrastructure with our banking products and services making usand reinforcing us as leaders in IT innovation. We are committed totransforming our ideas and new technologies into our banking intimes to come.I express my gratitude to all our stakeholders and further appreciatetheir continuous trust and support to us. 5
  7. 7. » “Best Retail Bank in Pakistan” by The Asian Banker. "1st Consumer Choice Award" by the Consumer Association of» Pakistan. 2004 "Corporate Excellence Award" by the Management Association of» Pakistan (MAP). 2002, 2003 & 2004. “The Best Bank in Pakistan” by Global Finance magazine. 2001 and» 2002.
  8. 8. “Best Consumer Internet» Bank” Global Finance magazine. 2002 and 2003. "Euromoney and Asiamoney» Awards" 1994, 1996 and 1997. “Best Presented Annual» Accounts” by (ICAP) and (ICAMP). 2000, 2001and 2002. “The Best Presented Annual Accounts” by South Asian» Federation of Accountants (SAFA), in the SAARC region. 8
  9. 9. “The Best Consumer Banking Award2006” by the Consumer Association ofPakistan. 2007 “The Best Retail Banking Award » 2008” by Pakistan Guarantee Export Corporation Ltd. 2008 "Best Corporate Report Award for the » year 2008" by ICAP & ICMAP. 2008 9
  10. 10. A1+Short Term PACRA Rating Askari Bank has the following Entity Ratings from the Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited (PACRA): Definitions By PACRA: A1+: Obligations supported by the highest capacity for timely repayment. AA: Denote a very low expectation of credit risk. they indicate very strong capacity for timely payment of financial commitments. This capacity is not significantly vulnerable to foreseeable events. A plus (+) appended to a rating, denotes relative status within 10 AA major rating categoriesLong Term
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. • Sponsorship of 13th, Fina World Swimming Championships• Sponsorship of 2010 World Championship Qualification Tournament, held in 2009• Sponsorship of 29th Punjab Open Golf Tournament• Sponsorship of 7th Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) Squash Championship 2009• Sponsorship of All Pakistan Garrison Open Golf Tournamen 12
  13. 13. • Sponsorship of COAS 7thInternational Squash Championship• Sponsorship of COAS Open GolfChampionship 2009• Sponsorship of ITF PakistanJunior U-18 Tennis Championship 2009• Sponsorship of Pakistan VeteranTournament Rawalpindi• Sponsorship of Allama IqbalOpen Golf Tournament 2009• Sponsorship of Gujranwala GolfChampionship 2009
  14. 14. EDUCATION• Sponsorship of Annual Function ofthe Old Hailians Association• Sponsorship of branding for IslamicEducational Convention• Sponsorship of Exhibition onInternational Conference on Medical Education• Sponsorship of Lahore GrammarSchool’s Annual Play 2009• Sponsorship of Old Ravians Unionevent through publication• Sponsorship of TNS Film Festivalorganized by BPS, School, Lahore• Sponsorship of Zenith Leadership &Development Program, Karach 14
  15. 15. ENVIRONMENT• Sponsorship of a Campaign underthe title of “Telephone a Tree”• Sponsorship of Children Park atIstaqlal Camp, Chakwal• Sponsorship of F-10 Roundabout,Islamabad• Sponsorship of Park at CommercialArea, DHA, Lahore Cantt• Sponsorship of Spring Gala organizedby M/s ECI (Pvt) Ltd 15
  16. 16. SOCIAL CAUSE• Sponsorship for CILT Pakistan’International Seminar• Sponsorship of ASF AnnualExhibition / Meena Bazaar• Sponsorship of 19th, All PakistanMultan Open Golf Championship• Sponsorship of All Pakistan MeExhibition, Karachi• Sponsorship at Dawn Life StyleExhibition 2009
  17. 17. • Sponsorship of Civil AviationAuthority special publication is• Sponsorship of Conference on ofRetail Banking & Finance Ex Pakistan 2009• Sponsorship of Food, Agri & LivAsia 2009 for E-commerce Gate Pakistan.• Sponsorship of IslamicInternational Medical College (IIMCT)• Sponsorship of print/mediacampaign for IDPs
  18. 18. PRODUCTS 18
  19. 19. 19
  21. 21. 21Features DetailsWhat is Ijarah? Ijarah is arental agreement, under which theusufructs of an asset is transferredto the client on pre-agreed termsand conditions. It is a ShariahCompliant mode of finance,adopted by Askari Islamic Bankingto meet the Car Financing needsof its valued customers
  22. 22. 22Why Askari Ijarah BisSayyarah? We areShariah Compliant and marketcompetitive. Askari Islamic Bankingdeals in all kinds of new, locallyassembled, as well as importedvehicles. Terms and conditions we offerare most flexible, with promptprocessing time. Moreover,in order toenhance customers’ convenience, weoffer family income evaluationplan, where our valued clients can alsoavail Ijarah Bis Sayyarah facility formore than one vehicle
  23. 23. What are the respective roles of bothPARTIES?In Ijarah, as Bank is the owner of the 23vehicle and only transfers its usufruct tothe customer, hence, customer isresponsible for any risks and liabilitiesattached to the usage of thevehicle, while risks relating to ownershipremain with the Bank throughout theIjarah period.
  24. 24. 24What are the respective roles of bothPARTIES?Descript Responsibility1.Expenses related to ownership Bank2.Expenses related to use of asset Client3.Risk associated with ownership Bank4.Risks associated with use of asset Client5.Third party liability in case of accident Client6.Expenses and risks associated withownership but caused due to grossnegligence Client
  25. 25. When does the rental start is Askari IjarahBis Sayyarah? As Ijarah, by definition, is “rental paidfor the usufruct of an asset” hence, rentalpayment always starts with delivery of thevehicle to the user, unlike conventional lease,where lease installments start right after thepayment to the vendor by the lessor 25
  26. 26. Is there any penalty involved if one fails to paythe Rental on time?In Ijarah, nominal additional charges are takenby the Bank due to any delay in rentalinstallment(s) by the customer, which are usedfor “charity” purposes, rather than going into theincome of the Bank, as it is done in the case ofconventional lease. This concept of charging“penalty” is approved by the contemporaryShariah Scholars to allow the Banks to safeguardthemselves against the “habitual defaulters” 26
  27. 27. Does Askari Islamic Banking chargeTakaful/ Insurance?It is a requirement of the State Bank ofPakistan for auto finance / leasinginstitutions to insure the leasedvehicle(s). Hence, we are bound to chargeTakaful/ Insurance, which is within therental installments, throughout the Ijarahperiod 27
  28. 28. What if any mishap happens to theVehicle? If the vehicle is stolen or destroyedin any mishap, unlike conventionallease, Ijarah rentals will not becharged, and security is refundable inthis case. However, this is subject tothere being no misconduct, ornegligence, on part of the client 28
  29. 29. How the client becomes owner of theVehicle? Once the client successfully repaysthe whole Ijarah rental, Bank gives him /her the opinion to become the owner ofthe vehicle, against the security alreadydeposited with Askari Islamic Banking 29
  30. 30. Key features:Prompt Processing Time.Facility to acquire more than OneVehicle.Facility Income Evaluation Plan.Low Security Deposit.Competitive Profit Rates. 30
  31. 31. You are Eligible if you are:A Pakistani National.Earning at least two time more than yourmonthly Car Ijarah rentals.Between 21 to 60 years, (for salaried class),and of age, till the maturity of the leaseperiod.Employment experience of minimum sixmonths in a permanent capacity in thecurrent organization.Being in business for at least on year 31
  32. 32. Documents Required 32
  33. 33. (For Business Person)Copy of CNIC.Two recent passport size coloredphotographs.Last six months Bank statement(s).Residential utility bills (as a proof ofresidence).Business proof required.Copy of valid driving license (optional).Two references.Bank’s Signature Verification form. 33
  34. 34. (For salaried person)Copy of CNIC.Two recent passport size coloredphotographs.Last six months Bank statement(s).Recent salary slip.Employment certificate.Residential utility bills (as a proof ofresidence).Copy of valid driving license (optional).Two references.Bank’s Signature Verification form. 34
  35. 35. (For self-employed person)Copy of CNIC.Two recent passport size coloredphotographs.Last six months Bank statement(s).Copy of professional degree/certificate.Residential utility bills (as a proof ofresidence).Copy of valid driving license (optional).Two references. 35Bank’s Signature Verification form
  37. 37. Askari Home Musharakah: How it Works?Joint ownership is created in the property betweenBank & Customer on the basis of the MusharakahAgreement. (This is bases on the principles of Shirkatul Milk).Bank’s share is divided into units and is given to theclient on rent.Client promises to purchase Bank’s share (units) overthe tenure of transaction.Client purchases the units every month and willeventually become the owner of the property.Rental amount will be adjusted according to the bank’sshare (units) remaining in the property.Askari Home Musharakah has tailor made solutions tomeet your needs 37
  38. 38. Askari Home Musharakah PurchaseAskari Islamic Banking offers aconvenient and easy way to buy yourown home, with a financing of 85% ofthe property cost, upto Rs. 50 Million.**other terms apply 38
  39. 39. Askari Home MusharakahConstruction You can simplybuild your home as you desire, withhalal Istisna’/Musharakah Financefrom Askari Islamic Baking,specifically tailored to match yourcash flows and needs. 39
  40. 40. Askari Home MusharakahImprovement If you want torenovate your home, let AskariIslamic Banking facilitate you inmaking you home look evenbetter 40
  41. 41. Askari Home MusharakahTransfer Just switch yourexisting interest based mortgageto Askari Islamic Banking bygetting advantage of our AskariHome Musharakah TransferFacility, with peace of mind ofhaving halal transaction. 41
  42. 42. Features and BenefitsShariah compliant.Prompt processing.Competitive rentals.Clubbing-of family income.Maximum financing limit: Up to Rs. 50million.Financing tenure: 3 to 20 years.Documentation/ legal/ valuation/income estimation charges:At actual. 42
  43. 43. You are Eligible to apply, if you are:A Pakistani National.Earning at least two time more than yourmonthly Car Ijarah rentals.Between 21 to 65 years.A permanent employment with atleast sixmonths of service with present employer.A self employed individual with atleast 3years of business track record.Income verification / documents required. 43
  44. 44. Documents Required  Personal Information Copy of CNIC. Two Passport size colored photographs of applicant. Copy of rental documents (if applicable). Copy of last paid utility bills (Electricity/ Gas/ Telephone). Bank statement last 6 months. Income Information Original or certified copy of recent pay slip. Employer’s certificate including date of joining/current designation/salary. Bank statement of business-last one year. Copy of management accounts (if applicable). Business / Professional Information 3 years proof of business (e.g. tax return / bank certificate). 44 Partnership deed (in case of partnership). Professional association membership certificate / practice license
  45. 45. Personal InformationCopy of CNIC.Two Passport size colored photographs of applicant.Copy of rental documents (if applicable).Copy of last paid utility bills (Electricity/ Gas/ Telephone).Bank statement last 6 months.Income InformationOriginal or certified copy of recent pay slip.Employer’s certificate including date of joining/current designation/salary.Bank statement of business-last one year.Copy of management accounts (if applicable).Business / Professional Information3 years proof of business (e.g. tax return / bank certificate).Partnership deed (in case of partnership).Professional association membership certificate / practice license 45
  46. 46. Step by Step GuideStep 1: Application form & processing fee payment.Step 2: Submission of required documents.Step 3: Address verification & income estimation.Step 4: Legal opinion, property valuation.Step 5: Facility approval.Step 6: Signing of Askari Home Musharakah agreement.Step 7: Transfer of property & disbursement. 46
  47. 47. BRANCH BANKING 47
  48. 48. Askari Deposit Multiplier AccountAim higher with the Askari Deposit Multiplier account. Thisaccount is especially designed for individual investors whoseaim is to invest their funds for a longer term with higherreturns. This Term Deposit has a 10 years tenure and offers acompetitive rate of return paid on maturity. It is an idealoption for investors who wish to start saving for their futuretoday. Mentioned Below are some of the Salient Features ofthe account: 48
  49. 49. Features DetailsProduct Type: Term Deposit.Eligibility: Pakistani Resident(Individuals Only).Balance Requirement: Minimum Rs.50,000/- & Maximum Upto Rs. 10,000,000/-Tenure: 10 Years.Profit Payment: On Maturity.Expected Rate of Return: 14.50% p.a.Servicing: Available at all Askari Bankbranches.Financing Limits: Upto 90% of theprincipal amount 49
  50. 50. 50
  51. 51. Investment CertificatesAskari Banks Investment Certificatesnot only provide the added security,investment and monthly return to thecustomers, these certificates arenegotiable and can be transferred tothird party. Investment Certificates canbe issued for a period of 3 months andprofit is payable on monthly basisthrough pre-printed tear-off coupons 51
  52. 52. Facility:Investment Certificates.Important Features: 1. Free issuance and free encashment.2. Account relationship with Askari Bank is not mandatory.3. No penalty on pre-mature encashment.4. Negotiable and payable in Pakistan in Pak rupees only.5. No purchasing limit.6. Valid until encashed.7. Encashable at all Askari Bank branches.8. Profit is payable on monthly basis through pre-printed coupons.9. In case of loss / theft or damage, there is replacement / refund to theoriginal purchaser.10. Encashment by third party.11. No penalty on pre-mature redemption, except that profit coupon shall bevalid only for completed month Tenure: Three Months Expected Rate of Return: First Month 4.00% p.a. Second Month 4.50% p.a. Third Month 5.00% p.a 52
  53. 53. Askari Mahana Bachat Account:  53
  54. 54. Askari Mahana Bachat Account:Askari Mahana Bachat Account is a Term Depositdesigned for individual customer with a short tomedium term investment appetite. It offers customersthe option of investing for 1 or 3 Year tenures and hasbeen designed keeping in view savings needs ofcustomers who want profit on a monthly basis. Withcompetitive rates of return paid monthly on the 1st ofevery month and the option of getting a financingfacility up to 90% the Askari Mahana Bachat Accountcaters to your saving needs without blocking your fundsfor a longer duration. Some of the salient features of theaccount are mentioned below: 54
  55. 55. Product Type: Term Deposit.Eligibility: Pakistani Resident (Individuals Only).Balance Requirement: Minimum Rs. 50,000/- &Maximum Up to Rs.10,000,000/- (In multiples of Rs.25,000/-).Tenure: 1 & 3 Years.Profit Amount: “Earn Rs. 758/- per month oninvestment of every Rs. 100,000/- for one year!" .“Earn Rs. 833/- per month on investment of every Rs.100,000/- for three years!” .Profit Payment: Monthly - 1st of every month.Expected Rate of Return: 1 Year Term: 9.10% p.a.3 Years Term: 10.00% p.a.Servicing: Available at all Askari Bank branches. 55Financing Limits:Up to 90% of the principal amount.
  56. 56. Additional Benefits:Issuance of Free ATM/Visa Debit Card forassociated checking account which automaticallymakes the customer eligible for Accidental DeathInsurance of Rs.500,000/-) Howeverannual/replacement charges shall be applicableas per SOC.Issuance of 2 Free Pay Orders from associatedchecking account in a month. (excluding FED &Withholding Tax).No minimum Balance Requirement for checkingaccount 56
  57. 57. Askari Roshan Mustaqbil DepositThe Askari Roshan Mustaqbil Deposit is a saving plan created for individualinvestors who wish to invest now for a regular return at a later stage whilekeeping their principal amount intact. Now you can invest a substantialamount without having to block your entire savings like a regular TermDeposits. With Askari Roshan Mustaqbil Deposit you can invest in the form ofmonthly deposits for a period of five years and get paid back the same monthlydeposit amount every month for the next five years while receiving theirprincipal amount in full at the end of the tenure. With Askari RoshanMustaqbil Deposit you can double your investment in a time period of tenyears. An ideal account for customers who wish to plan for their retirement 57
  58. 58. Askari Roshan Mustaqbil Deposit 58
  59. 59. Features DetailsProduct Type: Term Deposit.Eligibility: Pakistani Resident (Individuals Only).Balance Requirement: Minimum Rs. 5,000/- &Maximum Upto Rs. 50,000/- (In multiples of Rs. 5,000/-).Tenure: 10 Years (5 + 5).Profit Payment: Monthly – on completion of first 5years.Expected Rate of Return: 9.60% p.a.Servicing: Available at all Askari Bank branches.Financing Limits:Upto 90% of the principal amount aftercompletion of first 5 years. 59
  60. 60. Value Plus Deposit AccountAskari Bank leads the way, yet again with theintroduction of Askari Value Plus Rupee DepositAccounts, which promise greater financial freedom andsecurity, in an un-matched way.Now you can open a"Value Plus Account" while enjoying the flexibility of anormal checking account. 60
  61. 61. Features DetailsTypes of Value Plus Account:1- Current Account.2- Saving Account.3- Time Deposits Account.Why Askari Value Plus Account? 1. Free issuance of Debit Card.2. Free global accidental insurance coverage against debit card irrespective ofbalance in the account or age of the cardholder.3. Free ATM Cash Withdrawal insurance.4. Free online funds transfer facility.5. Free Internet Banking Services.6. Free of cost 24 hours global accidental insurance coverage up to Rs. 2 million.7. Facility of Supplementary Debit Cards.8. Monthly returns on saving deposits.9. Partial encashment facility for time deposits.10. Automatic roll-over facility for time deposits.11. Our un-matched service qualityExpected Rate of Return:Saving Account: 5% p.a.Time Deposits: Three Months5% p.a.(Min. deposit Rs. 25,000.00) Six Months 5.50% p.a. 61 One Year 6% p.a.
  62. 62. Askari Paishgi Munafa AccountAskari Paishgi Munafa Account is a unique term deposit designedto meet the immediate financial needs of Individual investors whowant to invest funds for a medium term. Now you don’t have towait the entire term to receive your profit. The most significantfeature of this product is that the customer receives the entireprofit upfront at the time of placement. So you can fulfill yourfinancial needs today without depleting your savings. Salientfeatures of the account are mentioned belowAll profits payable are subject to applicable Zakat and Govt. leviesand changes in the Banks policies from time to time. 62
  63. 63. Product Type: Term Deposit.Eligibility: Pakistani Resident (Individuals).Minimum Amount: Rs. 100,000/- or in multiples ofRs. 100,000/-.Profit Amount: Rs. 12,000/- on a deposit amount of Rs.100,000/- (expected rate of return 8.80% p.a)Tenure: 15 Months.Benefits: 1. Financing Facility up to 80% of Principalamount.2. Free Visa Debit Card issuance.3. No Minimum Balance requirement in checkingaccount.4. 2 Free Pay Orders in a month (Withholding Tax andother Government charges will be applicable as perLaw). 635. No maximum limit for investment.
  64. 64. Askari Rupee Traveler ChequesAskari Bank Limited has always remained at forefront inintroducing innovative and unique products in bankingsector. Our financial instruments provide greaterfinancial freedom and security in an unmatched way toour valued customers. Askari Bank offers you its "RupeeTraveler Cheques" eliminating all financial risks whiletraveling. So avoid risk of carrying cash through AskariBanks Rupee Traveler Cheques 64
  65. 65. Product TypeEligibility: Any Literate individual customer (Account is not mandatory).Denominations Rs. 10,000/-.Validity Until encashed.ProcessingIssuanceDesirous customer will submit the Application Form (duly filled/ signed) inany branch of Askari Bank Limited.After verification, branch will forward the form to Investment Products Unit.IPU will keep the record of the customer and system will automatically updatethat customer’s transaction.EncashmentOriginal purchaser will approach the nearest branch.Purchaser will sign RTC on the face and branch will verify his signatures withthe signature mentioned on CNIC before encashment of the same 65
  66. 66. ChargesRefund processing charges are Rs. 1,000/- and Issuance/Encashment are free.Commission Rs. 30 per RTC on holding the same for 30 days or more.With Holding Tax 0.3% on Issuance & Encashment in excess of Rs.25,000/-DocumentationFor Issuance/ Encashment1. Original CNIC.For Refund1. Attested Copy of CNIC.2. Application from original purchaser.3. Purchase agreement (Form RTC 1).4. Refund Application (Form 2-A).5. Indemnity & Guarantee (Form 2B).6. Lost Report Schedule (Form 2-C).7. Voucher Copy for reissuance processing fee.8. Copy of FIR( if lost amount is Rs. 50,000/- and above) 66
  68. 68. Features DetailsProduct Type: Profit Earning Account.Eligibility: Pakistani Resident (Individuals).Security: Mortgaged charge on agri land through Zari Pass Book.Profit Amount: Profit on credit balances will be paid on half yearly basis as declared by thebank on PLS savings accounts.Tenor:Yearly Basis.Markup:The mark-up is charged for the actual days the finance is utilized.Benefits: 1. A special cheque book is issued to the farmer.2. Automatic renewal upon adjustment of entire Principal amount with mark-up once in a year.3. The account is farmer friendly which benefits the farmers both ways. If the account is incredit, it earns profit, otherwise it provides instant finance, to the farmer for his agricultureneeds. 68
  69. 69. KISSAN TRACTOR FINANCEFeatures DetailsProduct TypeProfit Earning Account.Eligibility:Pakistani Resident (Owner as well as non-owner farmers).Tenure: 5 Year.Benefits The farmer will have privilege of availing non-funded facility at a reduced cost underthis program on account of more equity participation.Good farmer bonus will be available to the borrower in case the loan is repaid as per terms ofsanction.The farmer’s life & tractor will be insured against contingencies, which will provide comfort andpiece of mind.Priority in delivery of tractor will be given by manufacturer as per arrangements with the bank 69
  71. 71. Features DetailsProduct Type: Debit Card.Distinctive Features:Classic Cash withdrawal Limit is 50,000,Shopping Limit 200,000 & Funds Transfer Limit250,000.Gold Cash withdrawal Limit is 100,000, ShoppingLimit 250,000 & Funds Transfer Limit 300,000 71
  72. 72. Eligibility: 1. Literate individual customer.2. Having Pak Rupee checking account under the category of Current, Saving,ASDA, Value Plus Accounts (Current & Saving) Basic Banking Account andSmart Cash etc., with credit balance and normal status, may apply.3. No minimum balance requirements for issuance or retention of the VISAdebit card. An eligible customer may apply for any of the debit cards i.e.Classic or Gold.4. Joint account holders, with the authority to operate the account singly, maybe issued supplementary card(s). The supplementary Card(s) may be issued toonly those joint account holders who can operate the account singly with eitheror survivor option.5. A customer/staff is allowed to retain as many cards as number of accountsand is allowed to link multiple accounts with single debit card.6. Multiple accounts of same customer, maintained at different branches ofAskari Bank, may also be linked with single VISA Debit Card. If the customerhas an account with other branch(es), the application receiving branch mustverify & confirm the following either through online system or from theconcerned branch(es).Validity Five (05) Years. ( New card will only be issued on customer’swritten request ).Activation/ De-activation Through our Call Centre by calling at our 72 tollfree number 0800-00078
  73. 73. PERSONAL FINANCEOne can avail unlimited opportunities through Askari Bank’s Personal Finance.With unmatched financing features in terms of loan amount, payback periodand most affordable monthly installments, Askari Bank’s Personal Financemakes sure that you get the most out of your loan. No matter what your needis, Askari Bank has more ways to serve you than ever beforeFeatures DetailsApplicant/ Borrower: Pakistani Resident (SEB/SEP cases are not entertainedcurrently).Age: Salaried: 21-61 years (maturity of loan at 61 yrs.).Salary/ Income: Rs. 30,000/-per month.Employment Status: 1 Year. 73Debt Burden: Maximum 50% of the net disposable income
  74. 74. Credit Limit: Upto Maximum of Rs. 500,000/- (Subject to maximum of 50%DBR & Industry benchmark is maximum Rs. 1.000 M).Tenure: 1 - 5 years.Mark up : Secured Salaried: 19% p.a.Mark up : Unsecured Salaried: 21% p.a & Contract Employees 24.2% p.a.Reference: Two (2) references with complete details (one should berelative).Processing / Others Charges: As per "Schedule of Bank Charges".Documentation 1. Application Form duly filled & Signed by the applicant inhis/her own handwriting.2. Clear copy of valid CNIC.3. Two passport size latest photographs.4. Last two month original salary slip or attested photocopy required.5. Last 6 month bank statement of salary account.6. Copy of the latest paid utility bill received at the residential address in caseof salaried individual.7. Copy of the latest bill received at the business address & residential address,in case of SEB/SEP.8. BBFS, DDA, Undertaking CF-1, undertaking regarding other credit facilities 74
  75. 75. CREDIT CARD  75
  76. 76. Eligibility:Pakistani Resident.Age: Basic SupplementarySalaried: 21-61 years. Min 18 Yrs.- No Max Age limit.SEB/SEP: 21- 65 years. Min 18 Yrs.- No Max Age limit.Salary/ Income per Month: Approved Cat. Silver GoldPerm. Cont. Perm. Cont.A 30,000/- 35,000/- 50,000/- 60,000/-B 30,000/- 35,000/- 50,000/- 60,000/-C 35,000/- 38,000/- 55,000/- 70,000/-NAC 40,000/- 45,000/- 60,000/- 80,500/-SEB/SEP Avg. Bal. Rs. 30,000/- 119,999/- (For last 6 mth. statement). Avg. Bal. Rs. 120,000/- 400,000/- (For last 6 months bank statement).Platinum CardSalaried Businessman.150,000/- 200,000/- 76
  77. 77. Employment Status: Salaried: 1 year & SEB: 1 year.References: 1 relative + 1 associate not working in the same organization.Debt Burden: Maximum 50% of the net disposable income. (Including allfacilities appearing in ECIB).Charges: As per schedule of charges.Mark-up Rates: Salaried SEB/SEPBasic/Supply. 3.2% per month. 3.45% per month.Balance Transfer. 2.15% per month. 2.15% per month.Documentation:1. Complete filled & signed application form.2. Clear copy of Valid CNIC.3. Latest (not older than 2 months) salary slip. Original or Attested.4. Copy of any utility bill (received at business & residential premises.5. IT-2 form or income estimation, in case of SEB/SEP (Sole Proprietorship).6. Copy of the NTN or sole proprietorship letter from the bank in case ofSEB/SEP (Sole Proprietorship).7. Last 6 months personal bank statement or company bank statement inpartnerships.8. Copy of the registered partnership deed or Bank Letter confirming thepartnership status.9. Undertaking of Credit Facilities already availed from all banks &Undertaking for not utilizing the facility for IPO Subscription. 77
  78. 78. CENTER REGION CITIES» Bahawalpur OF PAKISTAN:» Bhalwal » Burewala» Channi Ghot» Chiniot» Daska» Depalpur» Dera Ghazi Khan» Faisalabad» Gujranwala » Gujrat» Jalalpur Bhattian» Jhang» Kamoki» Khanewal» Kharian» Lahore» Lalamusa» Layyah» Mandi Bahauddin » Mianwali» Multan » Okara» Pir Mahal » Qartaba Chowk» Rahim Yar Khan » Sadiqabad» Sahiwal» Sargodha» Sheikhupura » Sialkot 78» Toba Tek Singh» Vehari
  79. 79. HOME REMITTANCE Having a network of more than two hundred branches all overPakistan, we undertake to provide safe and instant payment of remittance fromexpatriates, routed through designated correspondent banks with whichspecial arrangements have been made in this regard. You can remit funds fromany country to Pakistan through SWIFT. 79
  80. 80. Askari Bank offers the following services to customers:» On line remittance from Qatar via Doha Bank Limited.Askari Bank has negotiated with Doha Bank Ltd. Qatar wherebyremittances to Pakistan can be sent using our branch network.» Electronic transfers from Saudi Arabia, UAE, GCCcountries and other parts of the world using the vastcorrespondent banks network of Askari Bank.Our growing worldwide network of correspondent banks isalready serving numerous customers to route their homeremittances favouring beneficiaries in Pakistan, necessaryadvisory is also provided to facilitate smooth flow oftransactions. 80
  81. 81. » Advisory service at branch level.Well-trained staff at Askari Bank branches is ready to provide themuch-needed advisory service to the prospective remitters,highlighting the advantages in routing home remittances throughofficial channels as against other options.» Same day processing.In case beneficiary maintains account with Askari Bank, theamount is credited on the day funds are received, in other casestransactions are disposed off within twenty four hours fromreceipt of instructions.» Special cash Pay Out counters.Special counters on selected locations branches manned bydedicated staff ensure prompt cash payments 81
  82. 82. » Efficient transaction tracking system.Centralized Call Centre and the Home RemittancesCell (presently operating from Jinnah Super Market,Sector F-7, Islamabad) provide real time tracking forthe pipeline transactions, where necessaryinvestigations are carried out to resolve the problemwith the counter party bank.» Expansion of Agency Arrangements.Responding to the growing home remittances volumenegotiations with a number of reputable Exchangecompanies in UAE and other GCC countries areunderway which will further facilitate fund transferprocess 82
  83. 83. HOME REMITTANCE Whenever you wish to send a home remittance pleaseensure that you provide the following information to your bankso that your remittance can be sent in the shortest time possible:Beneficiary Account No. : ___________________________Beneficiary Name : ___________________________Branch : ___________________________Swift Bank Identification Code (BIC)* : ___________________________* Below are Askari Banks SWIFT Bank Identification Codes 83(BIC) :
  84. 84. The role of agriculture in Pakistan economy is of pivotal nature. Due todiverse geographical and climatic conditions, the country has tremendouspotential for agricultural growth and development. Askari Bank’sAgriculture and Rural Business Division (ARBD) has gained furtherstrength with improved and efficient delivery and control mechanism formeeting increased demand for credit by the farmers in easy, accessible andaffordable manner. With an innovative product range, being best rated inthe market, the Bank continues to surpass its allocated targets foragriculture financing.While focusing on business development, this unit also achieved furtherrefinement in back office processing including creditinitiation, operations, risk management, in line with the business dynamicsand regulatory framework. ARBD has extended to 89 branches across thecountry and remains proactively engaged with its stakeholders foraggregation of services and improving life standard of farmers through its 84distribution network.
  85. 85. ALTERNATE DELIVERY CHANNELSWith the immense rise in paper less banking over the past 3 to 4 years it has now become imperativefor banks to keep abreast with latest technology in order to provide customers with convenient andtime saving solutions.Askari Bank has an array of Alternate Delivery Channels that lets the customer bank with us 24/7.Our country wide ATM network has state-of-art equipment that allows customers to withdraw cash,view statements, transfer funds and pay utility bills at the touch of a button. Our Visa Debit cardallows you to shop freely within Pakistan as well as internationally without having to carry cash inyour wallet.Our I-Net Banking assures convenient banking from the comfort of your home. Now you do nothave to stand in queues every time to pay your bills. You can also use our 24 hour Telephone bankingservices to handle everyday transactions without having to go through the hassle of visiting a branch. 85If you have not availed this facility yet, apply now!
  86. 86. Call CenterAskari Bank has been one of the leading banks in the country for over a number of years now andhas constantly come up with new services for its valued customers; being one of the first to startATM and Internet Banking services. Striving for further customer satisfaction Askari Bank launchedits Call Centre which became an efficient and effective medium to put information at theircustomers fingertips. The Call Center provides a single point of contact for all of its customers, yetoffer unique and individualized services on real time information for its time-conscious customers, asit will be available anytime-day or night.Following are the services available at Call Center:Balance Inquiries, Account Statements ( read out and fax)Complaint Handling for all sorts of complaints related to the bank.Funds transfer from one account to the other.Utility Bill payments for all utility companies listed with the Bank.Credit Card related queries and information.For further queries please call: 0800-00078Oremail at: 86
  88. 88. CORPORATE & INVESTMENT BANKING GROUPAt Askari Bank, we understand the unique business requirements ofour corporate and institutional clients, and accordingly the Corporateand Investment Banking Group (CIBG) strives to meet theirexpectations through provision of customized and relationship basedbanking approach. CIBG approach to provision of Askari Bank’scomprehensive and integrated, multi-product services is based upon aclient-centric and distribution-focused business model, supported by aculture that prioritizes client relationships and economic returns.CIBG is specifically structured to provide dedicated banking servicesand products to its corporate customers through two key divisions 88
  89. 89. CORPORATE BANKING DIVISIONThe Corporate Banking Division (CBD) works on a long-term relationshipbased business model to provide a single point within the bank for meetingall business requirements of its corporate and institutional customers,including public sector enterprises, with the primary objective of enhancingcustomer service.CBD operates through three focused Corporate Centers/Regions inKarachi, Lahore and Islamabad, staffed by a highly professional relationshipmanagement team comprising of qualified and industry experiencedindividuals. Each region is also supported by a dedicated Corporate Branchgeared towards providing a one-stop solution to all branch banking needsincluding cash management, of its institutional clients. 89
  90. 90. At Askari Bank’s Corporate Banking Division, we remain committed to providing you withinnovative and integrated financial solutions to all your day to day and one time financing needs, aswell as offering various products and services to maximize returns on your investments.Dedicated relationship managers for each of our corporate clients ensure your satisfaction, which isour top priority. Our relationship oriented outlook focuses upon providing a complete array oftailored financing solutions, that are practical and cost effective, some of which include:Working Capital FacilitiesTerm LoansStructured Trade Finance FacilitiesLetters of GuaranteeLetters of CreditFund Transfers / RemittancesBill DiscountingExport FinancingReceivable Discounting 90
  91. 91. 91