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Meet Charlotte - Acme Pharmaceuticals


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Following on from my Meet Charlie presentation, then from Daniel Siddle's Meet Charlotte, this slide deck is an example of how I've been positioning Knowledge Plaza for some clients. It's a different approach to the standard sales powerpoint and to be honest, people love it!

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Meet Charlotte - Acme Pharmaceuticals

  1. av isi o n ACME PHARMACEUTICALS Meet Charlotte
  2. a digital native...
  3. ...joining Clinical Development from Johnson and Johnson
  4. She soon realizes there is much to learn about the group and the work... she does what she knows best, uses web based tools to find relevant people and knowledge
  5. kn pl Search and Browse ow aza led ge - uses keyword search and explores by tags - identifies project workspaces and members
  6. ACME love acronyms and Charlotte needs to decode a few... NCDS GMA ...the company wiki is the natural place for this information and is maintained by everyone in ACME
  7. kn pl ow aza Profiles & Knowledge Retention led ge - uses a retired colleagues’ experience, connections and sees all his comments - sees rewards for participation in platform
  8. kn pl ow aza Leveraging Connections and Content led ge - is able to leverage her colleagues network - can use his content and assertions for her own work
  9. Charlotte discovers Rainer’s ideas which inspire some of her own
  10. Charlottes journey of information discovery is going well... ...but just like outside of work she wants to automate some aspects
  11. She starts with the wiki and subscribes to COPD pages... COPD ALERT ...knowing that she’s trapping useful information
  12. kn pl ow aza Alerts led ge - creates alerts for her areas of interest - chooses the delivery method right for her
  13. kn pl Activity stream ow aza led ge - her dashboard delivers content from her network - like the Facebook newsfeed she’s used to
  14. Over the next few days Charlotte discovers some relevant new content... ...based on other’s activities
  15. in s She also finds the leadership pi re so team’s blog... m eo ne Chief Scientific Advisor & Gadget Fan “Why the patient must always come first, especially now” ...where she gets a feel for the people behind the titles and what inspires them
  16. kn pl ow aza People led ge - she’s able to find people based on their content - she adds her colleagues to her network
  17. kn pl ow aza Conversations led ge - social tools allow management and staff to converse openly
  18. The ability to quickly (re)find information is critical... ...both for Charlotte and her ACME colleagues
  19. kn pl Knowledge Management ow aza led ge - her work is tagged and annotated - colleagues can see, comment on and leverage her contributions
  20. kn pl Content Collation ow aza led ge - Charlotte is able to bring together content for sharing, annotation and export with her colleagues
  21. After her second week Charlotte’s made some conclusions about ACME...
  22. She gets the sense of community... ...and opportunity
  23. ...they are a progressive company who value people and knowledge ...and their systems enable knowledge to flow and become social
  24. ...just like the tools she uses everyday at home with associates and friends.
  25. This is not just a story... Chief Scientific Advisor & Gadget Fan “Why the patient must always come first, especially now” it’s possible with the right culture, sponsorship and resources