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Introductory training for the KCC Pic and Mix Mashup Pilot

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  1. 1. AppliedTrends 02 Pic and Mix .0 6 .0 9 Introduction Presenter: Scott Gavin, Applied Trends sgavin@appliedtrends.com 01843 598633 Pilot project introduction and tutorials
  2. 2. AppliedTrends Agenda 1 Introduction 2 Mashups 101 3 Available Data 4 IBM Mashup Center 5 Demonstrations
  3. 3. AppliedTrends Introduction Section 1.0 Why is KCC doing this and what’s in it for my business? Pic and Mix Intro and Background
  4. 4. AppliedTrends What is Pic and Mix? KCC are releasing data sets in a standard format via the internet for businesses to use to create new information sources and services
  5. 5. AppliedTrends What sort of data? A combination of statistics, FOI act data, interesting figures......plus on demand data
  6. 6. AppliedTrends The Bigger Picture ★ Starting a move to a self service model ★ Greater transparency ★ Empowering businesses and individuals with information ★ The start of a new era
  7. 7. AppliedTrends Supporting the vision of Gov 2.0 http://gov2summit.com “Over the past fifteen years, the rise of the World Wide Web has resulted in remarkable new possibilities and business models reshaping our culture and our economy. Now the time has come to reshape government.”
  8. 8. AppliedTrends Aligning with other Countries http://data.gov The purpose of Data.gov is to increase public access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. Although the initial launch of Data.gov provides a limited portion of the rich variety of Federal datasets presently available, we invite you to actively participate in shaping the future of Data.gov by suggesting additional datasets and site enhancements to provide seamless access and use of your Federal data.
  9. 9. AppliedTrends The Pic and Mix Pilot ★ Real innovation being followed by other councils ★ An opportunity to shape national efforts ★ An opportunity to strengthen ties between businesses, individuals and public sector
  10. 10. AppliedTrends Notes about this session and the pilot ★ An introduction to the system, a first step ★ We’re relying on feedback and partnership ★ We need to think openly about the concept and not focus on the content or technology
  11. 11. Pic and Mix Community Site
  12. 12. AppliedTrends Mashups http://chicago.everyblock.com Section 2.0 A quick look at what mashups are and how they are built. More later. Introduction to Mashups
  13. 13. AppliedTrends Mashups Mix Data ★ create new data or services ★ new insights ★ use APIs or public data A “mashup” is a lightweight web application created by combining information or capabilities from more than one existing source to deliver new functions & insights.
  14. 14. AppliedTrends Characteristics Creation Skills & Data Sharing ★ Rapid creation ★ Requires less ★ Often web (days not technical skills based months) ★ Often mixes ★ Usually ★ Reuses internal and shared via the existing external browser with capabilities, but sources other users delivers new functions + insights
  15. 15. AppliedTrends Mashups Data Source: A (feed) mash/combine Results Data Source: B (feed) (+ use widgets) Wow
  16. 16. AppliedTrends Mashups filter/arrange Data Source: A Presentation (feed) (+ use widgets) Nice
  17. 17. AppliedTrends Feeds Section 2.2 Discover the building blocks of Mashups and where to find them Web feeds, RSS, Atom etc...
  18. 18. AppliedTrends Feeds ★ A web feed is a data format used for providing users with frequently updated content ★ Users can subscribe to RSS or ATOM via the feed reader in browsers
  19. 19. AppliedTrends Feeds ★ Feeds emerging as a common way for organizations to expose existing enterprise data to be consumable ★ Feeds can be created from enterprise, departmental and personal sources like Excel, databases or web sources
  20. 20. AppliedTrends Feeds, Feeds and more Feeds Feeds are the building blocks of mashups No feeds = no data = no mashing
  21. 21. AppliedTrends Finding Feeds on the Web and In-House http://www.programmableweb.com Websites like RSS Feeds (i.e. Your own Excel or Programmableweb BBC News) database data
  22. 22. AppliedTrends Widgets Section 2.1 How widgets can be used with and for mashups Wigdets in relation to Mashups
  23. 23. AppliedTrends Widgets a.k.a Gadgets A widget is a small application or piece of dynamic content that can be easily placed into a web page
  24. 24. AppliedTrends Widgets (Pic and Mix) Widgets can be used in Mashup platforms to pass and transform data data These “Mashable” widgets pass events, so that they can be wired together to create something new
  26. 26. AppliedTrends Mashup Discussion Section 2.3 So what are mashups and can I see some examples on the web? Example mashups, inspiration and explanation
  27. 27. AppliedTrends Types of Mashup Consumer Mashup and Data Mashup
  28. 28. AppliedTrends Mashup Examples http://www.stupeflix.com/wikivideos/stupeflix/ http://www.programmableweb.com http://chicago.everyblock.com Mashing: WikiPedia, Flickr, Google Maps, Crime Data, Events, Gov Data...
  29. 29. AppliedTrends HealthMap 19 feeds overlaid on Google Maps
  30. 30. AppliedTrends Official Data Mashup Land Registry + nestoria
  31. 31. AppliedTrends Stupeflix Wiki Videos Wikipedia pictures > Video Engine > Presentation
  32. 32. AppliedTrends Hungry for More? http://chicago.everyblock.com http://www.programmableweb.com Crime data on More mashups and Google Maps feeds than you can shake a stick at
  33. 33. AppliedTrends Data Mashups Informational, not necessarily ‘pretty’ ★ Combine sets of data ★ Create new useful information ★ Provide quick access to disparate data ★ Analyze trends ★ Make decisions ★ Building blocks to consumer/business mashups
  34. 34. AppliedTrends Preview of Initial Pic and Mix Mashups Kent TV and KCC Properties
  35. 35. AppliedTrends Available Data Section 3.0 Review the data currently available via the mashup platform A look at the data currently available
  36. 36. AppliedTrends ca ta Business Link Kent lo g Directory Data Listing of Kent businesses by category including addresses
  37. 37. AppliedTrends ca ta lo Largest Private g Employers in Kent The top ten largest employers by turnover by district
  38. 38. AppliedTrends ca ta lo Employment g Employment details and statistics by district
  39. 39. AppliedTrends ca ta lo Kent Schools g Details of schools in Kent including names of head teachers and age range served. Source: OPSI
  40. 40. AppliedTrends ca ta lo KCC Property g Details of all the property owned by KCC - by property type and location. Source - KCC
  41. 41. AppliedTrends ca ta Kent Business Directory lo g Categories Categories (SIC) codes from the BLK spreadsheet. First row is the Type ID (numeric) the second row is the description
  42. 42. AppliedTrends ca ta lo Population Data g Population data by age, gender and area
  43. 43. AppliedTrends ca ta lo Exam results and g university applications GCSE results and university applications
  44. 44. AppliedTrends ca ta lo Property Information g Council Tax details and house prices Source - KCC
  45. 45. AppliedTrends ca ta lo Crime Statistics g Crime figures for 2007-2008 by type and district
  46. 46. AppliedTrends ca ta lo Contract Store g Dummy information on contracts awarded by KCC including amount and tender details
  47. 47. AppliedTrends ca ta lo District Profile Data g Multiple categories of data ranging from population, employment, car ownership and unemployment
  48. 48. AppliedTrends tip di :s st ea ric rc District: Unemployment h t fo r‘ by Occupation 2001 29 .0 6. 20 09 ’ Split from the main District Profile data
  49. 49. AppliedTrends tip di :s st ea ric rc District: KCC GCSE h t fo r‘ Results 2005 - 2006 29 .0 6. 20 09 ’ Split from the main District Profile data
  50. 50. AppliedTrends tip di :s st ea ric rc District: Successful Uni h t fo r‘ Applications Aged 29 .0 6. 20 18-19 1998 09 ’ Split from the main District Profile data
  51. 51. AppliedTrends tip di :s st ea ric rc District: Average h t fo r‘ Unemployment Rates 29 .0 6. 20 09 ’ Split from the main District Profile data
  52. 52. AppliedTrends tip di :s st ea ric rc District: Employment h t fo r‘ Structure 1995 29 .0 6. 20 09 ’ Split from the main District Profile data
  53. 53. AppliedTrends tip di :s st ea ric rc District: Occupational h t fo r‘ Structure 2001 29 .0 6. 20 09 ’ Split from the main District Profile data
  54. 54. AppliedTrends re qu es What’s Missing? ts This is only the beginning and more data is on the way. You can request specific data.
  55. 55. AppliedTrends id Discussion and e as Brainstorm Based on what you’ve seen do you have any mashup ideas? Or maybe you want to discuss a mashup in more detail?
  56. 56. AppliedTrends Mashup Center Section 4.0 So how do we actually create mashups and is it difficult? A look at the IBM Mashup Center, provisioned for the Pic and Mix Pilot
  57. 57. AppliedTrends Accessing the Platform
  58. 58. AppliedTrends IBM Mashup Center Mashup Center (Canvas) Create and edit mashups Share and export Catalog Mashup Hub Create and combine feeds New and existing sources
  59. 59. AppliedTrends di sc ov er Mashup Center (Canvas) Create and edit mashups Share and export Catalog Mashup Hub Create and combine feeds New and existing sources
  60. 60. AppliedTrends di Catalog sc ov er A single central catalog for feeds and widgets Tagging and Rating promotes collaboration, re- use, and self service Navigation and categorization
  61. 61. AppliedTrends di Catalog sc ov er here here here Access any search box to reach the catalog
  62. 62. AppliedTrends di Note: Catalog sc ov er Publish Yours ★ discover feeds ★ view descriptions ★ previews ★ discussions ★ promotion ★ best examples Feed and mashup catalog to be surfaced in Pic and Mix community site for discussion, promotion and annotation
  63. 63. AppliedTrends as IBM Mashup Center se m bl e Mashup Center (Canvas) Create and edit mashups Share and export Catalog Mashup Hub Create and combine feeds New and existing sources
  64. 64. AppliedTrends as Get Your Feeds se m bl e 1. find feed 2. add to your canvas Get some data onto your canvas ready for mashing
  65. 65. AppliedTrends as se Mashup Center (Canvas) m bl e See why we call it a canvas!?
  66. 66. AppliedTrends as Mashup Center (Canvas) se m bl e The feeds you ‘add’ are kept in the drawers
  67. 67. AppliedTrends as Mashup Center (Canvas) se m bl e The ‘widgets’ are also kept in the drawers
  68. 68. AppliedTrends as se Mashup Center (Canvas) m bl e Drag your feeds and widgets to your canvas
  69. 69. AppliedTrends as se Mashup Center (Canvas) m bl e The feeds and widgets are now ready to be ‘wired’
  70. 70. AppliedTrends as Mashup Center (Canvas) se m bl e Select what to send, and what to receive for your feeds and widgets
  71. 71. AppliedTrends de l ve oc un lo k p & Mashup Center (Canvas) Create and edit mashups Share and export Catalog Mashup Hub Create and combine feeds New and existing sources
  72. 72. AppliedTrends de unl Mashup Hub ve oc lo k p & Access the catalog, create and mash feeds
  73. 73. AppliedTrends de unl ve oc Mashup Hub - New Feed lo k p & Unlock Data ★ personal data ★ business data ★ customer data ★ excel, database ★ web service ★ structured and unstructured sources mash KCC data with your own to create new products and information resources
  74. 74. AppliedTrends de unl Note: Feeds ve oc lo k p & Find KCC feeds OR Get the URL Use anywhere on the Create new feeds web
  75. 75. AppliedTrends tr an sfo rm Mashup Center (Canvas) Create and edit mashups Share and export Catalog Mashup Hub Create and combine feeds New and existing sources
  76. 76. AppliedTrends tr an Mashup Hub - Mash Feeds sfo rm Mash multiple sources into new feeds 76 Fast and easy, but powerful, Output in RSS, ATOM or XML visual editor for precise control based on consuming over information flows application or widget
  77. 77. AppliedTrends Creating Mashups Develop & Unlock Assemble Share & Manage 77 Discover Transform
  78. 78. AppliedTrends Demonstrations Section 5.0 Let’s try a few simple scenarios and mashups Switch to IBM Mashup Center
  79. 79. AppliedTrends Credits Content developed and delivered by Applied Trends on behalf of Kent County Council to support the Pic and Mix initiative contact: sgavin@appliedtrends.com