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Charlie Goes Mobile - Enterprise 2.0 on the road


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A conversational follow up to Meet Charlie - What is Enterprise 2.0? This slide show is being used to engage commercial sales departments in dialogue around the use of Enterprise 2.0 tools and data on the road.

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Charlie Goes Mobile - Enterprise 2.0 on the road

  1. Charlie goes mobile (with Enterprise 2.0)
  2. Like many of us, Charlie’s job involves being on the road
  3. visiting clients and managing engagements 09:00 Technosis Inc 11:30 Silicon Ventures 16:00 Airport - Boston
  4. Charlie needs access to relevant data… … filtered based on his schedule
  5. So he uses a web based Mash-up ...
  6. … built in house using open source tools & API’s
  7. … with RSS feeds , BaseCamp milestones & tags combining calendar appointments… + + + eOn , Wal Mart , Federis , Yahoo
  8. … an RSS feed from the client administrator’s blog (they always have the best info!)
  9. … upcoming client milestones from Charlie’s BaseCamp projects
  10. … recent bookmarks & blogs tagged with the clients name…
  11. … combined intelligence on client engagements together they provide…
  12. The best thing about this Mash-up?
  13. It’s available on Charlie’s phone… and laptop…
  14. Providing up to the minute client data on the road…
  15. … insuring seamless access to the right data…
  16. … at the right time .
  17. Charlie also uses a status feature… … just like Facebook or Twitter …
  18. For posting mini updates from his phone or laptop
  19. to be seen by anyone back at the office… 10:31: ..arrived in Boston, a little late 10:46: ..client late too 11:15: ..starting presentation, full board attendance! 12:54: ..went really well, they want full demo’s 13:43: ..send me APC files when you get the chance
  20. … so his colleagues and boss have an idea of his whereabouts, status or progress without the need to email or call
  21. … some may call this micro blogging or presence detection
  22. … Charlie just thinks it’s useful !