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Presentation for Northwestern Technologies

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  • Welcome Northwestern Technology associates. My name is Scott and I’m the account manager for-Worldwide Advertising Agency.Today, we are going to be discussing the impact that social media has on the software world and what it can do for Northwestern Technologies.We will be spending some time together today to cover opportunities social media would present to Northwestern Technologies and what steps we are going to take in order to achieve our goals.
  • In order to completely understand the impact social media has on the software business, we need to analyze how social media evolved, the current social media landscape, and the opportunities that social media will present to NW Tech. At the conclusion of this presentation, we will take a moment for comments or answer any questions you may have concerning the impact of social media.
  • Social networking is evolving rapidly and we need to first understand it’s origin. Social networking first began as social sites for teenage interaction and eventually evolved into an adult social networking. Businesses soon seen that social networking between family and friends grew rapidly and soon seen that these sites offered great opportunities to place advertisements. This idea then changed to businesses creating friends and fan pages on the same social network sites, creating blogs, and many other types of social media that we will be discussing. Marketers then began to see that social networking created brand loyalty and increased consumer sales. The evolution of social media can be seen on many different survey charts.
  • Below is a survey chart created by Media Matrix that reveals that social networking has effectively reached 82% of online users. This chart also shows how social networking has evolved from 19% in 2006 to an astonishing 69% in 2011 and will continue to rise.
  • The impact of social media has evolved into other countries. The chart on the left created by Media Matrix reveals that four different social networks increased in the United States as well as outside of the United States by 2011. The chart on the right also created by Media Metrix shows that their has been an increase of users at the age of 55 and up in several other countries in 2011. These charts indicate that social media is on the rise at all ages and also indicates that there is strong potential for marketers.
  • From analyzing the evolution of Social media we can expect to see the current number to continue to grow and not disappear anytime soon. Currently the social media hot spots are found with blogs, social network sites, podcasts, video and photo sharing. By creating a Northwestern Technologies blog page, podcasting, sharing photos and videos on Vimeo, YouTube, Flickr, Photo Bucket, and using the five largest social networks in the world we at World Wide Advertising can effectively help increase brand loyalty and consumer sales for Northwestern Technologies.
  • Currently B2B (Business to Business) companies reveal 67% more business using blogs, 69% are generating a budget for social media, 41% have already generated customers by using Facebook. Statistics also show that 86% B2B companies are currently using some type of social media for their source of marketing.
  • After analyzing the evolution and the current status of social media we can determine that there are opportunities and benefits to using social media for a source of marketing for Northwestern Technologies. These opportunities and benefits include reaching millions worldwide. We concluded that statistics reveal that the number of users of social media world wide are rapidly increasing. Reaching millions world wide will benefit Northwestern Technologies by increasing brand recognition and loyalty world wide. Social media will also benefit Northwestern because it offers recognition through news media witch leads to the opportunity to interact and respond to current or future consumers. By interacting with consumers this will enable Northwestern to understand consumer opinions and trends and will lead to customer satisfaction. By using social networking, Northwester will gain access to cost free methods of gaining leads to new information and insights to new markets as they become available. Social networking will bring visitors to Northwestern’s website witch will allow these visitors to navigate and learn more about what software products Northwestern has to offer.
  • Opportunities and benefits can be seen by these numbers that were generated by surveys. The chart reveals that 85% of marketers surveyed declared that social media did indeed generated exposure for their business. The chart also shows that there is a significant increase in six other important categories that reveal opportunity and benefits by using social media.
  • As we have discussed the evolution, current status, and the benefits that social media has to offer we can conclude that social networking will present great opportunities for Northwestern Technologies. Let World Wide Advertising Agency be Northwestern Technologies solution and guide into the corporate world of social media. World Wide Advertising conducts many researches in order to provide the best social media exposure for our clients. We have been a source of success for many organizations for over 25 years and will continue to be a world wide leader for business promotions for many years to come. We are staffed with professional that will continue to help and meet all the advertising needs for Northwestern Technologies. We will now use the time remaining for comments or answer any questions concerning social media.
  • Imkt120 1105 b-01-unit 1 ip_lewisscotta

    1. 1. Emergence of Social MediaCurrent Social media LandscapeOpportunities and Benefits of Social MediaConclusion
    2. 2. Social networking is evolving rapidlySocial networking began with teenage socializingSocial networking rapidly evolved into a business networkThe marketing power of social media has increased brand loyaltyCharts reveal evidence of evolution
    3. 3. Social networking sites reached 82 % of online usersCharts from Media Metrix reveal evidence of evolutionSocial networking accounts for 19% of online time in 2006Social networking accounted for 69% of online time in 2011
    4. 4. Social networking is also on the rise in other countriesStatistics reveal the effect of social media in other countriesSocial media in other countries has also grown with users 55 andolder
    5. 5. Social media has grown larger in 2011Blogs, social network sites, podcasts, video and photo sharingLargest social networks in 2011 I. Facebook (750 million users) II. Twitter (250 million users) III. Linkedin (115 million users) IV. MySpace (50 million users) V. Google Plus (25 million users)
    6. 6. B2B companies that blog generate 67% more business69% B2B companies are generating a budget for social media41% B2B companies have generated customers throughFacebook86% of B2B companies are currently using social media formarketing
    7. 7. Reaching millions worldwideGetting your brand recognizedOpportunities of being noticed through news distributionsOffers the opportunity to respond to consumersAbility to understand consumer opinions and trendsQuick and cost free method of gaining information about newmarketsSocial networking brings visitors to your site
    8. 8. 85% of marketers surveyed declare that social media generated exposureOther benefits are also shown from using social media
    9. 9. Let Word wide Advertising be Northwestern Technologies solution to the social mediatrendWorld Wide Advertising conducts researches in order to provide the best socialmedia exposure for our clientsWorld Wide Advertising has been the source of success for many organizations forover 25 yearsWorld Wide Advertising is a world wide leader for business promotionsWorld Wide Advertising is staffed with professionals that will help meet all theadvertising needs for Northwestern TechnologiesQuestions or comments
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