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Grade Level PAT Curriculum


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This is part of the presentation shared at PAT Curriculum Night in October 2010.

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Grade Level PAT Curriculum

  1. 1. PAT Curriculum Night October 2010 Grade Specific Curriculum
  2. 2. 11stst Grade PATGrade PAT RELATIONSHIPSRELATIONSHIPS • Everything is related in some way • All relationships are purposeful • Relationships change over time
  3. 3. We will be introducing and working with manyWe will be introducing and working with many skills and strategies this year, such as:skills and strategies this year, such as: •Critical ThinkingCritical Thinking •SCAMPERSCAMPER •Creative and Spontaneous Problem SolvingCreative and Spontaneous Problem Solving •Logic ProblemsLogic Problems •DeductionDeduction •Ocean Creature ResearchOcean Creature Research First Grade is theFirst Grade is the beginning ofof our PAT Program.our PAT Program.
  4. 4. Ocean CreatureOcean Creature ResearchResearch Ocean Creature Research will be conducted in the Spring. Students will research Ocean Creatures in small groups of two or three. Skills we will be working on during our research unit are: • Brainstorming • Note-taking • Evaluation • Creativity • Presentation Skills
  5. 5. 22ndnd GradeGrade  All connections have relationships.  Connections can be natural or forced.  Connections can lead to new discoveries.
  6. 6. 2nd Grade Research: Dinosaurs Through second grade dinosaur research, the students will investigate the appearance of their dinosaur; discover the environment in which their dinosaur lived; examine its behavior; and uncover many interesting facts about a particular dinosaur. Next, they will research the different land biomes of the world and explore how these environments impact the plants and animals that live there. Then, they will create a biome scene and a dinosaur they have made adaptations to so it would be able to survive in its new environment. Finally, the students will present their information to an audience.
  7. 7. 2nd Grade Research - Dinosaurs Coelophysis Interesting Facts The Coelophysis was one of the earliest meat- eating dinosaurs. The name Coelophysis means “hollow form”. The Coelophysis was built for speed. It may have traveled in groups.
  8. 8. Incline Plane Wedge Lever Screw Wheel Pulley 22ndnd Grade Simple Machines ResearchGrade Simple Machines Research Focus on 6 simple Machines • Each student will work with a group and become an “expert” on their assigned simple machine. • They will take notes from articles and present their findings to the class in the form of a verbal presentation and a hands-on demonstration. • Students will participate in a Digital Photo Scavenger Hunt. • Spontaneous/Creative Problem Solving Activity: Using knowledge gained from their research, students will design a Wolf Trap that incorporates simple machines. This complex machine will capture the Scientific Wolf and save the 3 Pigs. They will present their Wolf Trap to class demonstrating and pointing out how each Simple Machine was used. Simple Machines allow man to do more work with less effort. In our research, we will discover what simple machines look like and what they are used for, determine how they work, and identify examples of simple machines in the real world.
  9. 9. 33rdrd GradeGrade • Discovery requires taking risks • Discovery can lead to new solutions • Discovery requires a combination of flexibility and stubbornness • Discovery often leads to new discoveries
  10. 10. National Park Research Teams of 3 will present information about a National Park from the points of view of a Park Ranger, Conservationist, and Tourist.
  11. 11. Spy Sch l Third grade students work in small groups as they participate in “Spy School”. During the simulation, they investigate the structure of language, learn about types of ciphers and codes, and encode and decode secret messages to find Dr. Fonee and save the world.
  12. 12. 44thth GradeGrade • All structures have a purpose or function • Structures have parts that interrelate • A structure is no stronger than its weakest component • Structures can be natural or manmade
  13. 13. 4th Graders take a look at…. Forensics-looking at the science and the thinking behind solving mysteries Creative Minds-exploring traits of creative thinkers such as Rube Goldberg and how they reinvent the world around them.
  14. 14. Structure Research • Researching • Planning • Building • Testing for strength • Sharing • Comparing • Evaluating
  15. 15. 55thth GradeGrade • Systems are composed of two or more related components • A system may be influenced by other systems • Parts of systems are interdependent upon one another and form a relationship of mutual interdependence • Systems follow rules
  16. 16. Service Learning Students actively participate in the process of understanding, integrating and applying knowledge in various subject areas as they work to improve their communities. Service learning differs from volunteerism or community service because the education of students and young people is always at its core. Each of us makes a difference. Together we can make a change.
  17. 17. Marketplace Market Place Grand Prairie is a real world simulation in which students run the city for the day. Students participate in an engaging, challenging curriculum in which they learn the principles of economics, personal and business finance, budgeting and much more. Cooperative learning and decision-making are imbedded in the day as young entrepreneurs take out bank loans, create advertising for their business, make bank deposits, and become consumers.