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  • -Known both as a Philosophy and a Religion -One of the most ancient religions know; earliest historical records date back 2500 years ago. -Originated from China -“Tao”=The Way= To balance the opposite energies of yin and yang -Taoism is hard to define because there are many different traditions for different people Taoists absorb many ideas from other religions.\n\n
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  • -Philosophical Taoism came first -Philosophical Taoism does not emphasize gods, rituals or magical practices. People in China mostly practice the religious form of Taoism while people outside of America practice Philosophical Taoism. Philosophy= views, values, lessons/ Religion= views, values, lessons plus gods, rituals, and other practices. Tao Te Ching was written for philosophical views and taken and changed to be used by religious people as well.\n
  • -Yin and Yang are opposites -“The Way”= balancing yin and yang -yang is female/ yin is male -They are different but without each other their is nothing- Symbolism of many things. -Yin is black; Yang is white\n
  • -life force -exists in everything - “Virtual Matter” - yin chi (p’o)/yang chi (hun)- certain places attract chi such as mountains and rivers.- Feng Shui is used to make the best of the present chi; can bring in more chi- medation- qigong- Tai Chi\n
  • -While there is no main “Leader” of Taoism; Laozi(means “old one”) is the most important figure in Taoism -May not have even existed -Theories; might be multiple people and their ideas and ethics - 2nd century B.C says his actaully name is Li Ehr- Was a Confucius.-Slightly older than Confucius- Laozi didn't like the ways of Confucius such as that people needed to leanr and gain knowledge to improve; Laozi beleived people were born good \n
  • -Worked in the royal palace of Luoyang, the capital city during the Zhou dynasty -Archivist -at age ninety he left the City on a water Buffalo; before leaving a border guard asked him to write down all of his thoughts- he wrote Tao Te Ching which is the most important book and the first book on Philisophical Taoism.\n
  • -Goal=immortality -Founder of Taoism is Lao-Tze. -Has Gods, Deities, Writings, etc. like every other religion. -At first was a philosophy, changed to a religion later. -Buddhism spread from India into China and people that were philosophical Taoists also joined some Buddhists beliefs to create Religious Taoism. \n
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  • -Taoism is very different to everyone; ex. Some people believe in an after life and some don’t -\n
  • -There are many gods and Deities apart of Taoism -Gods for everything; earth, heaven, immortality, regions of the earth, walls ect. - Gods are separated like a government system- 1.three pure ones= heaven, earth, human beings 2.Jade Emperors’s Court=Ruled by the Jade Emperor, Ling Pao and court of lower gods.\n
  • 3.The 8 immortals= Appears as humans and help people on earth when needed. 4. Demons= hurricanes, typhoons, people that weren't properly buried; cause sickness and other bad stuff -yin and yang/ good and evil/ always balanced\n
  • -Most sacred areas are mountains -Other important areas are rivers and caves- where shrines are built - give off more chi (energy) -5 sacred peaks 1.T’ai, Heng, Heng, Hua, Song -feng shui - Bring health and happiness \n
  • New Years is the the first day (to us the first day of February); Rebirth of Yang(good energy); Offer up sweets to the three pure ones -calendar=three parts 1.Reign of the Spirits of Heaven (lasts six months) 2.Reign of Forgiver of sins 3.reign of water spirits. -Each have festivals relating to each -There is no regular worship like church -there are temples but you go only when you need to -12 months according to the 5 elements- 60 year cycle of the 60 generals under leadership of the Jade Emperor \n
  • -2 parts to soul; hun (yang chi) represents the spiritual and intellectual aspects and p’o (yin chi) represents your physical body.- Hun body stays on earth and p’o soul goes to hell -Funeral rituals are performed to settle the hun soul- After death you go to the Underworld (hell)- Judged by their deeds on earth- Karma- They must pay off their bad deeds on earth then they may be reincarnated back to Earth with a different p’o.- Priests are paid to help thier spirits go through hell as quickly as possible- People try to become immortal and escape death completely - While many people are Taoist many of them have different views; some Taoists dont believe in Reincarnation.- Dying should not be feared; it is the next step in life; from being to non-being; when you die you become apart of the Tao.\n
  • While many people are Taoist many of them have different views; some Taoists dont believe in Reincarnation.- Dying should not be feared; it is the next step in life; from being to non-being; when you die you become apart of the Tao.\n
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  • -Taoism was first a Philosophy -Lao Tzu -does not emphasize gods, rituals or magical practices -Generally practiced by people in places in America (not so much Religious Taoism) -T’ai Chi -Qigong -Feng Shui - \n
  • Non Action -Meditation= non action clears the mind -Action Without Action -Brings yourself in harmony with the natural order -Be one with nature -By doing nothing something happens. -Become Equal with Tao “The Path”\n
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  • Taoism slides rough draft

    1. 1. TaoismSean Leonard
    2. 2. Thesis• Taoism, a religion and philosophy that is over 2000 years old and has an interesting view on life and the way we handle tasks in our lives; by teaching classmates about a different religion and philosophy they can open up their minds and think in a different way. People spread their beliefs and views on the world and how to live their lives throughout time; In this time and age the fastest way to share information is the internet.•
    3. 3. Personal Relevance
    4. 4. Taoism In General • Philosophy • Religion • 2500 thousand years ago • Tao “The Way”http://people.howstuffworks.com/taoism-and-chi.htmMeditation:The Complete Guide
    5. 5. Tao
    6. 6. Difference Between Religion and Philosophy • Philosophy came first • Tao Te Ching Meditation: The Complete Guide Taoism World Religion Taoismhttp://media.photobucket.com/image/daoism+/sterlingsin/TaiShan%2520etc/ 100_0342.jpg#!oZZ13QQcurrentZZhttp%3A%2F %2Fmedia.photobucket.com%2Fimage%2Fdaoism%2FConnieandStan %2F096.jpg%3Fo%3D13
    7. 7. Yin and Yang • Yang-male, good, hot, strong,light, ect. • Yin- female, bad, cold, weak, dark, ect. Meditation: The Complete Guide Taoismhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Yin_and_Yang.svg
    8. 8. Chi• Life Force• Mountains and rivers• Tai Chi, Qigong, Feng Shui Book- Meditation: The Complete Guide dfd Book- Taoismhttp://www.trekearth.com/gallery/Asia/China/East/Zhejiang/Hangzhou/photo11478.htm
    9. 9. Laozi (Lao-Tzu) • “Old One” • Confucius Taoism World Religionshttp://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/l/lao/tzu/
    10. 10. Lao-Tzu cont. • City of Luoyang • Tao Te Ching Taoism World Religionshttp://www.confuciusonline.com/featured/9830
    11. 11. Taoism as a Religion • Immortality • Gods • Buddhism Taoismhttp://toursonline.cn/activities/index.asp
    12. 12. History of Taoism
    13. 13. Beliefs (religion)
    14. 14. Gods/ Deities and Types of Gods • 1.Three Pure Ones • 2.Jade Emperor’s Court Taoism Taoism World Religionshttp://chianghaimag.blogspot.com/2010_06_01_archive.html
    15. 15. Types of Gods • 3.The 8 immortals • 4.Demons Taoism Taoism World Religionshttp://www.seismologik.com/journal/tag/typhoon-megi
    16. 16. Sacred Areas • T’ai • Heng • Heng • Hua • Song Taoismhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/ericennotamm/4573286918/
    17. 17. Time (Calendar) • Reign of the Spirits of Heaven • Reign of the Forgiver of sins • Reign of the Water Spirits • 12 months/ 60 year cylce Taoism World Religons Taoismhttp://www.wu-hai-lung.ws/60_year_cycle_gods.htm
    18. 18. Life and Death • Hun (Yang Chi) • P’o (Yin Chi) • Underworld and Kama • Reincarnation • Spirit Paper Taoism Taoism World Religionshttp://www.flickr.com/photos/shaireproductions/5428369271/
    19. 19. Death cont.• Different Views• Becoming apart of Tao Taoism Taoism World Religionshttp://www.stanford.edu/~krisadak/gemsofwisdom.htm
    20. 20. Schools of Teaching
    21. 21. Taoism as a Philosophy • America and other Eastern Countries Meditation: The complete Guide Taoism World Religionshttp://www.livestrong.com/article/212020-the-way-of-qigong/
    22. 22. Wu Wei • Non-Action • Action without Action • Natural Order Taoism World Religionshttp://www.last.fm/user/DrUgDEn
    23. 23. Feng Shui
    24. 24. Tai Chi
    25. 25. QiGong
    26. 26. Taoist Arts
    27. 27. Philosophical Thinkings
    28. 28. Philosophical Books
    29. 29. Tao Te Ching
    30. 30. Book of “How to live your life”
    31. 31. Crap load of slidestalking about quotes.
    32. 32. Taoism Today
    33. 33. Application- Web Site• Show them the website.
    34. 34. Feng Shui- My Room• Show them pictures and the website
    35. 35. Tai Chi- My experiences• Show them my website
    36. 36. Qi Gong- My Experiences• Show them my website
    37. 37. Class Activity• 1.• 2.• 3.
    38. 38. Works Cited
    39. 39. Conclusion