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Preview for the March 10 UIE Virtual Seminar: Tagging with Folksonomy in a Taxonomy Wold

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  1. 1. Tagging with Folksonomies in a Taxonomy World! Stephanie Lemieux! Earley & Associates! March 10, 2010! UIE Virtual Seminar!
  2. 2. It’s social User control over findability Emergent structure (folksonomy) Why is tagging so interesting?! Flexible and It’s easy personal language And cheap! 2
  3. 3. The downside? 3   Neither tags nor taggers are perfect… Misspellings Taxnonomy Plam pilot Compound words TimBernersLee Case & number Folksonomy, Folksonomies Personal tags To read My dog @work Single-use tags Billybobsdog
  4. 4. surfing Designing for tag gers 4
  5. 5. Tagging behind the firewall 5 Lower Value Higher Value (More difficult to access) (Easier to access) Unfiltered Reviewed/Vetted/Approved Links Policies External News Best Practices Reports Discussion Success postings Engineering Stories Approved Message document Methods text repositories Lower Cost Tagging/Organizing Processes Higher Cost
  6. 6. Taxonomy! Folksonomy! Oversight User Terms Consistency Low Cost Social Structure Flexibility Findability Goodness! 6
  7. 7. 4 styles of hybrids 7 Tag- Co- influenced existence taxonomy Taxonomy- Tag influenced hierarchies tags
  8. 8. Tagging with Folksonomies in a Taxonomy World! UIE Virtual Seminar March 10, 2010 Stephanie Lemieux Taxonomy Practice Lead Earley & Associates