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Assignment 4 (TV)

  1. 1. Assignment 4- TV Technology in television has had a drastic change over the last fourteen years, which has had a great impact on both the producers and the audiences. An area within television that has a drastic change is the viewing hours of all shows on specific channels. In 2007 the main broadcasters created an online link known as ‘Catch up TV’, which allows viewers to watch any program on that specific channel within the last week of that program being broadcasted. Examples of channels that have this are the BBC with ‘IPlayer’, Channel 4 with ‘4OD’, ITV with ‘ITV Player’ and Channel 5 with ‘Demand 5’. The advantages of this for the audience are the freedom that they have been given to be able to watch a program as they please and don’t have to worry too much about missing it when it is broadcasted on TV. Another advantage for the audience is the ability to pause, fast forward and rewind programs online so that they don’t miss anything. Another advantage is that allows the audience to have a sneak peak of what’s going to happen in the next episode. For example with 4OD it allows you to watch the next episode of Hollyoaks and gives you sneak peaks of the following episodes. In comparison to what channel 4 had in the year 2000 meant that their target audiences had to be available at the specific time that a show was being broadcasted, otherwise they would miss it. There are quite a few advantages for the producers such as the widening of the target audience due to the fact that the channels can be viewed worldwide at anytime. It also gives the producers the opportunity to advertise another one of their programs to a more specific audience based on who watches the catch up channel. Another advantage for the producers is the increase in revenue due to people’s ability to watch the programs they want whenever they want. The disadvantages for the audience are that they are still forced to watch advertisements. There aren’t really any disadvantages for the producers, but a possible negative thing that could happen is that they might lose some of their viewers to other catch up channels. Overall catch up TV has been a positive for both the audiences and the producers as it takes roughly six hours of TV in a household a week. This means that it is popular with a wide range of people that stretches to many audiences in a range of households.
  2. 2. Another area that has changed over the last fourteen years is social network promotion, which are advertisements occurring online on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Instagram and Youtube. These advertisement are usually posted everywhere on social network sites because companies will pay to have their advertisements displayed on sites that are very popular, so that a large amount of people are forced to see the product being advertised every time they go on to a social network. This creates an increased chance that people will pay for their product and will also create brand awareness on the company’s behalf. The advantages of social network promotion for the audience are that they get alerted about new products they may want, it also allows them to access some sites for free and occasionally allows them to win prizes for the site like extra points on a game that is associated with the social network. The fact that they get alerted about new products they may want can reduce the amount they have to search for them, which results in them saving time and potentially money. Another advantage for the audience is that they get to access some social network sites for free; this saves them from spending unnecessary money on features they don’t want to pay for. They could also get certain premium features from that site if they view certain advertisements. Another advantage for the audience is the possible prizes/credit they earn from viewing advertisements, social networks do this because they have to make a deal with a company, which results in the company paying them for their advertisement to be shown, but the company might pay them more if they make a more enticing offer so that people are more willing to view the advertisement. For example on Facebook you can challenge people on games that have been associated with Facebook such as ‘Candy Crush’. By connecting to Facebook with candy crush you can see your friends high scores, see what level they are stuck on and ask for/give them lives so that they can play longer. The advantages of social network promotion for the producers are higher number of people will see their advertisement, which will lead to an increase in revenue. This means they will increase their profit. Another advantage for the producers is the increased access to their advertisement, which means that there will be more ways to view the advert, which makes it easier for the audience to find if they are searching for a product within that area. It also means that the advertisement will be able to be viewed 24 hours a day. Another advantage for the producers is the increase in their brand identity, which means that more people will come accustomed to their brand and know who they are and what they sell. For example before, after and during ‘The Big Bang Theory’ are advertisements, which states that ‘GiffGaff’ sponsors the program.
  3. 3. The disadvantages of social network promotion for the audience are the fact that they are forced to view advertisements even if they aren’t interested in the product, which could have a negative effect on them, which could result in them being put off by the product and other product that are similar or by the same company. Another disadvantage of social network promotions for the audience is the fact that they have to pay so that they are not forced to constantly see advertisements and still have to occasionally view them once they have paid, which can irritate certain audiences, which could result in the disliking the company/product. Another disadvantage of social network promotion for the audience is that they may become over saturated from the 360-degree advertisements. Viewer saturation is when a product has been advertised too much and is everywhere; the viewers become over saturated and end up disliking the product. For example in my opinion ‘Thor: The Dark World’ has a 360-degree advertisement raceme that has over saturated certain views because it was advertised too much before it was broadcasted in cinemas. This particular ‘Thor’ film has billboards, posters, TV trailers, Youtube trailers, Facebook trailers, merchandise (figurines) apps and games, which gives it an 360-degree advertisement span and allows it to over saturate its viewers. The disadvantages of social network promotion for the producers are the fact that although the advertisement appears on the audiences screen they don’t have to pay attention to and taken in any information shown. This means that the advertisement becomes ineffective because the audience hasn’t paid enough attention to the advertisement to make it look memorable. Another disadvantage for the producers is that 360-degree advertisements can over saturate viewers and make them dislike the product, which will also make the advert ineffective because although the advertisement is memorable, it is exposed too much in a way that makes people not want to view, use or see the product. Another disadvantages of social network promotion for the producers is the audience can pay to stop advertisements to be shown whilst they are on that specific social network site. This means that an increased range of people wont see their advertisement, which would also make it ineffective. For example on Spotify you can pay to gain features that give you a better experience on the social network that include no advertisements and full site access, which make the deal more appealing to people who are willing to pay.
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