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Lab booking request form 20102223


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Computer Lab Request form

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Lab booking request form 20102223

  1. 1. Computer Lab Booking Form(For Unscheduled Internal and External Request Only)Instruction:1. This form should be submitted to the ITS Computer Learning Center, first floor, South Building.2. All requests are to be submitted at least 5 working days in advance.3. For internal requests, please ensure that your request has been signed by the Program Director/HOD. Lab Session Details (To be filled by requestor) IT Usage Only Name: Ext./Contact No.: Received By: Date/Time: Date: Email: Instructor Name: Lab Requirement Lab Assignment: Training Description: Yes No Date/Time/Duration: CL_______ / PICT______ Class Size: Users: Student Staff on duty during session: Staff Name: _________________ Others: __________________ Ext.: _________ Hardware: Specific requirement: Software Required: New installation required?: OS: Yes No Name of software and version: Special Instructions/Requirement: For Unscheduled Internal Requests Only: IT Approval: Programme: Course Code: Rejected Approved HOD/DOP/Academic Director Approval: Name: Signature: Name: Date: Date: Signature : For External Requests Only: Remarks: Company name: Dept: Terms of Use: 1) All lab sessions should be supervised by a lecturer or instructor throughout the duration of the session to prevent pilferage or damage to the equipment. 2) The lecturer / instructor will be held responsible for any loss or damage of lab equipment if the perpetrator cannot be apprehended. User Agreement: I, _______________________________, hereby state that I understand and agree to the terms stated above. Signature:Form: LAB01 LABForm templateLab Booking Request Form.doc (owner:ITS/ ver:23122010)